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Kevin Youkilis on WAAF: Players ‘tired’ of redundant questions

06.22.12 at 8:30 pm ET

Red Sox infielder Kevin Youkilis joined WAAF’s Hill-Man Morning Show on Friday to discuss David Ortiz‘s frustration with the media and the atmosphere in the clubhouse. Youkilis said redundant media questions are frustrating players and not everyone in the clubhouse is happy. To listen to the interview, visit the WAAF audio page.

“The guys totally get along well,” Youkilis said. “Are guys upset here and there? Yeah, that’s how it happens every year. You’re never happy. There’s always guys that are frustrated with some situation, whether it be an injury, whether it be not playing [or] whether it be things at home. Guys aren’t happy at times. If you’re not winning everything is magnified beyond. It’s the worst thing ever.”

Even though Youkilis’ name has become synonymous with trade rumors, the 33-year-old is trying to stay happy.

“To say I’m having the greatest time of my life [wouldn’t be true],” Youkilis said. “I want to play every day and I want to play and I’m the first one to say my performance this year has stunk. As a way I feel like I’m finding my way of hitting and I just have to keep grinding away.”

Youkilis said Ortiz’s outlash at the media surprised him, but Youkilis understands where the frustration comes from.

“It gets tough,” Youkilis said. “In baseball you’re getting questions every day. In football you’re getting question twice a week, but [in baseball] every day they’re coming to you and hounding you with something.

The infielder said he hasn’t faced media problems like Ortiz has because he stopped talking to the media.

“I just stopped talking because enough’s enough,” Youkilis said. “You get tired of it. You’re just like, ‘This is the same question and I have no answer for you. I’m done. If they’re just going to keep asking it over and over again I just have to stop.’ ”

Added Youkilis: “I tell the guys just don’t talk. [If] you don’t feel like talking that day [then] just don’t talk. There’s nothing in your contract that says you have to talk. Guys can use Twitter. They’re in the method now where you can voice your [grievances] out to the public. I don’t condone it but [it’s an option].”

Youkilis said some frustration stems from misconceptions athletes have about the media.

“The thing that the athletes don’t understand is [the media is] not on your side,” Youkilis said. “They’re not your friends. They’re not there to help you in your career. They’re there to tell the story, get your quotes and throw their opinion to the fans. “They’re not there to make you look better. When you have a good game they’re going to say great stuff about you and when you have a bad game they’re going to say bad stuff about you, and that’s just the nature of the beast.”

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