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Lackey: Angels’ free agent approach ‘a little suspect’

05.04.10 at 8:39 pm ET

John Lackey, who is scheduled to start for the Red Sox against his old team, the Angels, Wednesday at Fenway Park, met with the media Tuesday afternoon. Although there were frew revelatory comments from the starter, Lackey did offer some interesting insight when asked about the Angels propensity to letting free agents walk after their contracts expire. “It is different,” Lackey told the Orange County Register. “The way they preach the team game and the way you’re supposed to give it up for the team — that’s a little suspect.

“You’re supposed to give it up for the team. Then when it comes time, they might not give it up for you. … I totally knew what the situation was (when he reached free agency).”

Lackey signed a five-year, $82.5 million deal with the Red Sox last offseason.

Here is the rest of what the pitcher had to say:

(On facing the Angels) It’€™s going to be fun, man. That’€™s kind of the way things go these days. I’€™m happy to be here and I enjoyed my time in L.A. as well. It should be a fun challenge?

(On emotions) We just need to win right now, man. Doesn’€™t really matter much who were playing right now. Need to pitch well and win the game.

(How difficult has the switch of teams been) Honestly, it’€™s been a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Been pretty easy to fit in, it’€™s been fun. It’€™s a new challenge, kind of a new challenge.

(What have you learned about the Red Sox) It’€™s a real professional group, a real veteran feel over here. Locker room kind of polices itself a little bit. It’€™s been fun, easy to fit in.

(Is it easier to face the Angels in Boston rather than Anaheim) Maybe a little bit, yeah, for sure. But honestly right now, we just need to win games. Honestly my concerns, I don’€™t have a lot of concerns about who I’€™m facing right now.

(Will it be strange facing your old teamates) Honestly, look at their lineup right now, I faced a lot of those guys on different teams. The (turnover) since I’€™ve been there it’€™s pretty great, so there’€™s only a handful of guys I played with the whole time I was there.

(Encouraged by your last start) Besides one start against Tampa, I’€™m throwing the ball pretty good. Just got to continue to handle my business, build my arm strength. If I’€™m healthy, things will take care of themselves.

(Disappointed the Angels didn’€™t match the Red Sox offer) I’€™m happy where I’€™m at honestly. I enjoyed my time in L.A. but it is what it is.

(Any one batter you’€™re looking forward to facing) Not really. Like I said, we just need to play better baseball, we need to win, doesn’€™t matter who’€™s on the other side.

(Ever wonder how you got here) Not really, honestly. More gets made out of it than there actually is.

(How have you adjusted to time in Boston) It’€™s been great. Guys on team have been great. Way organization been has been unbelievable. It’€™s been easy.

(If you were told a couple of years ago, after frustrating playoff games, that you’€™d be here now, would you believe it) Not at the time but things are new like that. You’€™re frustrated. I’€™m pissed when I lose to anybody.

(Is the Angels M.O. to let young players leave to free agency) The track record kind of speaks for itself. I’€™ve lost so many teammates the last few years over there, going to other places, it kind of prepares you for stuff like that. It’€™s kind of the way things are.

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