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Cody Ross (right) is likely looking for a deal along the lines of the deal signed last winter by former teammate Josh Willingham. (AP)

Cody Ross (right) is likely looking for a deal along the lines of the deal signed last winter by former teammate Josh Willingham. (AP)

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  1. RobDX Says:

     Glad he is gone, and honestly I have held this belief that he should be let go for a year.

  2. Francis D Pride Hiraldo Says:

    big mistake to not bring welker back #WTF

  3. Ty Says:

    Time to engage in “the backup plan”, Patriots.  It’s times like this when you wonder if the guys in the front office know what they’re doing, but this puzzle that is the Patriots 2013 roster has a long way to go before it’s completed, so I’ll reserve judgement until then.  I wish it could have worked out with Wes, but if both sides really wanted to get a deal done, it would have happened.  Hopefully something great can come out of this.  I have faith that Brady and company can once again show that they are able to adapt and be productive no matter what the pieces are.

  4. James Linscott Says:

    this realy sucks..i am a raider fan and now the broncos are going to be tough

  5. guest Says:

    i am not. this is a mistake.

  6. CAPatsFan Says:

    Rumors of a 2-yr. deal at $10-11mil per, floating around Denver. If this is true, no way the Pats pay a slot receiver that kind of coin.

  7. Troll Hunter Says:

    Very curious to see the numbers. Must be over 10 million per with the signing bonus because a 2 year deal would seem to have been perfect for the Patriots.

  8. Snoops Says:

    Yeah, glad he’s gone if the Pats can somehow figure out a way to get either Voctor Cruz or Greg Jennings and Danny Amendola. Otherwise who’s Brady going t throw the ball to when every creampuff on the team is hurt again.

    Big mistake BB.

  9. Kbksi Says:

    Typical Pats fans…the guys sets all sorts of records, the epitome of blood and guts player, now they will diss him on his way out. Just watch. Unreal. He was a great player who deserved to be treated better than they treated O NO Cinco…. How is this gonna sound from Robert Kraft now “as long as he’s not looking for the bottom dollar”, LOL..ya but it’s OK for YOU to look for the bottom dollar eh Robert? Hey Tom B, how’s it feel to be played the sucker? Oh ya, he don’t care he now has personal business interests with RK.

  10. Vh588083 Says:

    Are you kidding me, the Patriots couldn’t/wouldn’t give him more thnt the 2 year/$6million per contract that Denver offered…

  11. Jeffsharlamo Says:

    are you serious. he was seriously mistreated by the patriots. they never wanted him back and made that obivious. hopefully they get the same production out of whoever replaces him. why did Brady revise his contract. is he really Welker’s friend I don’t think so although this is a business.

  12. Richard Dugdale Says:

    Will he convince Peyton to consider hair restoration with Dr. Leonard?

  13. Gray Says:

    the ray allen version of the patriots

  14. Ortsbean Says:

    we never won a Super Bowl with him

  15. Jbirky22 Says:

    2yrs thats it Pats couldnt put together a better friggin deal, sad. Time to friggin step up and do some work most guys dont take a discount pay some friggin people


    i just saw ESPNBOSTOn…$12MM for two years. $6MM/year..are you F****G kidding me!!! Now don’t get me wrong, no way do i give Welker $9/$11MM but for $6MM a season. So hey..BOB KRAFT are you telling us, Pats Fans, that you can’t afford Welker for $6mm a season!!! 

    You’re a BLATANT LIAR in telling us you “really” wanted him to retire a Patriot..F.U!!!! what a joke!!!!

  17. Pissed Off Says:


  18. Rilawman Says:

    I stand corrected, 6 million a year, that’s it.  This is BS!!  I was fine with letting him go if it was 9 a year, but 6.  They better have another plan!!!  3300 for season tickets, they better spend it!!

