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Texas GM Jon Daniels said that he continues to view Elvis Andrus as a core player. (AP)

Texas GM Jon Daniels said that he continues to view Elvis Andrus as a core player. (AP)

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  1. Bruinman86 Says:

    Any bets the Pats come calling?

  2. guest Says:

    Maybe the Pats should sign him! At least he wouldn’t take out any more of our guys….. Just sayin.

  3. Tommy12 Says:

    If you can’t beat him, sign him!

  4. Schwank Says:

    He’s just a head hunter.  Needs a strong supporting cast to thrive.  He’s really bounced around.  So in other words he’s usually the final piece of the puzzle for teams. 

    That whole team is being dismantled.  Funny too, because Ozzie Newsome has a good rep for managing his teams.  Perhaps they went “all in” last year and it paid off. 

  5. Ty Says:

    There’s always practice! Yikes… but in all seriousness, I think the Patriots have needed someone like him in the backfield since Rodney Harrison retired… so it may be in the cards.  I’m not sure how great a fit it would be since there’s some negative comments he’s made about the Patriots in the past, but people can change their attitudes quickly.  If the Jets sign this guy, I’m gonna flip out though lol.

  6. Ih8sno Says:

    This guy sucks!  He’ll end up on the Jets.

  7. Bad Media Hype Says:

    Grab him….they haven’t had a punisher in that secondary since Rodney Harrison….just be sure he doesn’t injure anyone in practice.

    Before you think you hate him too much to have him on the team think about how you felt about Harrison before he became a Patriot

  8. Daysofthenew Says:

    THEY MUST SIGN HIM NOW!  What a presence he would be!

  9. Bob_Ryan Says:

    The Patriots should sign him since they need that hard hitting intimidator they have been missing since Rodney retired

  10. Keebs Says:

    Why do they always talk about him still when mentioning Welker’s ACL injury. The guy had nothing to do with it. 

    Why wouldn’t they try signing him? We’re so thin at DB as it is. They need a force back there.

  11. Willco44 Says:

    Besides being a “grade A” jerk, Pollard really hasn’ t been anything more than a Patriot’s jinx!…I don’t see where any of those incidents which resulted in Patriot’s players injuries were really anything more than unfortunate circumstances for those players.

  12. Srogan12 Says:

    the guy hits like a truck…the secondary needs an intimidating force

  13. Derek Lee Says:

    First they make Flacco filthy rich, then trade away their best receiver, and get nothing in return. Now they cut their young safety. Have they gone batsh!t?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    They were in cap trouble before they gave Flacco all that money.  Granted not a lot of his money is due this year, but they can’t sign people longer term without getting into serious cap jail.   Bottomline:  they better hope Flacco’s worth it.

  15. Ljmel Says:

    Not so fast!  Remember that they practice every day.

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