Relaxed Rays keep the pressure on Red Sox » Evan Longoria, B.J. Upton, Desmond Jennings

Third-baseman Evan Longoria (right) signed a deal with Tampa Bay that runs through at least 2022. (AP)

Third-baseman Evan Longoria (right) signed a deal with Tampa Bay that runs through at least 2022. (AP)

Tampa Bay Rays’ Evan Longoria, right, is congratulated by teammates B.J. Upton, center, and Desmond Jennings after his three-run home run against the Boston Red Sox in the third inning of a baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston, Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ravens not impressive today at all.  No sustained offensive drive and zero pressure on Yates.  If not for a bonehead play by Jacoby Jones and some poor pass decisions from Yates, the Ravens shouldn’t even have been in that game

  2. Dharpell Says:

    will be listen intently on the status of Ed Reed.  He is a monster in that secondary and the loss of him would be huge!

  3. Casco-jay Says:

    Reed has a high ankle sprain, and will be out for the remainder of the post-season.

  4. otis Says:

    Ravens offense is a joke and their QB is trying to look like wyatt earp with his dumb mustache. Ravens = win or blame the refs. 

  5. TheDefenseRests Says:

    There is not a better cure for complacency then having the Ravens as the next opponents.  Suggs has made this personal with Brady.   And, a Brady with something to prove is the Brady who destroys defenses.

    Hopefully, the Pats meen the Giants In Indy.  Revenge Part II.

  6. JustSayn' Says:

    In the words of Jim Rome the Pats are Un- Stopppp-aaaa-ble, EEEE-Norrr-Mmm-us, Reee-dic-U-Lous. And to think the Ravens can beat them is Hill-Arrr-EEE-Us

  7. Bill Belichick Says:

    Ed Reed poops gold nuggets.

  8. NYPatsFan Says:

    Don’t judge how next week’s game will go based on this week’s slate of games. Whole new week, completely different teams and game plans. One thing is for certain though–both teams will have to once again play at a very high level in order to come out with the W

  9. Uncle Buck Says:

    Man can EEI just get the Giants Green Bay story in so we can see if Tito shows up.  He has been smoking Aaron Rogers dick all year long….and with his mouth full of that, he has been mumbling about the Patriots will be one and done again.  Good call Tito.  Find another sausage to smoke, that one just gave out on you.  Too freakin funny.

  10. JimDaytona Says:

    Agree with Rolo – after watching Houston today I’ll take Ravens as the opponent.

  11. Brown6868 Says:

    whos tito?   francona?great post anyway

  12. Uncle Buck Says:

    He is a NY troll/Packers fan.  He trolls these boards constantly.  He has been smoking Aaron Rogers dick all season long and with his mouth full of that has been sayin our “Patsies will be one and done again this year”.  So, obviously, I can hardly wait to see him show up.  Most likely he won’t, just like most trolls disappear when the lights come on. Basically, he is a classless douche bag.  Did that answer your question ? lol

  13. Uncle Buck Says:

    Well said.  I believe that the Ravens will show up and give the Patriots fits for 3 quarters and then, we will bust it loose and beat them.  I will say 28-17.  Ray Rice will get his, Flacco throws for one, throw in a field goal and that is it for Balt.  Defense scores 7 for NE and TB12 and Gronk take care of the rest.  Too much to stop.  This team has a great memory.  They will not lose again to these Ravens in Foxboro.  Not gonna happen.  Pack for Indy.

  14. NYPatsFan Says:

    Although I don’t think everything will happen as you laid it out, I definitely hope you’re right with that end result. I actually predicted the exact score of that Baltimore-Houston game (20-13) in a pick ‘em league I’m in, but as much as I’d like to think I’m an expert at judging Baltimore and predicting how the game will go, the NFL is so tough to predict. There’s really too many variables, but I do think that if the Patriots score north of 27 points or so, they have a great chance. That is definitely easier said than done against the Ravens, but I know they’re capable of it. Getting off to a fast start is key in this one again, but I’m most interested in seeing how this team matches up with Baltimore’s physicality. That, I think, is the true test of this game. Baltimore will come into this thinking they can out-muscle us and be more physical, but one thing I like about the Patriots is their mental toughness. They’ve hung in there against physical teams like the Giants and Steelers, I think they can match up against the Ravens and stand up to them. I know it’s early, and I’ll have to think about it some more, but for now I see a close game, 7 points or less. If the Patriots play as well as I think they’re capable of, I like their chances. All I ask of them is that they BRING IT on Sunday. They do that, they’ll be in it. Go Patriots!

  15. Tntgraham Says:

    Why even play the game to hear u Patriots fans….one of the worst defenses in the NFL and because you beat Tebow and co. You think you are just going to roll…your team has played nobody this year and lost to the only two teams over 500 you played…Ravens are undefeated against playoff teams, beating 49ers, steelers twice, Texans, bengals twice, you guys are in for rude awakening…

  16. Shadowofbodom Says:

    Go away troll. Sure, we have confidence in our team, we demolished a pretty bad one in the divisional playoffs, but they had a TON of momentum and they did defeat a pretty good team in the Steelers with the best pass defense in the whole league. I think we all know the Ravens are a different sort of beast than the Broncos, but speaking strictly intangibles, the Ravens kicked the Pats out of the playoffs 2 years ago and we all know that’s on TB12′s mind. I’m not saying its enough to beat the Ravens, but if I were a Baltimore fan I would be worried about a fired-up Tom Brady looking for revenge.

