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Youkilis on Dale & Holley

03.31.09 at 12:29 pm ET

Kevin Youkilis joined Dale & Holley this morning on WEEI 850 AM.  Here are some of the highlights from that interview, as compiled by Drew Scott:

Playing in WBC:

“The difference for me is those couple of weeks being away and having the downtime…there are ways that it can help and ways it can hurt…it’s a little harder to get your body in shape.  But when you play 162 games you are going to be in shape when the season starts.”

Lack of support for WBC:

“I had a great time. I enjoyed my teammates and representing my country.  The system wasn’t perfect, but nothing is in the baseball world…For the next WBC I would like to see some more support because this country is going through some tough times.”

On Derek Jeter:

“I think regardless of what I say people will still not like Derek Jeter…He’s one of those guys that you take on your team.  I think that all 30 teams would want him… I think a lot Red Sox fans would enjoy if he was on our team.”

On whether or not he’s a homerun hitter:

“I don’t have any homeruns yet, so I’m not a homerun hitter yet…I’m not trying to look to hit homeruns, because when I’m looking to hit homeruns it usually doesn’t work out too well for me.”

On the possible lineup:

“We have a lot of depth, and it’s a lot of fun to play with a lot of great hitters around you.”

On his new contract:

“To be honest with you I haven’t really thought about it much since I’ve signed it…I don’t interpret how much you make playing the game of baseball because there can be a guy making the league minimum who has a great year or a guy who makes a lot who has a bad year.”

On the Teixeira talks:

“For me there’s just so much talk that goes on that you don’t know what’s true and what’s false…I just said whatever’s going to happen is going to happen.  Who knows I could have been one of those guys that was going to be traded.”

Kevin Youkilis also discussed an event that his charity is holding at Davios on April 23rd for more information check out http://www.youkskids.org/

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