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Red Sox lineup: Jackie Bradley Jr. out, Dustin Pedroia back to batting 1st

05.03.17 at 3:21 pm ET
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Dustin Pedroia is back in the lead off spot. (Kim Klement/USA Today Sports)

Dustin Pedroia is back in the lead off spot. (Kim Klement/USA Today Sports)

The Red Sox are making a few lineup changes for Game 3 of a four-game set against the Orioles.

Jackie Bradley Jr. will get the night off, which means Andrew Benintendi will play center field and Chris Young left field against Orioles right-hander Kevin Gausman.

Dustin Pedroia will move back to the lead off spot with Xander Bogaerts sliding down to fifth.

Christian Vazquez will catch Red Sox left-hander Drew Pomeranz.

Here is the complete Red Sox lineup.

Dustin Pedroia, 2B
Andrew Benintendi, CF
Mookie Betts, RF
Hanley Ramirez, DH
Xander Bogaerts, SS
Mitch Moreland, 1B
Chris Young, LF
Marco Hernandez, 3B
Christian Vazquez, C
Drew Pomeranz, LHP

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Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred has evidently had enough of Red Sox, Orioles shenanigans

05.03.17 at 3:01 pm ET
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MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Don’t expect anymore fireworks from the Red Sox and Orioles any time soon.

During his weekly appearance on the Dale, Holley & Keefe Show, Red Sox manager John Farrell said that the commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred, has officially stepped in to let his feelings on the feud be known.

“The only thing that I will say in regards to all the events that have been talked about, seen or otherwise, the commissioner has reached out to both teams and discussed, talked about where we are today and what is expected going forward,” Farrell said.

When asked to elaborate on what might have been said, the Red Sox manager only would add, “That’s where I’ll leave it. That those conversations have been had. … This is the first time I’ve ever had a conversation regarding a situation like this, and that’s probably where we’ll leave it.”

Farrell noted that he didn’t believe, after the conversation with Manfred, warnings heading into the game Wednesday night would be needed. “I don’t anticipate that,” he said. “I do know what’s expected by the Commissioner and all others involved. So we go out and play the game to compete and win.”

Farrell was also asked if he had a response to the postgame comments made by Orioles third baseman Manny Machado, who said he didn’t have any respect for the Red Sox organization and their coaching staff.

“To comment on players in other uniforms, that’s something we just don’t do,” Farrell said. “We will always focus on our guys. I can’t speak to what Manny’s feelings are. Only he knows those. But we know there have been some things that have taken place over the past two weeks between these two teams. Two highly competitive teams. Two competitive teams. Setting aside his comments, I don’t really have a comment on what he said last night.”

With Steven Wright’s knee in bad shape, Kyle Kendrick gets the call

05.02.17 at 11:41 pm ET
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Kyle Kendrick (Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports)

Kyle Kendrick (Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports)

It’s not looking good for Steven Wright.

The knuckleballer is headed for a second opinion in New York on his ailing knee after the initial MRI suggested the injury was worse than first anticipated. It’s at a level where surgery is not being ruled out.

That has led the Red Sox to Kyle Kendrick.

The Red Sox are promoting the 32 year old righty from Triple-A Pawtucket, with Kendrick slated to get the start at Fenway Park against the Orioles Thursday night.

The righty has pitched in four games with Triple-A Pawtucket, totaling a 6.00 ERA in 27 innings. After a rough start, Kendrick has pitched very well in his last two appearances, combining to allow a total of three runs over 14 innings. His most recent start saw him give up just one hit over seven frames.

He’s coming off a spring training in which he totaled a 2.18 ERA in eight games, seven of which were starts, striking 31 in 33 innings.

Kendrick last pitched in the major leagues with Colorado in 2015.

“That was the recommendation of the staff in Pawtucket,” Red Sox manager John Farrell said. “[Hector] Velazquez has been throwing the ball better of late, obviously coming off the game he recently had, but this is something that we felt Kendrick was the most prepared and ready to go.”

Hanley Ramirez claims he can get even hotter than he is now

05.02.17 at 11:30 pm ET
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Hanley Ramirez has four home runs in four games. (Bob DeChiara/USA Today Sports)

Hanley Ramirez has four home runs in four games. (Bob DeChiara/USA Today Sports)

Hanley Ramirez is heating up.

The Red Sox designated hitter hit two home runs on Tuesday night in the Red Sox’ 5-2 win over the Orioles. He led both the fourth and sixth innings with solo home runs over the Monster seats.

