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Ryan Kalish (AP)

Ryan Kalish (AP)

Boston Red Sox center fielder Ryan Kalish can’t get a double by Tampa Bay Rays’ Jason Bartlett during the fourth inning of a baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston on Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2010. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

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  1. Dr. Jeff Says:

    2 words you NEVER want to hear: Intentional Grounding

  2. Dr. Jeff Says:

    2 words you NEVER want to hear: Intentional Grounding

  3. Policejen Says:

    The offense and coaching did enough to win. The secondary did NOTHING well from start to finish. Poor coverage, too many flags, and gave up too many big yardage plays. Terrible

  4. Rmc1744 Says:

    Offense squandered two trips inside 5 yard line with ZERO points and couldn’t pick up a 1st down on final possession

  5. Jhaversack7 Says:

    Quitting in 4th quarters…its a re-occuring theme that fans are getting fed up with.

  6. Rpoltak Says:

    Belichick can coach but he can’t draft our defensive backs are the worst, it has been that way for far too long, you just know they will give it up. Do we have any good athletes back there or are the defensive schemes too complicated to master.

  7. Wildwillboo Says:

    Crushed ! Go Hawks ! Physical beating. 

  8. 10-6 At Best Says:

    Is “All of The Above, And Then Some” an option?

    Let’s face it: the Patriots are PRETENDERS this year. Tom Brady is no longer clutch. Steve Gostcowski was never clutch. Bill Belichick is no longer a genious. The secondary is even worse than last year. 3 games lost when leading in the 4th quarter, 2 when winning BIG. And ZERO big 4th quarter comebacks that have defined the better years of the Brady/Belichick Era.

    This is like a Pete Carroll/Drew Bledsoe team from the late 90s. Expect to go 1 and Done in the Wild Card round of the Playoffs… assuming the Patriots make it that far.

  9. Tuffd Says:

    Prevent defense at end cause of big play, not secondary. Can’t. give quarter that much time…………

  10. glenn88 Says:

    Brady had some bad series, but he did move the ball against the #1 defense.  They should have been able to win with the performance of the offense.  The secondary deserves a grade of F-.  They are a terrible NFL secondary.  The team apparently can’t draft, develop or coach defensive backs.  Somebody needs to explain how Matt Patricia is still employed.  Where is the accountability for the last 3 years.    

  11. Zygote_mls2000 Says:

    3 straight running plays last time we had the ball……yeah, we didn’t gain any yards passing the ball…….throw the damn ball!!!!

  12. IrunFreebase Says:

    Josh McDaniels = Pats greatest enemy

  13. DevMcCourtyburntagain Says:

    Prevent defense, Prevents you from winning!

  14. Garyduke23 Says:

    It’s the play calling. I’m sick of them sitting on leads and try to run time off the clock. Do what has worked all game and the other team won’t have a chance to come back

  15. A1agutters Says:

    It sucks to say, but now I know how it feels to be a Cowboys fan

  16. Jmorelli60 Says:

    I agree totally . Their glori days are over

  17. Ajcradio Says:

    Pats Secondary is their Achillies Heel. After
    Today’s game it’s going to be obvious to other teams: beat the Pats by throwing deep.

    The coaching was arrogant and slipshod. It may be time to overhaul it ESP secondary. Watching the player interviews, it was obvious they are frustrated. Soon, that “frustration” is going to turn to “defeat.” Even the greatest coaches would have a hard Time fixing a “defeated” group of players.

  18. Lbarry1959 Says:

     The problem was that they don’t know how to play a prevent defense ( don’t give up a big play). That’s exactly what they did. They gave up a big play!
    That’s not a prevent defense. it’s just the opposite.

  19. Tsvikakohl Says:

    Tom needed to close the game and let the sec of the hook 
    He didnt , the same like Arizona and Bal 
    It might be the calls from the sidelines

  20. Lbarry1959 Says:

    I’m sorry to say that you are exactly right. This team doesn’t know how to close out a game. They don’t understand that a prevent defense is designed to not let the opponent score quickly. They do just the opposite .

    Brady is a shell of himself. 2 intentional groundings in one game is pathetic. Missed TD pass to a wide open Gronk in the end zone. Red zone interception. Unacceptable for a guy with his experience.

    A wasted timeout for too many men on the field. The list doesn’t end. Yes, their secondary struggles, but their defensive line sucks! No sacks all day.

  21. Kiernan Says:

    Next week they will make Mark Sanchez look like Johnny Unitas. THEY ARE EMBARRASSING.  Stupid coaching; can”t deliver in the clutch; Pop Warner B Team secondary. Can’t get to the quarterback; can’t stop anyone.  They are doing no where this year.

  22. Mike from Wellesley Says:

    Belichick almost always talks about “all phases of the

    Well this Sunday’s game was probably the worst in almost all
    phases of the game.


    Brady—Could be one of Tom Brady’s worst games. Not only the
    two picks but the two intentional grounding calls costing points (that would
    have won the game) at the end of Q2.


    Secondary—Absolutely horrible coverage. How many more years
    must we suffer with this situation?

    Coaching-Decision at end of Q2 to force a pass instead of kicking the field goal for low risk points.

    Patriots deserved to lose that game!!

  23. hauserlaw Says:

    To break out an old cliche, the Pats have to play 60 minutes.

