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Lester explains pre-game confusion

06.19.09 at 7:26 pm ET

Jon Lester, who took the loss after giving up two runs over five innings Thursday against the Marlins, explained what happened prior to the series’ finale. Because of the uncertainty regarding whether or not the game was going to start, the starter was 15-20 late getting out to the bullpen to warm-up for his appearance.

Red Sox manager Terry Francona attempted to buy the pitcher some time with the umpires, but ultimately Lester’s warm-up time was almost cut in half.

“It was rushed a little bit,” he said. “Obviously tito got aired out for not starting on time. That’€™s just the way it goes sometimes.”

‘€œObviously you can’€™t go through your full routine and feel comfortable and feel like you’€™re getting ready on time. You’€™re fighting not just getting loose, but being on time. It’€™s hard sometimes. That’€™s the way it goes.’€

‘€œI’€™m usually out there at 6:30-ish. When we found out it was still on time, it was about 6:30. I was still in the clubhouse and hadn’€™t gotten stretched and done my stuff in here. We were running a little bit behind.’€

(Did it take Lester longer to get into the game because of the abbreviated schedule?)  ‘€œYou know, I don’€™t know if the way I threw the ball ‘€“ if that had any effect on the way I threw the ball. I don’€™t know if it was just one of those outings where it was just a battle. I wasn’€™t sharp. A lot of foul balls.’€

(What wasn’€™t working?) ‘€œNothing was really working. I got ahead quite a bit. Fastballs, cutters. I couldn’€™t get the swing and miss or the bad contact on the curveball on the dirt. It’€™s just one of those starts where I had to grind through it. It’€™s one of those deals where you look up and I did something making it to the sixth inning and still kept the team in the ballgame. I think that’€™s a positive from that aspect.’€

(How long would he have pitched in the sixth if they didn’t put the game into a rain delay, since he was already at 114 pitches?) “They told me I was going out for the sixth. That’€™s all I knew. Obviously the conditions weren’€™t the best right there. I think under normal conditions that’€™s probably caught. Guys are out there trying ot get a grip and not slip. Play it safe. Yo udon’€™t want guys running all over the basepaths. It was just one of those shitty all-around nights.’€

(On what he was hearing before the game) ‘€œLast I had heard, they were trying to schedule a makeup date. Obviously when you hear that, we’€™re not playing the game.’€

 ‘€œI think it was a frustrating night from top to bottom. Not just for the guys here or the guys up there but front office guys and groundscrew guys. They’€™re trying their best to get the game in, we’€™re trying our best to get prepared for the game. It was just an all-around shitty night. It’€™s one of those deals that happens sometimes. That was one of those deals that happens sometimes. That was the hand we were dealt. Sometimes you have to fold them and sometimes you have to just leave the table.’€


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