  19. Bosox4 Says:

    they need to get Cruz from the Giants and move hernandez to the slot.
    Interesting to hear what BraDY WILL SAY ABOUT ALL OF THIS

  20. what Says:

    they gave a lot of money to the TEs and they couldn’t even give Welker a 2 year deal….i heard for 12 mil…..thats disrespect for a guy that hasn’t really showed any signs of slowing down and he carried the passing game a lot this year.  I can’t believe this is just Kraft not wanting to pay that little amount.  Can’t wait to see who they do find worthy enough to spend money on.  4-5 year deal, i get it, but 2 years! 

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Pats knew they would go with 4 tight ends, moving hernandez to the slot.  Now it looks like Cribbs is going to be the outside speed they have sorely missed since Moss left.  $$$$$ is going to be spent on that porous secondary.  I think those 2 superbowl drops never left the minds of BB and RK.  Good luck Wes with your 50 – 60 catches from Peyton.

  22. Pats Says:

    Wow just wow.

  23. Jonny CC Says:

    2 years for $12 mil so he didn’t sign for the money.  This is another Ray Allen-like FU.

  24. JOSievers Says:

    Wes was a great player for us!  Time to move on and not be thinking championships all the time.  My heart will actually be soothed by not expecting so much from this team week in and week out. The run was nice while it lasted.  Too bad Brady got played for a fool and will have nobody to throw to now. I hope they can rebuild the defense, but it is difficult to rise up from bottom of the pack within the time frame Brady has left.  It will take years!  Guess I will be watching football without a care in the world again.

  25. ......still not happy Says:

    still mad, but I initially thought 2 years 12 mil, not 2 years 11mil PER year

  26. trollhunter Says:

    This just inn Welker jersey”s 50% off at the patriots pro shop!

  27. Reallypissed Says:

    Scott Peoli is to the Patriots :: Larry Lucchino is to the Red Sox :: Harry Sinden was to the Bruins :: Rick Pitino was to the Celtics


  28. Real PF!! Says:

    Pat’s fans are so FOS!!  If they signed him for 12m for 2 years this would have been a Belichick & Kraft genius move but because he’s gone he’s a over the hill bum!!  You all need to wake up this is on the advise of that little rat Josh McDaniels who tried not to use him at the beginning of the season… how did that work out fans?  BUT we have to remember how good McDaniels was in Denver so confidence is the word of the day!  Plan B is……..

  29. ScoopBurton Says:

    Pats fans saying they are glad he is gone are deluding themselves…This guy was a true team player who tolerated being treated like a 3rd stringer by management. Good luck replacing this guy…and with the rest of the top notch receivers the Pats have.

  30. Rjprice9 Says:

    Not really disappointed with this move.  Unlike the Red Sox, the Patriots don’t pay for past performance but for what the player can offer for the present/future contract.  Hate to tell you this but Welker is replaceable.  VERY replaceable.  If the Patriots had tied up 8-10 million of cap space this year and for the next few years, they would have been unable to “improve” for the last go round with Brady.  The Patriots needed (and still need) to find a fix for teams that sit in the 5-15 yard range and re-signing Welker wouldn’t have fixed that problem.  Now they just need to do it!

  31. ScoopBurton Says:

    You hit the nail on the head….Bob Kraft is as phoney as they come…Strong arms everyone

  32. Brady's Binky Says:

    what is this obsession with Danny Amendola, he can’t stay healthy, Greg Jennings isn’t gonna help.  6 million a friggin year and we couldnt’ afford that. we just franchised him last year for 9 million. most productive receiver in Patriots History, Brady fixes his contract for us to sign him and others and we do nothing. This team is cheap, cheap, cheap.

  33. ScoopBurton Says:

    Ray Allen got a great contract offer and ran…Wes got low balled….Get the facts right

  34. Derek Lee Says:

    Good riddens, you drop artist, in the clutch. Look forward to see more of Edelman, and Hernandez in the slot.

  35. CAPatsFan Says:

    What probably happened is that WW (and his agent) received the Pats offer and shopped it around. Denver had a little cap space and made their offer just over what the Pats offered. WW gets what he wants and the Pats have more money to spend in areas/positions they need real help with (DBs, and/or rush-linemen). Plus, it looks like Amendola is on the verge of signing with them too.

  36. Chonor0713 Says:

    Reports are Brady is absolutely BS.  I hope he retires and says FU to the pats.