  24. Gabe Says:

    Kick 2 FGs in the red zone and the Pats win the game.  You gotta take points against good defenses.  There absolutely no reason the ball should have been in the air on the Brady intentional grounding call and the pick inside the red zone.  

  25. old, bald and fat couch potato Says:

    Time to hire a defensive coordinator.

  26. Jpoultney8 Says:

    U guys on defense suck wake up and smell the champion ship

  27. Itvending Says:

    love to know the total yardage the secondary gave up in “pass interferance” that move the ball into scoring range….they gave up “more yards” than Seattle got themselves.    

  28. Itvending Says:

    got that right….all Seattle had to do was throw a “Hail Mary” pass deep and there was a good chance it didn’t even have to be caught because of a PASS INTERFERANCE coming….I’d rather see them lose 30-0 than they was they did !

  29. Itvending Says:

    I don’t know if it me or not, but it seems they are trying to SIT on leads rather than still “attacking”, even with a short time left on the clock (and it has not been working because our secondary is getting beat) …THE ONLY CONSOLATION…OUR DIVISION winner may get to playoff with a 9 and 7 record and finishing  first in our division even though a “smelllllllllly” record !  

  30. billsmafianh sucks Says:

    they go into stupid mode with a lead in the 4th. with this secondary you cant sit on a lead. we will lose 3 outta 4 that way

  31. Jeff S Says:

    woeful Red Zone execution, no clock management at end half  too many long balls. McDaniels tried to be too cute

  32. ConcernedFan Says:

    Do you think Tom really wants to play anymore?  The fire in the belly seems to be missing.  

  33. jaypop Says:

    two things,first as we all no they should fire the db coach, and never let bb draft another corner back.   Second when trying to kill clock , you don’t run on the first two downs and get to third and one and throw the f&&n ball.. 

  34. RICH Says:

    1-6 IN THE REDZONE   throwing picks in end zone ,please  defense only gave up 24 points 

  35. Guest Says:

    The coaches picked many DBs in the first three rounds over the last 5 years, so either the players are poor and the coaches can’t recognize a db if their season depended on it, or the players aren’t being coached either in techniques so that they find the ball or in schemes where they can be successful.  Too many years, too many poor defensive backfields.  Anyway you look at it, its on Bill.

  36. RICH Says:

    Brady’s worst game ? go back and watch the 2009 playoff game with the Ravens , when Brady took his team out of the game in the first 10 minutes with all  his INT’s and fumbles the game was gone before i sat down or his 2010 playoff  performance against the Jets when Sanchez outplayed him. 

    he’s had a bunch of bad games when it really counts. he;has more to do with  the reason why the patriots haven’t won 7 super bowls than winning 3 , 

      winning the super bowl really is  a 3 game championship with the PATS playing in the weakest division it’equals  2 home games every year , 

     like how hard compared to the other sports , too much made of  Brady being on a team that has won 3 super bowls if either manning brother was here they would have at least 7 

  37. Pat Oppedisano Says:

    Why was Brady so short on passes to the left flat? It  was one  of Brady,s worst games and I hope
    it’s not an indication of his declining ability.

  38. Patrickhopkins Says:

    I place alot of blame on the Offensive coaching. I don’t believe that it is Brady who makes the call to go for it with less than 10 seconds left in the first half, on 3rd down, instead of kicking the field goal.  I was screaming at my TV, wondering why they weren’t going for the field goal on 3rd down.

  39. Tomnotsoterrific Says:

    You can blame the secondary all you want they certainly deserve it but when is the last time you felt confident that Tom Brady could a lead the team down the field with 1 minute something left on the clock for even a game winning field goal attempt?  Forget about a touchdown!  Unfortunately, it’s looking to me like he’s just not clutch any more!  Be honest…1 minute 18 seconds, no timeouts, you need a field goal?….Rogers, Brees, (dare I say Eli), Peyton, or Brady?

  40. Flipfou Says:

    can I vote for all three???

  41. Tomnotsoterrific Says:

    Has any one else noticed that once we get up by a couple of scores the offense plays not to lose?  It reminds me of the prevent defense!…It prevents us from winning!

  42. WestEndGirl Says:

    Brady was called twice for intentional grounding and throwing an interception in the red zone.  Methinks something is up with Brady.  He can still put up numbers but his lack of mobility is hurting the team and wasting the young talent we have on offense.

  43. Tomnotsoterrific Says:

    Here’s a thought…since the secondary can’t cover anyone anyway why not take your chances and send the house!?  

  44. Bps2007 Says:

    No offense Pats fans but read this ..
    You are going with 10 $ PH secondary men who are named next to unknown. How do you want to pin all your hopes on them? On the other side of the ball you have people getting paid millions of dollar while being treated like God. Not even a single news can dare say that may be knowing about our impending secondary and defense may be as a Team Offense should have to finish it for them at least this time? Right? No one blames them for interceptions / inconsistency.

    Well I will tell you one thing about another team ( my team Dallas cowboys) where we are paying loott of money and drafts for making the best defense and still trashing our QB  for each and every miscue and  loss. The way dallas defense gets paid and plays  how much blame do you think they should share too than our offense?

  45. Chris Field Says:

    A lot of blame has to be apportioned to Matt Patricia.

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