  17. Hesher Says:

    But but but but bu bu…The Patwiots haven’t pwayed anybody, No i guess they just got to 13-3 in the regular season and are going to the AFC champ game when they didn’t have to play anyone ALL year…..Every team in the NFL is tough, it IS the pro’s after all, Hence why there are ALWAYS upsets, Because every team is capable of winning any given sunday.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    The Ravens also lost to the Jaguars on national television.

  19. Tito Says:

    Tito is here…. I said that the Pack would lose if they continue to dropped passes. Awful game. They deserved to lose. End of half was a real back breaker. No intensity on the team. Felt bad for Joe Philbin who buried his son 2 days before and had to watch this crap. What a year. Best QB’s are out of the mix except Brady. We’ll see if Defense wins championships.

  20. RJ Says:

    Ravens have played ONE top ten offense this year. Result – Chargers win 34-14

  21. Gjwhite66 Says:

    And the Seahawks.  And the Titans…

  22. Jimmy Freeze Says:

    If the O-line blocks like it did the other night, the Ravens have no chance…They completely eliminated 2 of the top pass rushers in football…no tackles…no sacks…

    The Ravens have been having pass-rush issues this year as well…

    I laugh at the “time of posession people”…Ray Rice needs to do this and that…The Broncos won the TOP stat by 2-3 minutes, lost by 35 pts…could have lost by 65 if BB wanted to press the issue…If the Ravens Defense can’t pressure Brady, and he’s accurate…it will be another whitewash.  May take more the 30 minutes to do it…

  23. shack Says:

    except brady? really !  no  trash talk about  one and done . no talk about how the gaints are going to beat newengland?  wow look everyone  looks like we got a humble bumble! hermey pull all your teeth.?  first inteligent post you have made all year.

  24. Wallst01 Says:

    Out of the 16 games the Patriots played this season, they only played 3 teams that made the play offs. The Steelers, the Giants, and the Broncos. Two of the Pats three loses this year came back to back against the Steelers and the Giants who are teams known for their defenses. The Pats session has been filled with beating scrubby teams.

    Mon 9/12
    Miami Dolphins at Miami (0-0) W 38 – 24 Sun 9/18
    San Diego Chargers San Diego (1-0) W 35 – 21 Sun 9/25
    Buffalo Bills at Buffalo (2-0) L 31 – 34 Sun 10/2
    Oakland Raiders at Oakland (2-1) W 31 – 19 Sun 10/9
    New York Jets NY Jets (2-2) W 30 – 21 Sun 10/16
    Dallas Cowboys Dallas (2-2) W 20 – 16Bye Sun 10/30
    Pittsburgh Steelers at Pittsburgh (5-2) L 17 – 25 Sun 11/6
    New York Giants NY Giants (5-2) L 20 – 24 Sun 11/13
    New York Jets at NY Jets (5-3) W 37 – 16 Mon 11/21
    Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City (4-5) W 34 – 3 Sun 11/27
    Philadelphia Eagles at Philadelphia (4-6) W 38 – 20 Sun 12/4
    Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis (0-11) W 31 – 24 Sun 12/11
    Washington Redskins at Washington (4-8) W 34 – 27 Sun 12/18
    Denver Broncos at Denver (8-5) W 41 – 23 Sat 12/24
    Miami Dolphins Miami (5-9) W 27 – 24 Sun 1/1
    Buffalo Bills Buffalo (6-9) W 49 – 21

  25. Wallst01 Says:

    Out of the 16 games the Patriots played this season, they only played 3 teams that made the play offs. The Steelers, the Giants, and the Broncos. Two of the Pats three loses this year came back to back against the Steelers and the Giants who are teams known for their defenses. The Pats session has been filled with beating scrubby teams.

  26. Purplereign55 Says:

    Whats the Pats record against teams with winning records this year?? How did they do against Pittsburgh or the Giants? Are you really gonna compare the ravens game against houston to what they plan to do to the 2nd rate New England Defense??

  27. shack Says:

    sooooooooo whats your point ?

  28. purplereign55 Says:

    Whats the Pats record against top defenses??

  29. Wallst01 Says:

    my point is obvious. The pats have done well against sorry teams this year. The Ravens however aren’t a sorry team.

  30. Wallst01 Says:

    The Chargers aren’t the Patriots, and the Chargers actually have a running game unlike the Pats. The ravens played their rookie Cary Williams who was picked apart because Web was out with a toe injury. The Ravens played an all around bad game, Many believed that they underestimate the Chargers. They know better not to underestimate the Patriots. Fact of the matter is that Pats defense can’t stop the run and the Ravens know the formula to beat Brady,

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Ah yes, the patented “have Wes Welker tear an ACL a week before we play them” formula.

  32. Dennis Says:

     Some nasty looking dudes.

  33. 1209surf Says:

    Hey Pats fans, let’s play the game before making reservations to Indy. Your team is 1-2 against teams with a winning record. The Ravens are 7-1. Your defense is ranked 31st in yards allowed. Your pass defense blows. And as one who believes in karma, remember who beat your crappy baseball team in the last game of the year to knock them out of the playoffs. Believe they were from Baltimore too. One obviously has nothing to do with the other but don’t count your chickens just yet.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    No one’s counting chickens.  Your team is the 2 seed for a reason.   However, by the same token, if you think this Pats team is remotely similar to the woeful 09 group that the Ravens demolished…. well… think again.

  35. Hesher Says:

    Patriots will win this game 23-20. Billy Cundiff will miss the game tying FG in the final seconds….lol

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