  37. what Says:

    for the money and years he is by far the best deal out there as far as receivers IMO.  Welker’s physical abilities will not decline in the next two years.  He’s not old and he keeps himself in great shape.  How old was Troy Brown when he started to really lose a step or two, and Welker is a better athlete….one of the quickest(didn’t say fastest), and toughest for that matter, players out there.  Players with much less talent, including some that may end up on the patriots, will be getting similar or better deals.

  38. wow Says:

    but that amount of money and years is nothing for a 31 year old top receiver that has yet to show signs of slowing down and I’m pretty sure he’ll still be good at 32-33.

  39. Richard Costa Says:

    Remember the first two games last year when they didn’t want to use him? How did that work out? Welcome to next year.

  40. Bosox4 Says:

    half that. 5-6 per year. Pats clearly did not want him. Hope that they have a plan to get Victor Cruz and some help on defense or they will have a major PR problem

  41. Willco44 Says:

    The Pats ,Kraft family and smug,spoiled and self righteous Bill Belichek have “jumped the shark”…arrogant A-holes!

  42. Bosra Says:

    Peyton and Wes deadly combo, don’t understand Patriot thinking 

  43. ILoveHockey Says:

    THIS JUST IN- Wes Welker was very productive, BUT the Pats never won a title with his production- they won titles when they had a balanced offense and a better than average defense. Time to get back to that!!!!

  44. Gazzzmann Says:

    Ktaft was a class act Now he’s a cheap liar

  45. Willco44 Says:

    Yah…lol…look forward to them f*ckin’ up their routes and pissin’ Brady off!…that’s when they can get on the field in between being injured and on the trainers table!

  46. Bosox4 Says:

    you need the facts straight. Allan took much less to go to Miami AND he has a very sick child who was getting superior medical attention in Boston that can’t be replicated in Miami In the case of Welker, he was disrespected because they clearly want to go a different way with hernandez in the slot and spend money on a fast wide receiver and defense

  47. Jday Says:

    Dont get it how do replace talent like that a “yes man” that sacrafices his body for the will to win. Nobody in the league has that type of mentality and ability to stay on the field like Wes, i dare for someone to name anyone that can replace him apples to apples. Very disgruntled Pats fan at this moment!!!

  48. Willco44 Says:

    yup…Julian Edelman to the rescue!…I can’t even type it with a straight face!

  49. jj Says:

    anyone is tough for the raiders

  50. Hutch708 Says:

    Terrible mistake, one that Pats will pay dearly for!

  51. whitey Says:

    What planet are you on??  Scott Pioli??  He has been gone for a while knucklehead!!  The Pats should be ashamed of themselves for the way they handled this guy!!  They could’nt pay him 6 million per year??  I have to say that I am getting fed up with the “Patriot Way” crap that they have been feeding us!!! Here we are, almost two days gone in free agency, and they sign ONE!!!  I really hope they have something in the works, because I am starting to lose faith in their decision making!!!!

  52. Linda Austin Says:

    Have fun passing the ball to Gronk and Hernandez IF/WHEN they’re on the field.
    Brady must be so angry right now.

  53. NE Sports11 Says:

    I agree, I’m a huge Welker fan and there is nobody tougher than he is. Not many character guys on the Pats any longer and I’m not a big fan of McDaniels or Belichick. 

  54. Schwank Says:

    Wow.  As someone who has banged the drum that he’ll back I’m surprised and if it’s 2 years 12 mil or or some iota of that then that’s even more surprising.  Then i guess Lloyd must be gone too huh?   I dunno.  Parcell’s and that whole regime never valued WR’s never.  BB obviously is the same way.  They value TE’s more.  My only thing is it seems 1/2 the guys that play WR can’t figure out the [playbook.  Either they are all stupid or it’s too hard.  That said, maybe now they go and get three guys for the price of one.  Frankly, I thought Amendola woukld get even more than that.

