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Adrian Gonzalez refutes claims made in report

08.15.12 at 8:09 pm ET

BALTIMORE ‘€“ Speaking to WEEi.com prior to the Red Sox‘€™ game against the Orioles Wednesday night at Camden Yards, Adrian Gonzalez said that the Yahoo! Story portraying the first baseman as a ring-leader in the players’€™ July 26 meeting with ownership was not factual.

‘€œThe source is inaccurate,’€ Gonzalez said. ‘€œit says that I was animated and one of the most vocal guys in the meeting, and that’€™s false.’€

When asked if he was surprised after reading the report, Gonzalez said, ‘€œAbsolutely, because, first of all, if somebody is going to try and be an unnamed source they better be right with whatever they say. This is putting our integrity and everything about us out there, and that’€™s just unfair. ‘€¦ I just know I was one of the least vocal guys there.’€

Gonzalez also reiterated what Red Sox principal owner John Henry wrote in an email earlier Wednesday, stating that it was Henry who called the three separate meetings ‘€“ with the players, coaches, and manager.

‘€œYeah, he did,’€ the first baseman said when asked if Henry organized the meeting.

Gonzalez also refuted the report’€™s premise that part of the meeting was in order to force Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine out of the door, while downplaying any sort of rift between the player and manager.

‘€œDistractions are not a reason why we lose,’€ Gonzalez said. ‘€œWe’re professionals and we’re groomed to understand it’s part of the game, and we need to be above that. Whether I do good on the field has nothing to do with what’s written about me. When I step on the field I’m focused on winning the game. I had a discussion with Bobby about that today. He knows exactly what happened. He knows the truth. I don’t know why this all of a sudden becomes something because this happened a month ago. So it’s all been cleared, and now somebody decides to write it. It’s already old.

‘€œI think we’re all getting accustomed to Bobby. I’ve told this to John Henry, I’ve told this to Ben Cherington, and I’ve told it to Bobby, I think he’s a good manager. Nobody faults him for losing, and that’s unfair.’€

Gonzalez did relay the frustrations of the team in regards to dealing with such reports, a similar concern that was passed along Tuesday night by David Ortiz and others.

‘€œJust like every story around here, there are parts that are true, and parts that are false,’€ Gonzalez said. ‘€œI think it’s wrong for the fans to get half of a story, half of the truth. Our focus has been to just go out and play ball and just worry about baseball. Things like this come up that we have to respond to, but at the end of the day it’s about playing ball.

‘€œEvery story has it’s significance. Ballplayers get frustrated when things aren’t 100 percent accurate, because then it’s just making people perceive things that aren’t true. We care about the fans, the Boston people, Red Sox Nation, so if something is to come out we want it to be 100 percent honest. When it’s not it doesn’t put anybody in a good spot.’€

And what does Gonzalez believe is going to stop what has seemed like a non-stop wave of drama throughout the 2012 season?

‘€œEverything ends with winning. Everything ends with production,’€ he said. ‘€œWe make a run like we want to, like we’re striving for, this will all be on the back-burner at the end of the day. If we don’t, it will be part of the reason why and that’s unfortunate because us here in the clubhouse are focused on winning, focused on preparation and focused on doing everything we can to win. These are all side-notes that take away from our main goal.’€

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