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MLB Power Rankings, 4/11

04.12.10 at 2:15 am ET

1. Rays (14-5). DRaysBay: “Coming off his worst start of the young season, Price delivered arguably his best start ever.”

2. Yankees (12-6). River Ave. Blues: “I doubt [Vazquez] will miraculously round into form between starts, but he has to be better than yesterday, right?”

3. Phillies (11-7). The Good Phight: “While Rollins can’€™t be expected to break his career-long trend and keep walking at such a high rate when he returns, a bit more patience from Victorino, Polanco and especially Howard will be needed if the Phils plan to continue scoring at a league-best pace.”

4. Cardinals (11-7). Redbird Rants: “Forget about the score and the month and the stakes. These opportunities don’€™t come knocking often. The best of the era face off ‘€“ mano y mano. Lincecum’€™s arm vs. Pujols’€™ bat. Think about it.”

5. Twins (13-6). Nicks Twins Blog: “Slowey and Liriano have both given plenty of reason to believe they can develop into top-end starters.”

6. Giants (10-8). Frisco Fastball: “Ugh. That’€™s the only word I can find in my small vocabulary to describe last nights gem of a game. Well, I can find a few more, but, they’€™re not even appropriate on the raunchiest of porn sets.”

7. Tigers (10-9). Motor City Bengals: “Damon had three hits including two doubles. What’€™s more, he finally got rid of those horrid white shoes.”

8. Angels (10-10). Halos Heaven: “Hard to believe it sometimes, but Torii Hunter is 34 years old.”

9. Athletics (12-8). Athletics Nation: “Given the injuries that have already beset the A’s, and given the lineup on paper even on a good day, you have to be pleased with the first 20 games.”

10. Rockies (10-9). Rox Pile: “Jimenez is, obviously, the best pitcher in MLB right now, and I don’€™t expect him to slow down. Like the Babe, I’€™m going to call my shot: Jimenez WILL have another no-hitter this season.”

11. Padres (11-7). Friar Forecast: “As of this writing, the San Diego Padres are tied for the best record in the National League.”
12. Marlins (10-9). Fish Stripes: “Ichthyomancy is ready for Midnight Baseball.”
13. Blue Jays (10-9). Bluebird Banter: “I do consider Cito a good batting coach but it isn’t working with this group. But then I think that many of these guys couldn’t learn to hit no matter who worked with them.”

14. White Sox (8-11). Sox Machine: The first step in the Rios Acceptance Plan was all his responsibility.  He pretty much had to prove immediately that he wasn’€™t the absolute zero that bummed everybody out over the last two months of 2009.”

15. Cubs (9-10). Goat Riders of the Apocalypse:Right now, whether they are a good team or not, the Cubs are trending upwards.  The offense is getting hits, the pitching is holding back Chicago’s opponents, and the Cubs are playing well.”

16. Red Sox (8-11). Over the Monster: “If this was Tim Wakefield’s last regularly scheduled start, it’ll be a shame.”

17. Mets (9-9). Kranepool Society: “The Mets right now are playing the way Epstein had hoped his Red Sox would when he ran all his statistical analysis that told him pitching and defense is the way to go. Right now the Mets are fueled on that formula.”
18. Dodgers (8-10). True Blue LA: “Counting the playoffs, the Dodgers have won just six of their last 22 road games, and they have lost six consecutive series on the road.”

19. Rangers (8-10). Lone Star Ball: “16 games into the season, and we are already having folks suggest that theRangers need to drop Rich Harden from the rotation to make room for Derek Holland, who is pitching on the same schedule as Harden at AAA and who is tearing it up in the early going.”
20. Braves (8-9). Tomahawk Take: “There is not any one particular thing that is not working; it is a number of problems that has this team reeling.”

21. Astros (8-10). Crawfish Boxes: “Don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but what a difference a week makes.”

22. Nationals (10-9). Capitol Punishment: “Really, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but it’s fun to dream sometimes. And if nothing else, these last few games have let me dream back to ’05 — back when rooting for this team was all kinds of crazy fun.”

23. Mariners (9-10). U.S.S. Mariner: “These one run losses suck, but as long as the M’€™s continue to run out a JV line-up to accommodate the hugging DH tandem, it’€™s hard to argue that they deserve to win.”

24. Brewers (8-10). Brew Crew Ball: “Hopefully the Brewers are good and rested after their off day today.  Don’t get me wrong–there was a game today.  The Brewers just chose not to play.”

25. Diamondbacks (8-10). Venom Strikes: “It has been hard to watch the Dbacks bullpen blow save after save.”

26. Indians (8-10)Indians Confidential: “Sunday was like a fight where the Indians were hit with jab after jab after jab until they simply couldn’€™t answer the bell.”

27. Reds (8-11). Redleg Nation: “The Reds are great now, right? This win changes things, doesn’€™t it?”

28. Pirates (7-11). Raise The Jolly Roger: “It really has been an unbelievably miserable six days for the Bucs.”

29. Royals (7-11). Royals Review: Do you wanna talk about the details or the big picture? Four years into the Moore regime, and they’re still the bumbling Royals.”

30. Orioles (3-16). Camden Chat: “For a team that’s found so many ways to lose over the course of the season, to see them finally find a way to scratch out a win was heartening.”

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