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Lowell gets shot, eyes return in three days

09.28.09 at 5:21 pm ET

Mike Lowell approached Red Sox manager Terry Francona Thursday in Kansas City about potentially getting his second shot of the season in his surgically-repaired right hip. Monday the procedure was executed.

Lowell received a shot that included mostly the substance Synvisc (which was what he had injected in July), and some cortisone. The third baseman also had fluid removed from the hip — although just 14 ccs compared to the 15 ccs last time — and expects to be back in the Red Sox lineup after three days of rest.

“I don’t think this was a necessity, but why not do something that’s not going to hurt me and will make me feel better,” Lowell said.

The following is more of what Lowell had to say prior to the Red Sox’ game against the Toronto Blue Jays at Fenway Park:

“It was both. More Synvisc, with a cortisone chaser. We were talking about it a couple of weeks ago, more heading into the postseason I would rather have more ability than less. I spoke to the docs and everything and they said this would be a way to alleviate pain and it’s looking pretty good. This was a good time to take two or three days off to really get my hip hopefully feeling a lot better.”

(How did it feel after getting the shot) “I would say as good as right after the All-Star break, when I was running pretty good. There’s a little more adrenaline in the postseason so I think that’s going to help.”

“I was told it’s not like just a plain cortisone shot. It’s more like a gel that’s put in there so it’s something I can have more than once. I guess I’d rather do that than have anti-inflammatories. They took out a decent amount of fluid again and I feel that instant relief, but I feel the soreness of the needle being inside but I think after a couple of days I think it will feel really good.”

“I don’t think this was a necessity, but why not do something that’s not going to hurt me and will make me feel better.”

“I know I did two cortisone shots last year and speaking from a non-medical standpoint, from what I understand the cortisone makes your cartilage a little less sturdy and I’m not on board on doing that because I don’t want to enhance the arthritic condition. I love baseball and everything but I’m not in the mood for being 42 and needing a hip replacement. I think it’s two totally different things. I actually talked to Dr. [Bill] Palmer today and he said the big advantage I’m going to have this offseason is that I can work on strengthening all the muscles around the hip which is going to help me out because I think this offseason is obviously recovering from the surgery and then getting flexibility and stability and mobility, not so much strength. I think this is what’s going to be the biggest difference between this coming offseason and last offseason.”

“The doc told me to take two or three days, but if I could take the three I will absolutely take the three. I know we haven’t mathematically clinched but I’m hoping we will by that time so I think we can kind of play things out in an intelligent manner instead of trying to rush things.”

(Number how how much better you feel now compared to last year) “Yeah, 1,000 to 0. Last year was just ridiculous. It was basically going out there with nothing in the tank, from a hip standpoint.”

(As much fluid this time as last time) “Almost. It was 14 CCs compared to 15 CCs. I felt so much better going into this time. I don’t know if it was the hip coping, but I felt like I was really tight last time. I needed the pressure to be relieved. I didn’t feel like I needed that this time. I welcomed it, but I didn’t feel like I needed it.”

“It was a lot of the Synvisc, the whole syringe, and I think the cortisone was like a dot. It’s not a cortisone shot by any means.”

“I’m very confident. I don’t think that’s going to be an issue.”

In other injury news, Jon Lester threw a 55-pitch bullpen session without incident and plans on making his next start, Thursday.

‘€œI felt fine,” Lester said. “No problems. Just the normal long tossing and everything. Right around 55 pitches. Everything was good. I felt good this morning when I woke up and walking around and everything. But there’€™s that question in your mind, OK, when I get on the mound, is it going to bug me and it didn’€™t. everything was good. ‘€œ

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