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Bobby Valentine on beer in clubhouse, Bobby Jenks, Carl Crawford and rule changes

02.20.12 at 5:35 pm ET


FORT MYERS, Fla. ‘€“ On the last day of informal workouts prior to the Red Sox pitchers and catchers participating in the official start of spring training activities at JetBlue Park, Bobby Valentine took stock of various items when it came to his new team:

On if there would be alcohol in the clubhouse

‘€œI’€™m not going to say what I decided yet. I think the players should hear that first.’€

On how much rules might change

‘€œThere is a posting of rules that probably aren’€™t going to change one iota from what they were last year for spring training. The only thing that might change is driving to other ballparks. There might have been one other thing. Where’€™s Bogie when you need him?

‘€œSometimes guys drove to ballparks when we played away. We’€™re not going to do that.’€

Regarding Carl Crawford’€™s batting stance

‘€œWell, his agent told me that he had worked on some things and we liked it. Obviously he’€™s not swinging yet. As long as he has a good image of himself, that’€™s all that matters.’€

On meeting up with Crawford face-to-face for the first time

‘€œI didn’€™t know he was there. He was throwing the ball. It was great to see him. His health looks much better than I expected. I’€™m pleasantly surprised.’€

On Aaron Cook being held back a bit

‘€œWe decided there’€™s going to be one more conference with the training staff and with him ‘€¦ he threw 35 pitches today to determine whether he’€™s a step behind or on pace.

‘€œAaron Cook has had shoulder issues in the past where, when he’€™s come back, he’€™s come back too soon and he’€™s done a step forward and two back. We’€™re trying to prevent that from happening again. We’€™re trying to get him so he can cruise on through. He’€™s not hurt. He’€™s just trying to learn from the past.’€

(Valentine also mentioned that Ross Ohlendorf would be the other pitcher being held back)

On Bobby Jenk’€™s status

‘€œBobby said he’€™d like to take it one week at a time. I’€™d say that means he’€™s a long ways away from thinking about baseball activities. He’€™s really had a terrible offseason health-wise so he’€™s a real backburner guy. I don’€™t expect to see him in many baseball activities for a while, if at all this spring.

“I would think that he would be that in-season trade that everyone would be looking for and we’d have him right here already. That’s what I’m hoping for at this point. I would think some time into the season. Things happen differently and that’s my opinion. That’s not written in any Holy Grail.”

On the progress of Daisuke Matsuzaka

‘€œDaisuke had a pen today. His arm feels good. He thinks his mechanics are away off. He’€™s healthy and he’€™s on that recovery pace that all rehab guys are on. He’€™s on a very good pace. I don’€™t think he’€™ll pitch in spring training.’€

On if anybody besides Andrew Bailey was a closing candidate

‘€œI’€™d really like to see people up and close and personal before I start getting into that. The ninth inning is one inning. We all know that concept and it’€™s a very difficult inning because it’€™s the last three [outs]. It takes stuff and we’€™ll have to see stuff and then we’€™ll figure out makeup. The bullpen is very similar to the lineup, you know. It’€™s how guys work together, how they complement each other on how that all gets together.’€

On the progress of Rich Hill

‘€œRich Hill will not pith in games down here to the best of my guestimate. He’€™s very well recovered and on the way to pitching in games. I bet you he’€™ll use this month of March to get to the month of April, where he’€™ll pitch in games to ‘€“ if everything is smooth ‘€“ possibly pitch in May.’€

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