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Before hitting home run, Luke Scott clarifies Fenway Park comments

04.14.12 at 5:08 pm ET

Luke Scott may be taking a different approach when broaching certain subjects going forward. This he made clear while talking to WEEI.com just a few hours before hitting a three-run, first-inning home run off Red Sox‘ starter Clay Buchholz.

Take for instance, when the Rays’ designated hitter was asked about his thoughts regarding Bruins goalie Tim Thomas choosing to not attend his team’s Stanley Cup celebration at the White House due to political leanings. (Scott has similar political views as Thomas.)

“I’€™m just careful with what I say just because of what reporters have done with me. They have come to me, asked me questions on topics and they take things and twist it. I don’€™t think anybody want that to happen,” he said. “I’€™ll leave that topic like this: If it was me and I was in that situation I would extremely happy because we won a World Series. For that, what a dream come true that would be. As far as this guy Tim, and his decision, he has the right to decide what he wants to do. It’€™s a free country and I respect him making the decision what’€™s best for him.”

Scott was still clearly focused on stories that have recently came out with him calling Fenway Park “a dump.” That, the 33-year-old, didn’t represent what he was trying to get across.

“It’€™s another circumstance where reporters have taken what I’€™ve said and twisted it. I’€™ve got no problems with Red Sox fans,” Scott said. “They support their team as good as any fan base in the game of baseball. The comments I made yesterday about Fenway Park, and people asked me asked me what I think about Fenway Park. The first thing I did is I went out of my ways to explain my appreciation for the park, and to explain I respect this facility and all the good memories and nostalgia. I can appreciate that. But that was not mentioned. They totally bypassed that.

“I went on to say as a fan Fenway Park is probably a pretty neat place to watch a game. It’€™s a stadium with a lot of character, but as a player coming here to work ‘€“ I’€™m not here as a fan, I’€™m here to do a job ‘€“ and for me to do my job, this place has seen it’€™s better days. Compared to the new stadiums, the new space that we have, the better facilities that we have around the country, this is not the best place to come. You ask anyone in this clubhouse, ask anyone from any other team, and they will they will say the exact same thing.

“I said as a player to come here to work it’€™s a dump, which it is. But they take that and say, ‘€˜What’€™s Luke Scott’€™s thoughts on Fenway?’€™ Oh, well it’€™s a dump. That, in itself is wrong, because that’€™s not what I said. A lot of time reporters want to create controversy, but I’€™m getting tired of it.”

The comments gained even more traction considering Scott’s previous criticism of Red Sox’ fans, explaining to MLB.com how gratifying it was to beat the Sox in the final game of the 2011 regular season because of his previous experiences with some of the fan-base.

That sentiment, he also said, didn’t represent his overall thoughts on the matter.

“Boston fans cheer their team. They are hard on the visiting players. I don’€™t expect them to be any different,” said Scott, who was heartily booed during the first two games of his team’s current series at Fenway. “If you say something controversial, or something is twisted in the paper, or not, they’€™re still going to get on you. But there is the majority of Boston fans who want to watch a good game, they want to support their team and they don’€™t want to be mean, or vulgar or nasty. I have a lot of friends who are Red Sox fans and they’€™re good people. They’€™re good people and they’€™re not there to bad-mouth people, or talk about their families. They’€™re not there for it. It’€™s not only Boston, it’€™s everywhere. You’€™re going to have fans like that.”

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