Ramirez has four home runs in his last four games, and three have gone 440-plus feet. All five of Ramirez’s home runs this year have come in his current eight-game hit streak.

Ramirez said he can still get better.

“Not yet. Not yet,” he said. “I’m getting close. Getting close. I’ve just been working to stay short and more compact with my swing.”

After struggling a bit to open the year, and some tough luck of late, things are starting to click.

“It’s just adjustments in the cage, going through the ball and finishing your swing,” Ramirez said. “It’s the little things that can make you drive the ball or not drive the ball. I’ve been working a lot with Chili [Davis] and Victor [Rodriguez] in the cage to drive the ball.”

Since May 20 of last season, Ramirez leads the majors with 20 home runs, 53 RBIs (tied with Nolan Arenado, a .725 slugging percentage in 45 home games.

With the Red Sox lineup going up and down of late, Ramirez hitting the way he is now would certainly help steady the ship at the plate.

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Manny Machado goes on tirade for ages after Chris Sale throws behind him in 1st inning

05.02.17 at 11:00 pm ET
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Manny Machado is not happy with the Red Sox. (Bob DeChiara/USA Today Sports)

Manny Machado is not happy with the Red Sox. (Bob DeChiara/USA Today Sports)

Orioles third baseman Manny Machado is not happy.

After what took place in Baltimore just over a week ago and then Mookie Betts getting hit on Monday night, in the first inning with two outs and nobody on base Chris Sale threw a fastball behind Machado.

Nothing transpired, but warnings were issued to both benches.

Machado then struck out in the at-bat, but would later get his revenge with a towering home run in the seventh inning.

The Red Sox got the win 5-2, but that didn’t stop Machado going off after the game.

“[Expletive]. [Expletive], bull—-,” he said “[Expletive] [expletive] [expletive]. Coward stuff. I mean, that’s stuff that you don’t [expletive] do. But I mean, I’m not on that side. I’m not in that organization. They’re still thinking about that same slide that I did. There was no intention on hurting anybody and I’m still paying, I’m still trying to get hit at. Get thrown at on my [expletive] head. They’re [expletive] throwing everywhere. [Expletive] [expletive].

“I’ve lost my respect for that organization, that coaching staff and everyone over there.”

The rant did not stop there.

“I mean, if you’re going to [expletive] hit me, hit me,” he said. “Go ahead. [Expletive] hit me. Don’t let this [expletive] keep lingering, [expletive] around, and keep trying to hit people. It’s [expletive] bull—-. It’s [expletive] bulls—. MLB should do something about it. You have pitchers out there with [expletive] balls in their hands throwing 100 miles per hour trying to hit people. I’ve got a [expletive] bat too. I could go up there and crush somebody if I wanted to. But you know what, I’ll get suspended for a year, and the pitchers only get suspended for two games. That’s not cool.”

Word of Machado’s words got over to the Red Sox and Sale, but they didn’t seem to bother him.

“I can’t speak on what he says,” Sale said. “I don’t know what he said. I’m not too worried about it either.”

Added Sale: “Whatever, man. I’m not losing sleep tonight.”

The Red Sox and Orioles will continue their series Wednesday and Thursday at Fenway Park.

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Red Sox 5, Orioles 2: After 11 days, Chris Sale, Hanley Ramirez finally gave their team payback

05.02.17 at 9:43 pm ET
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Chris Sale (Bob DeChiara/USA Today Sports)

Chris Sale (Bob DeChiara/USA Today Sports)

Think about how may things had gone awry since Manny Machado’s cleats met Dustin Pedroia’s left knee.

The Red Sox didn’t retaliate the day after the incident. When they did try, first Eduardo Rodriguez failed, and then Matt Barnes threw a pitch behind Machado’s head. That, of course resulted in a four-game suspension for the reliever, along with suggestions that the team’s leadership structure was in disarray.

Then, once back in Boston, it was Machado who got his revenge, launching a home run while taking an eon to round the bases. A little while later, Baltimore starting pitcher Dylan Bundy was able to hit his (alleged) target, nailing Mookie Betts in the leg with his hardest fastball of the night.

The Betts’ plunking led to an embarrassing eighth inning by the Red Sox, whose defense and baserunning had to have left the Orioles giggling just a bit. And, to top things off, along came the claims by Adam Jones that he had been the victim of racist taunts from the Fenway Park crowd.

