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Beckett eyeing end of July for return

06.24.10 at 6:43 am ET

Josh Beckett came away from his 55-pitch side session pleased, Red Sox manager Terry Francona told reporters Wednesday. Francona said that Beckett, who has been on the disabled list since May 19 with back issues, will throw a simulated game on Saturday before pitching to teammates next Thursday and beginning his rehab. He would make three or four rehab starts before returning to the Red Sox. Depending on how many rehab starts he makes, Beckett could be activated by late July or early August.

Here is some of what Beckett told reporters prior to the Red Sox’ 8-6 loss to the Rockies Wednesday:

‘€œToday felt good. Things are getting back to normal. It’€™s not like you’€™re trying to get past this, but not get too far. Today was much more normal. Go out and play catch, get on the mound and throw a side.’€

(On throwing all his pitches) ‘€œMy curveball was iffy. I threw some good changeups today. like I said, things are getting back to normal. Arm speed is back to normal. It’€™s not like ‘€¦ things were so scripted before. Now it’€™s just the natural thing to just go out and play catch and get on the mound and do what you have to do.  It’€™s not like watching this pitch or this pitch.’€

‘€œEven though over the past week, I’€™ve been better, mood and everything. It’€™s tough when you’€™ve got no light at the end of the tunnel. Every day you come in and there’€™s no [purpose]. What am I getting ready for? That’€™s where it gets tough. You come in and you’€™re the first guy here. You get your stuff out of the way so you’€™re not in the way of the other players. You just sit around. it’€™s a lot of downtime.’€

(Any discomfort in back or lat?) ‘€œNo, like I said, today was very normal. Even my last side, I felt normal but it still wasn’€™t normal because it was very scripted. I was very pleased with the way today went.”

(On taking 3-4 rehab starts) ‘€œI figured after ‘€¦ they kind of prepared me for it after I hurt my lat. They were going to make sure that this thing is right. It’€™s tough whenever you want to go a certain speed and you can’€™t. that’€™s why I said today was much more natural. It was just like, hey, let’€™s go throw a side. Yeah, it seems like a long ways away still but I really can’€™t focus on that because I don’€™t have control over that. I have to control the things I can and get my work in today, get my work in tomorrow and worry about the sim. Game on Saturday. Things change. I think we’€™ve spread this process out. They’€™ve listened to me about how I feel and stuff like that. I think that we’€™ll come back when I’€™m ready. They’€™ve been good about that, about listening to me.’€

“Who knows where we’€™d be if everybody stayed healthy? We’€™ve definitely had our share of knick-knack stuff and some big things. broken ribs. We’€™ve got to lead all of baseball in broken ribs this year. there’€™s no way anyone is ever going to catch us. It must be some sort of record or something. yeah, it’€™s great that we’€™ve strung it together. That last homestand was awesome. We played great baseball from top to bottom. We played good last night. This is a tough place to win, I don’€™t know why. Even when I was playing in the national league, they’€™d come to our place and we’€™d do pretty good and we’€™d come here and ‘€¦”

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