  55. CAPatsFan Says:

    This is a good point. But I believe WW/agent were a bit non-plussed about the low offer. So they took the next offer over what the Pats offered. I’m almost sure the Pats would have matched (or maybe bettered it) but I heard WW/agent were given a short timeline to respond to Denver’s offer. Yes, a loss but not as big as some have mentioned here. Especially if they get Amendola (or someone like him). Edelman (and his potential) might even be a barely acceptable replacement too.

  56. concerned fan Says:

    Seriously considering giving up my season tix. The patriots have one of the highest ticket prices. If they are not going to spend it on top talent (not second rate talent) then I am not going to pay the high prices which include high prices for parking. They are now the fourth best team in the AFC behind Denver, Houston and Indy. 

  57. BobsBrokenBelt Says:

    Scott Pioli? Really? Really?

  58. jj Says:

    Who wants to bet the Patriots make the playoffs, heck even bet that they make the AFC Champ without him? Its all about defense people. I love Welker but come on. Take that money and PLEASE get some real defense.

  59. Ross Mellon Says:

    we are screwed now

  60. Dewey Says:

    Hey Denver: We’ll trade you Ortiz for him!

  61. MIZRBL Says:

    Ok gentlemen settle down. Pioli hasn’t been the Gm for years. Bill is the acting Gm. I would assume that it was their intention all along to let Welker go. Franchise last year, no extension this year during the season and you are all surprised??? They have a plan what it is we will find out but it is obvious that Welker was not included in it. Valueable asset, sure handed 99.9% of the time but with the way this offense is built and the other parts that are now showing they are a viable commodity Welker was expendable.

  62. Robert Larkin Says:

    I’m sure he’ll do fine in Denver but hopefully they’ll buy a defense with some of that money

  63. Schwank Says:

    note to wow.  Both Brown and Welker are great football players but to say the Welker is a better athlete is highly subjective and strongly debatable.  Brown, in his day had some great moves and quite frankly was a better deep threat.  No disrespect to Welker. 

    I guess they are coming to the conclusion and asked the question… many SB’s did we win with Wes?  I know that’s harsh because the two losses to the Giants could easily have been wins and the earlier SB victories could very well have been losses.  But that’s all in the past.  Methinks that the decsion was based on this past year’s results.  They will do things differently and go the Edelman way perhaps like they originally intended.  They need a heck of alot more …..more than Josh Cribbs …….to get back though.

  64. ScoopBurton Says:

    So you are saying that Allen sacrificed the best medical care for his son so he could sign with Miami?

  65. Donald Wood Says:

    GREAT players catch the ball when there are 4:06 minutes left on the clock in the Super Bowl and they are 20 yards from the end zone with no one around them.

    Welker? Not quite.

  66. Old formula Says:

    When Ballard was on Giants the Pats could not stop him down the middle. Bigger and stronger than Gronk. Hernadez is working all off season with Brady. Will be his new Welker. Pats won three
    SB’s with a strong defense.

    Time to get back to what worked.

  67. jj Says:

    The difference between the Patriots Ownership, Coaching staff and the fans is that they know its a business and don’t get emotionally attached like us. We love Welker and how he played, but come on, Brady is the one that gave Welker a name and this offense will find a way to be top 5 without him. I want to see the money go towards DEFENSE.

  68. jj Says:

    I’d rather have a #5 offense and #5 defense than a #1 offense and a #20 defense.

  69. jj Says:

    How do you drop easy balls at crucial times?

  70. ScoopBurton Says:

    I just saw white smoke coming out of Gillette Stadium!

  71. pete from pebble Says:

    oy vey bill..we need to see some white smoke

  72. Anonymous Says:

    Lets all get over this Welker stuff. If the Pats wanted him I’m sure they put the cash out there. But when greed starts to control, then bye-bye. Welker definitly has a bug up his butt against the Pats. Why???? Ah, it was Gisele’s words that never left Wes’s brain, in that Super Bowl loss.
    Time to move on, I’m sure that money will be put to good use. Bring on the Bronco’s….

  73. Schwank Says:

    one more thing….I like Amendola…but for whatever reason,… he happens to sign with the Pat’s for more  $$$$ then I’ll be pissed.