It would be fair to say it all left the Red Sox with a thick layer of uneasiness.

Then along came Chris Sale, with a side of Hanley Ramirez. All of a sudden the Red Sox had a 5-2 win over Baltimore, with a returned sense of pride. (For a complete recap of the game, click here.)

Sale did his thing once again, initially striking out the first five batters he faced before taking a no-hitter into the fifth inning. When it was all said and done, the lefty went eight innings for a third straight start, allowing just two runs on three hits, striking out 11.

He joined Pedro Martinez as the only Red Sox with five straight double-digit strikeout games.

“It’s special,” Sale said of the accomplishment. “I don’t put a whole lot of weight in those kind of things – numbers, stats, that kind of stuff. But when you’re talking about him, that’s special, and I appreciate that.”

But it was one pitch, a 98 mph fastball behind the legs of Machado in the first inning, that truly helped define Sale’s importance. It didn’t hit the third baseman. It did, however, help finally lead to some satisfaction for the Red Sox, with the southpaw going on to fan Machado.

The image of Sale coming into the Red Sox’ dugout, distributing a series of high-fives before seemingly bursting into some sort of rant on the bench, was exactly what this team needed.

“I don’t know that there’s any other word than outstanding,” Red Sox manager John Farrell said. “He’s pitching in high-leverage situations almost every day that he’s taking the mound for us. Every inning in which he’s pitched, there’s been pivotal moments inside that. I think he’s embraced everything that his early career here in Boston has been for him, pitching on maybe a little bit more of a higher-profile stage just because of the environment and the market here. But it has not phased him, nor have we seen him waiver in any form or fashion. He’s one of the more concentrated type guys on the mound with outstanding stuff.”

And when it was clear the Red Sox’ offense was actually going to help out Sale this time around, with Hanley Ramirez hitting two more home runs, the hosts finally could look across the diamond with some semblance of accomplishment.

Shattering Perceptions Game Note Image

The Orioles executed a 6-4-3 triple play in the eighth inning. The occurrence happened when shortstop J.J. Hardy inadvertently let Jackie Bradley Jr.’s pop-up drop in shallow left field. With Mitch Moreland curiously standing a few feet off second base, Hardy threw the ball in to allow the tag on Moreland. Second baseman Jonathan Schoop proceeded to step on second base for a force out, with Dustin Pedroia on first. And, finally, Schoop threw the ball to first to get Bradley Jr., who hadn’t run the play out. It was the first triple play against the Red Sox since came in 2001.

Video: Chris Sale throws behind Manny Machado; Red Sox, Orioles receive warnings

05.02.17 at 8:01 pm ET
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It’s the drama that won’t die.

What started with Manny Machado sliding into Dustin Pedroia’s left knee April 21 at Camden Yards, evolved into some more heat between the Red Sox and Orioles Tuesday night.

A night after Baltimore starting pitcher Dylan Bundy hit Mookie Betts — possibly in response to Matt Barnes throwing behind the head of Machado April 23 — Chris Sale attempted to enact his own justice in the first inning.

With two outs in the first inning, the Red Sox’ starter’s first offering to Machado was a 98 mph fastball behind the knees of the Orioles’ first baseman.

Home plate umpire D.J. Reyburn immediately issued warnings to both sides, resulting in Baltimore manager Buck Showalter coming out to protest. While Showalter was jawing with Reyburn, Machado could be seen yelling toward the Red Sox’ dugout.

The at-bat resulted in Sale striking out Machado, eliciting a series of enthusiastic high-fives upon returning to the Red Sox’ dugout. The lefty went on to strikeout the first five batters he faced.

Fenway Park crowd cheers Orioles CF Adam Jones in 1st at-bat Tuesday night

05.02.17 at 7:40 pm ET
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Adam Jones expected to get booed on Tuesday night, but he was wrong as the Orioles center fielder was cheered by the Fenway Park crowd prior to his at-bat in the first inning against Chris Sale.

The cheers lasted longer than usual so Sale stepped off the mound and took his time before the first pitch.

In a way, this was Fenway Park apologizing for what occurred with Jones on Monday, as he was victim of racist taunts from the crowd.

“I expect to be booed, and I expect the fans to tell me I suck, as normal,” Jones said before the game. “Just keep the ignorant comments to yourself.”

After the game, Sale explains why he stepped off to gives Jones his moment.

