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Ben Cherington said the Red Sox are still focused on contending in 2014. (AP)

Ben Cherington said the Red Sox are still focused on contending in 2014. (AP)

Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington looks on during a baseball spring training workout Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012, in Fort Myers, Fla. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

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  1. mikepatriot Says:

    Where will Stinko end up? Certainly NOT burning the pats as some other misguided poster stated. My guess is that he might end up somewhere on rte. 1 near foxboro stadium selling sombreros! This is a non issue, really. TB will say nothing but good things about him on spin but privately is relieved that he wont waste a throw on a guy out of position.

  2. mg Says:

    Divorce court.

  3. Joseph C.Vara III Says:

    Hey Christopher, do you think the Browns should be in the Running seeing as they are extremely young at wideout, wow get with the program !!

  4. Arjun biju Says:

    He should go to the ravens

  5. trollhunter Says:

    so much talent soooooo dumb ! adios amegos.

  6. Don Says:

    Who cares where he goes?  How much information can he give a team about a system he wasn’t able to learn?  I feel bad for the guy.  Screwing up at work and getting canned must be bad enough without the general public watching and discussing the whole thing.  No one ever said he didn’t work hard at it, he just didn’t fit in.  I don’t get the feeling he’s an idiot like TO or Moss who got canned over bad attitude.  I hope it works out for him somewhere, in another division.

  7. Billy O'Brien Says:

    Why is this even relevant. The guy sucks. 

  8. DANDES33 Says:

    more then likely.OAKLAND

  9. Qtrback12 Says:

    “Semi” pro teams are starting back up and the playbooks are much smaller and basic….who knows he “might” shine…..and even think they have a HOF! 

  10. Tom Hutnak Says:

    Who cares where he ends up!!!

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