  74. Mvoniderstine6 Says:

    Bob Kraft  You make me sick, you cheap SOB! You screw everybody with low offers because you think it’s an honor to play for your team. Always looking to pocket the difference right Bob! Just how much money is enough for you anyway?  You are so damn cheap it’s nauseating!  Now I know how you got to be a Billionaire. 

  75. Sting4402003 Says:

    Bill Belajerk!!!!!!!= dumb. The second best player on the team and for only 6 mil a year dumb. Denver’s missing piece just got solved. Denver 31 pats 10 Bill get the hell out of new england you have destroyed a once mighty team full of allstars

  76. Sting4402003 Says:

    Bill Belajerk!!!!!!!= dumb. The second best player on the team and for only 6 mil a year dumb. Denver’s missing piece just got solved. Denver 31 pats 10 Bill get the hell out of new england you have destroyed a once mighty team full of allstars

  77. Cooidgesweet Says:

    Big mistake NE… I’ll always stay true to being a Pats fan but seriously!!!

  78. Cooidgesweet Says:

    Big mistake NE… I’ll always stay true to being a Pats fan but seriously!!!

  79. Mike Says:

    This management feels that they can win even if they put together a team of Division 3 players. One the the richest teams out there but they refuse to spend  the money to keep this team as strong as it can be.  The Dolphins are at least trying to compete by going out and picking up some key players. It has been proven that Brady can’t do it by himself. Stop Brady and they stop the Pats…every team in the league knows this.

  80. Mike Says:

    This management feels that they can win even if they put together a team of Division 3 players. One the the richest teams out there but they refuse to spend  the money to keep this team as strong as it can be.  The Dolphins are at least trying to compete by going out and picking up some key players. It has been proven that Brady can’t do it by himself. Stop Brady and they stop the Pats…every team in the league knows this.

  81. Sting4402003 Says:

    Danny Amendola? what drugs have you been sniffing ,Hurt all the time

  82. Sting4402003 Says:

    Danny Amendola? what drugs have you been sniffing ,Hurt all the time

  83. Nicole Palladino Says:

    Now Brady will be exposed for the fraud he is, and Peyton will win another SB…

  84. vinnieragu Says:

    Not a surprise.  Wes has made it clear that money is much more important than being a member of the Patriots.  I wonder how he’s going to deal with the wonderful Denver weather and atmosphere.  May the higher elevation may make him think more clearly than he did when here over the last year.  Bill on the other hand is not one who takes words or behavior out of the straight line without disdain so maybe a parting of the ways is the best for both parties.  Although Wes was productive I’ll never forgive him for the passes he didn’t catch or dropped in critical playoff or superbowl games.

  85. UPose Says:

    yeah–but pretty boy brady hasn’t won a super bowl without adam vinitari saving his sorry overrated a**–hey pats fans wake up and smell the coffee–brady and belichick are living in the last decade and i guarantee they will NEVER win another SB–TB is just a stat padding system QB.

  86. SeattleBlaze Says:

    Maybe they did offer – maybe Welker just didn’t want to come back. 

  87. Sting4402003 Says:

    I am Pats fan for 40 years and I tell ya, I am sick of seeing talent like this leave. I hate belajerk, and have hated him since he was hired. He thinks he is God, and he is far from it. Denver will destroy  the Pats next year

  88. Everyone Says:

    Moving on now…..

  89. Wilsonfloors Says:


  90. vinnieragu Says:

    Hey “really pissed”.  Did you know that Scott Pioli has been gone for years and was in KC until fired this year?

  91. chino7294 Says:

    Good for him. He saw the Pats wanted nothing to do with him. I’ll be rooting for Welker in Denver.

  92. benchwarmer Says:

    When Krafty can willingly cover his buttocks with his g.m. you know Krafty believes ” In Bill We Trust”

  93. Schwank Says:

    Highly unlikely he did win 3 SB’s before WW even got hear.  He’s no fraud.

  94. Sting4402003 Says:

    Your analysis is wrong, Why would wes have any problems in denver. The atmosphere your high.

  95. Anonymous Says:

    this is not good…mr. dependable is now catching passes from p. manning, ouch!