“It’s nothing, really,” he said. “Obviously, what happened yesterday happened. There’s no going back from that. I wanted to show him the respect he’s earned and that he deserves. We have a great fan base here. I don’t want a few idiots to mess that up. I think Fenway came together, the Boston fans came together, and did the right thing today, plain and simple.
“Adam’s one of the best players in the game. He’s very well respected. He’s a good guy. I know him. He’s a good person. I don’t think anybody deserves to go through anything like that. I was appreciative of that moment. It was special to see Boston come together and make the right choice, do the right thing.”

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Sam Kennedy: Red Sox players acknowledged hearing racial slurs at Fenway Park in past

05.02.17 at 5:56 pm ET
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Red Sox players acknowledged hearing racial slurs at Fenway in past. (Greg M. Cooper/USA Today Sports)

Red Sox players acknowledged hearing racial slurs at Fenway in past. (Greg M. Cooper/USA Today Sports)

In the aftermath of the incident involving racial taunts directed at Orioles center fielder Adam Jones on Monday night, the Red Sox’ front office met with the team on Tuesday.

During the meeting it was acknowledged players have heard racial slurs at Fenway Park in the past.

“Yes. Yes,” Red Sox president Sam Kennedy said before Tuesday’s game. “Our players acknowledged in our meeting that they have heard inappropriate remarks in this ballpark, in other ballparks. Again, that’s why I opened my remarks today to say how saddened and disappointed I am to hear that. Our players have acknowledged that and boy, they were so great to take the time to meet with us and help us think through how we work with our operations team to do our best to eject these fans and we’ve considered taking further steps.

“John Henry was very passionate about this. Whether we ultimately revoke the tickets from someone who engages in this type of behavior or ban someone from the ballpark for a year, or for life. It’s just not acceptable behavior and we’re not going to tolerate it, but we need to know who has done it. We ask our fans to please let us know and help us in this effort. It’s incumbent upon us. It’s our responsibility. We have to do a better job. But we do have a need for a partnership with the players and our fans.”

Kennedy was upset by what took place on Monday not only because of his status with the organization, but also growing up in Boston.

“Really disappointing. Upsetting. Frustrating,” Kennedy said. “As someone who grew up a mile from this ballpark and loves Boston maybe more than life itself, just really disappointed. But I think it’s incumbent upon us to take the positive from it, which is that we can learn something. It was important to us to apologize to Adam, the entire Orioles organization, which we did this morning. We had a chance to visit with him. John Henry and I met with our players first. I thought it was important to do that. Then we went over and John and I met with Adam and Buck Showalter today just to express our apologies for what happened last night.

“We’ll all try to move forward together. It’s behavior that should never happen. It’s a reminder where we are in a society that this type of behavior still happens around the country. It’s disappointing but we have to acknowledge it, take responsibility, accountability, address it and hopefully move forward.”

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Adam Jones’ message to racist taunting fans: ‘Square up. Let’s fight and get it over with’

05.02.17 at 5:16 pm ET
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Adam Jones was the victim of racist taunts at Fenway Park Monday. (Patrick McDermott/USA Today Sports)

Adam Jones was the victim of racist taunts at Fenway Park Monday. (Patrick McDermott/USA Today Sports)

Less than 24 hours after hearing racist taunts at Fenway Park, Orioles center fielder Adam Jones has a message for that fan — and a direct one at that.

“Square up. Let’s fight and get it over with,” Jones said prior to Tuesday’s game at Fenway Park.

Jones could not recall exactly what time of the game he heard the taunt because he was focused on the actual game. He also doesn’t know if it was more than one person.

“Well it’s hard to look at someone when you’re focused on a potential ball hit in any direction so to pinpoint exactly who, that might damn be impossible,” Jones said. “To hear and understand what I heard, you got great hearing. We understand that we’re the road team and that the fans don’t need to welcome us. It’s all part of the competitive edge for the fan base to tell us opponents you suck, haha you struck out, various things on your performance, which is completely understandable in the lines of just how sports work and how fan bases work.

“I just heard that all night and was something that caught my attention — the N-word. I get certain reactions when someone says something clever versus really, really stupid and ignorant. Last night was not clever, it was ignorant so it caught my attention. By the time you look back, you can’t say who said what or when it was. I was just like, ‘OK, this is really [happening].”

Several members of the Red Sox organization met with Jones on Tuesday, including owner John Henry. That meant something to Jones.

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