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  1. NE1935 Says:

    So far so good. Not hurt yet!!!!!!

  2. Bruinman86 Says:

    Sounds like a promising player. But it is the summer league, so let’s not get too excited.

  3. EarnLikeAPro.com Says:

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  4. NE1935 Says:

    You never know. I remember the headlines when Red drafted Cowens,
    DAVE WHO??????????? Red answered he hustles!

  5. Marshonfan Says:

    While it is only Summer League action, you can tell that Olynyk can play. How much/well awaits to be seen. My guess is that outside the drafted players we see Phil Pressey and Tony Mitchel invited to the big camp. While Johnson-Odom and J Granger may get an invite from another team.

  6. MintyMint Says:

    Awesome! The Celtics Summer League team made the playoffs!

  7. Red Says:

    Wasn’t Bird labeled…”not explosive, can’t jump but has jump shot and excellent basketball IQ………just saying. This kid is wearing the same label…….

  8. kozlodoev Says:

    Yeah, and so did Adam Morrison and countless other before him.

  9. jsspam Says:

    KO jump shot is no where near birds or Dirk. Do you guys watch any games before making those kind of comments?

  10. RodfromCranston Says:

    How many of these asinine comments are simply because Olynyk is white, and not a Euro white player?
    This kid will be a good player. Love the clowns who’ve probably never seen him play slamming the guy.

  11. jsspam Says:

    Ive watched him at Gonzaga and all 3 pre season games. Right now i think people are over rating him. Let see how his game translates when hes up against athletic and talented defenders.. I think hes going to struggle for a while.

  12. Fab4ever Says:

    This guy will be a complete failure in the NBA. Sure, he looks good against stiffs and wannabes, but this ain’t the real NBA kid. I played hoop at a pretty high level, and my opinion is more valid than the rest of yours

  13. MintyMint Says:

    OK. You win. You played hoop at a high level.

  14. Altin Robinson Says:

    Love how ppl discredit what hes done that dude is ballin and showing good intangibles look at the other draft picks their playing the same level of competition and their struggling go talk about trey burke or oladipos bad game

  15. Kwame Olowokandi Says:

    A pretty high level…You probably were a STAR on your 6th grade Summer Rec League team & dominated as a JuniorSenior & on your high school’s Junior Varsity team!!! You AssClown!!!

  16. Bruinman86 Says:

    Nice. My father met Dave about 25 years back. Really nice guy in person.

  17. jsspam Says:

    the big difference here is KO is 7ft tall. That makes a huge diff when your playing against lesser competetion.. not so much in the actual nba.

  18. Altin Robinson Says:

    Lol the reason hes playing so good because hes 7 ft what other 7 footer in this summer league with that advantage averaging 19.7 and 7 rebounds & trey burke is horrible imagine him against a drose dwill chris paul kyrie westbrook rondo tony steph come on that kid gon get dragged

  19. jimbozz59 Says:

    typical Boston fans, think they r smarter than real bb people

  20. GoB's Says:

    With a name like Fab4ever you opinion is suspect

  21. PeterMcClelland Says:

    Sounds like a serious case of optimism run amuck!

  22. vision Says:

    He shows some serious post moves for a big guy. I still wish he would get a hair cut je looks sort of Bill Waltonish in the 70′s

  23. Typical Boston Fan Says:

    Bill Russel 2.0 BABY!!!!

  24. Tony Clifton Says:

    Basketball Jesus is back!

  25. Tony Clifton Says:

    He’s not white. He’s Canadian.

  26. RodfromCranston Says:

    That’s THE most ignorant thing I’ve read in a long time.

  27. Underground fan Says:

    Ok ok slow down,, everyone,, it’s SUMMER LEAGUE,,, he should look good he’s playing against the same guys he was in college. Hint this league is for draft picks,
    And RURFA…
    WAS HE WORTH 13 , if he could not play against these guys…

  28. tired of dumb fans Says:

    Hey, back off, he played at a REALLY high level! Show Fab some respect

  29. tired of dumb fans Says:

    You forgot to add…. Nah Nah Na Nah NAh!

  30. Tom DeMille Says:

    The competition is obviously not NBA quality.. but… court sense, passing, shooting, and the way he moves for a 7 footer, that is all pretty translatable to the NBA… he is going to be good, if not really good. And his shooting range and stroke are impressive. Danny Ainge really excels at drafting, in particular finding guys a bit under the radar and grabbing em… this picks reminds me of Rondo pick..

  31. Tom DeMille Says:

    lol… nice…. that kind of attitude proves to me that your opinion is much less valuable. He is playing against the BEST college players that are not high draft picks, so it’s a step up from college, also court vision, passing, and hitting jumpers with range… doesn’t matter who else is on the court, an open jumper is an open jumper… he won’t be as good rebounding in the NBA is my guess, and his up and under movers might not work as well, but his passing and shooting and court sense will translate well…

  32. Tom DeMille Says:

    I’m excited… I’m not saying he is next Bird.. but dominating the summer league in scoring… that’s not bad news :)

  33. Bruinman86 Says:

    No, it can’t hurt. He’s supposed to have a pretty high basketball IQ to go with his skill set.

  34. princeman26 Says:

    Something tells me this Fab is an imposter…. Krusty, is that you reaching out from Mommy’s basement? Always stirring the pot, schmo.

  35. Larry Joe Bird Says:

    Actually I thought it was pretty clever.

  36. pft829 Says:

    Sorry Fab never heard of You.

  37. MDABE80 Says:

    I put the Celts on a long treadmill for research purposes……it was mid 70′s. The guy wore it out. Cowans was the worst. we turned the treadmill off at 25 minutes……..he could have gone for hours.
    Hey and bet wishes on Kelly O. Nice kid. I am a Zag Grad. He’s a very nice humble kid. We out here in the NW have big hopes for him. Abe

  38. slow white guy Says:

    Very very astute observation.

  39. slow white guy Says:

    who rondo?

  40. Derek Lee Says:

    I wouldn’t discredit it, but I would hold back a bit before crowning him the next Dirk. We’re not talking about the actual NBA here. I am pretty excited about the year Sullinger should have.

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