  96. Anonymous Says:

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  97. eli Says:

    told you pats jock sniffers last week he was going to denver with peyton

  98. Anonymous Says:

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  99. Shawn Says:

    the broncos had the best record in football last year, weren’t they tough then?

  100. Cozyjoe Says:

    Does anyone know exactly what the Patriots DID offer that compelled Welker to accept 2 years at $6mil each?

  101. Derek Lee Says:

    I want them to take that money, and sign another stud corner, opposite of Talib.
    Don’t care about Welker. Those open drops he had, in both superbowls, . She chokes when it matters.

  102. Sinjiny Says:

    The arrogance of this team never stops to amaze me. First you get rid of the best deep threat ever,
    then you get rid of the best slot ever. 

  103. Bruinman86 Says:

    Well, As much as I enjoyed having him here,  the change can be good.  It’s all gonna depend on what the pats doe to replace him and if they actually use the savings to beef up the defense.  As it is, they already have a ton of money invested in Brady, Mankins, Gronk and Hernandez.  Time to shift some of that back towards the Defense.  That same defense that has cost them year after year, regardless of how many points the offense could muster. Good luck to Welker, just not against us.

  104. Roger Says:

    This again proves that Belichek is way overrated.     Without Brady  Belichek would be mediocre at best.

  105. H Bouley Says:

    What I hate is Bob Kraft coming out and saying how much he wants Welker to retire as a Patriot. Just another owner who LIES and LIES. What Brady should have done was make the restructuring of his contract dependant on Welker re-signing with the Pats. Obviously Kraft cant be trusted.

  106. Brian Mielcarz Says:

    SIGN TALIB or Pollard or Reed or (ANYONE OF VALUE for the secondary already).  I can lose watching Welker catch as long as I don’t have to watch every offense in the NFL toast our secondary!!

  107. Brian Mielcarz Says:

    I agree.  The entire NFL knew what we would do offensively the scheme was old.  Time to get fresh faces and go back to a ball control offense with an actual defense that can make 3rd down stops and turnovers.

  108. Typical Boston Fan Says:

    If they upgrade teh defense in a massive way, then I dont care what offensive player short of tom brady leaves.

  109. Bmsmull Says:

    They just paid him 10 mil for one year hellllllooooo

  110. Brady's Binky Says:

    Why Amendola? He sucks

  111. Brian Mielcarz Says:

    Alex Smith and the Andy Reid Chiefs are going to torch the Raiders too!!    But at least the Raiders might get Vince Young….   HA HA HA!  

  112. Schwank Says:

    can someone explain to me how the 49ers are in aon just about everybody AND have 4 dozen draft picks (i jest).  How did they accomplish all of this?

  113. Donalmcl27 Says:

    You are kidding right ? Pioli hasn’t been here since 2008.

  114. Brady's Binky Says:

    Edelman and Hernandez. What are you smoking? They can’t stay healthy

  115. Bruinman86 Says:

     I couldn’t agree more.

  116. Bruinman86 Says:

     Sucking for so many years, which gave them a ton of high draft picks. Thanks to getting themselves into financial hot water with the cap during all those “Great” years.  Some solid drafting has helped as well.

  117. Schwank Says:

    ok so the market is set…..Wallace was overpaid…..Hartline $6.1M Welker $6.0M and Wayne is at $5.8 … how much for Amendola? Edelman?  If things are done right maybe this works best for the Pat’s….Broncos obviously are all in as Manning is nearer to the end.

  118. Brandon Says:

    It’s reported they had around 25 million to play with. With Welker gone what is it now? 34-35 Mil?

  119. Brady's Binky Says:

    What is this obsession with Amendola. He stinks? Are you an agent? You seem to have the big inside scoops

  120. Ty Says:

    Many detractors have been saying that for many years about Brady… after he lost Troy Brown, after Randy Moss departed… heck, they were saying it when Deion Branch departed.  Anyone who thinks Brady is a fraud at this point in his career hasn’t been watching him too closely.  He’s one of the greatest to ever play the game and is a lock for the HOF–and incredibly, deservedly so.  There are very few who have his ability to read defenses both pre-snap and post-snap, call correct audibles, have great pocket awareness, throw with precise accuracy, and find the open man.  I should also mention the fact that he has never thrown more than 14 interceptions in a season and always had a TD:INT ratio of at least 2-1, no matter what weapons he has had to throw to.

