Closing Time: Jon Lester dominates, Pedro Ciriaco unstoppable as Red Sox beat Yankees » 081812_lester

Jon Lester won his second consecutive start on Saturday. (AP)

Jon Lester won his second consecutive start on Saturday. (AP)

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  1. Bruinman86 Says:

    Funny how they leave, then fail, then come back. It’s like a broken record….

  2. ih8sno Says:

    hmmm, sounds like someone’s being groomed for a spot soon to be opened in the coming years.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Paving the way for the return of Romeo?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I would love to see Romeo come back as DC.  Patricia has not done a great job. The defense has improved after BB got involved personally. Having Romeo back would help alot and allow BB to run the team rather than have to spend more time with the defense.

  5. Sespsort3 Says:

    why??  is josh going somewhere.

  6. Email Says:

    HC when the hooded one leaves

  7. Werwer Says:

    They should bring back Eric Mangini as Defensive Coordinator.

  8. Anonymous Says:

     If he’s an OC, what does this say about the possibility of McDaniels bolting within the next year?

  9. Raghu Says:

    Why again bring in someone just before a big game? It didnt work out when Josh came in the playoffs last year as we didnt do much in scoring in the SB against the Giants. Cant they wait till the season is over? They have managed so long, which has got us to the AFC Championship game, why add another hand now??!!

  10. Schwank Says:

    I don’t think it’s any of that.  The guy is out of a job, he left on good terms, they obviously like him so they a hiring him now so he doesn’t go elsewhere while they are in the playoff hunt.  They’ll likely give him a title after the playoff conclude.  Nothing more thatn that, a talented coach worth hiring.

  11. Schwank Says:

    One more thought…..have him help out on special teams.  All of a sudden that appears to be a problem.  Cost us the SF game and made yesterday’s game far closer scorewise than the game itself.  One could argue that 10-13 points resulted from those returns.  Thing that has me worried is that the old Parcells line …”you are what you are”  may be true here.  They may just have ineffective KO return guys.  I remember back in the 80′s BC couldn’t cover a kickoff.  Literally game in game out same thing.  Back then it was a speed issue.  This might be a discipline ….stay in your lanes … type thing.  I think it’s fixable.  One other point, they dressed two different guys who returned from injury  and they were on that team.  Perhaps it had something to do with it.  Film doesn’t lie, so if they can they will fix it.

  12. AlsoGuest Says:

    For returns don’t forget – they are missing Edelman… I assume if the first kickoff against the Ravens goes wrong, you will see regulars back there, Ninkovich or Mayo. Yesterday when Ninkovich was a part of kickoff coverage team, they did very well.

  13. trollhunter Says:

    WHAT ? did you fall and hit your head

  14. Chrisindanvers Says:

    Interesting move. Obviously he was well liked when he was here, even if he became part of the Eric Mangini migration that did not go over so well in Foxboro. Does make you wonder why the move is done now and if it is an indication that other things might be happening.

    However, BB is often known for his due diligence with players and it appears he has been doing due diligence with past coaches during the last two years. I think it is great to bring back coaches who worked well and BB may have him pegged to work with the wide receivers, which he did a great job with. Because this team has not been able to develop its own drafted wide receiver since he has left – Julian Edelman being the closest to such a thing – he just might be the one to improve that.

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