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Youkilis on Dale & Holley

03.31.09 at 12:29 pm ET

Kevin Youkilis joined Dale & Holley this morning on WEEI 850 AM.  Here are some of the highlights from that interview, as compiled by Drew Scott:

Playing in WBC:

‘€œThe difference for me is those couple of weeks being away and having the downtime’€¦there are ways that it can help and ways it can hurt’€¦it’€™s a little harder to get your body in shape.  But when you play 162 games you are going to be in shape when the season starts.’€

Lack of support for WBC:

‘€œI had a great time. I enjoyed my teammates and representing my country.  The system wasn’€™t perfect, but nothing is in the baseball world’€¦For the next WBC I would like to see some more support because this country is going through some tough times.’€

On Derek Jeter:

‘€œI think regardless of what I say people will still not like Derek Jeter’€¦He’€™s one of those guys that you take on your team.  I think that all 30 teams would want him… I think a lot Red Sox fans would enjoy if he was on our team.’€

On whether or not he’€™s a homerun hitter:

‘€œI don’€™t have any homeruns yet, so I’€™m not a homerun hitter yet’€¦I’€™m not trying to look to hit homeruns, because when I’€™m looking to hit homeruns it usually doesn’€™t work out too well for me.’€

On the possible lineup:

‘€œWe have a lot of depth, and it’€™s a lot of fun to play with a lot of great hitters around you.’€

On his new contract:

‘€œTo be honest with you I haven’€™t really thought about it much since I’€™ve signed it’€¦I don’€™t interpret how much you make playing the game of baseball because there can be a guy making the league minimum who has a great year or a guy who makes a lot who has a bad year.’€

On the Teixeira talks:

‘€œFor me there’€™s just so much talk that goes on that you don’€™t know what’€™s true and what’€™s false’€¦I just said whatever’€™s going to happen is going to happen.  Who knows I could have been one of those guys that was going to be traded.’€

Kevin Youkilis also discussed an event that his charity is holding at Davios on April 23rd for more information check out http://www.youkskids.org/

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