    Sorry, but time and time again, Brady has adjusted to whatever the Patriots arsenal has been or whomever the offensive coordinator has been.  He’ll do it again.  You can take that to the bank.

  121. Brandon Says:

    How much cap room do they have now?

  122. eli Says:

    hernandez is smokin afghan strain mostly

  123. Js Spam Says:

    this is a joke and will come back to burn the pats. all the best to wes. he earned his paychecks

  124. Radpaul61 Says:

    i truly have no clue to what BB is thinking, we have done nothing again in FA so far, allowed our best offensive weapon to go to the now “Best Team” in the AFC, allowed Miami to improve tremendously(although over pay)and have not engaged in any of our priority re-signings…if there is a plan, it is better disguised then anything i can ever think of…just dont understand the direction here…plenty of $$$, trade up for some top picks? doubtful…always believed in BB, but the last couple of years BB has been very”pedestrian at best .  Other than QB, not 1 other department, CB, pass rusher, LB, reciever….is considered solid…ok, punter….not even our field goal kicker is dependable…give me Dansby, give me Marcus Spears, give me Talib back…i cannot believe we cannot find a decent FA to fill a gap here, very disappointing..

  125. Radpaul61 Says:

    moron, dumbest post i ever read…

  126. WHO CARES Says:

    When Kraft said “We Want Wes” I knew Wes was gone, should change the name from NE Patriots to NE Penny Savers or El Cheapo. Kraft will pocket $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ this year.

  127. Crush9299 Says:

    That makes sense, let one of the most productive receivers in the league go…idiot

  128. H Bouley Says:

    Obviously giving the contract Welker and the Broncos settled on Wes wasn’t asking for the moon. Far from it. Just to be treated fairly. Fair, Somrthing NOT in the Pat’s vocabulary. Il’l bet Peyton Manning is licking his chops at the thought of Welker as a target. And if a Manning/Welker combo was the key to a Bronco victory over the Pats next season it would serve the Pat’s brass right.

  129. Logic Says:

     you are an idiot. Ray Allen took less money to play somewhere else.

  130. WHO CARES Says:

    I AGREE 100%

  131. Teechef Says:

    t’is business .simple as that .cherrington could learn from this lesson vis a vie ortiz for 26 mil when hurt . 

  132. Tony Nicholas Says:

    Its sad Welker’s gone but I have to believe the Patriots hinted they didn’t really want him back.  The money is simply too low to at 6/year not to resign him.  I suspect he had a higher price for the Pats after getting shafted.  Wes will be just fine with Peyton.  At worse he has 90 receptions.  You can bank Denver at 13 wins again next year.  With that said it all depends on who the Pats bring in.  I fear we are seeing 2005 all over again.

  133. ScoopBurton Says:

    Does that rate per/hr include being a complete tool?

  134. Uncle Buck Says:

    I did not read anyone’s posts.  Just wanted to add, that sucks.  This one hurts.  Good luck in Denver Wes.  And, I just read, they signed Amendola for 5 years at 31 mil. 10 mil guaranteed. Yikes.

  135. Derek Lee Says:

    Agreed. That’s what I said.

  136. unbelievable Says:

    Two of the greatest statistical receivers to put on the Pats uniform walk away without a SB. Bummer.

  137. Kman1020 Says:

    All I can think is that there was more of an issue than the money. How else do you let the best slot receiver in history go and yet you extended last year two guys who can’t even stay healthy? 

  138. Mal54 Says:

    How the hell can you back stabbing Patriot fans be dogging one of the best receivers your team has ever had he won a hell of a lot of games for you guys with his hands and toughness YOU ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED AND SAYING THANX FOR YOUR GREAT YEARS HERE IN NEW ENGLAND ALL IT DID WAS MAKE DENVER A BETTER TEAM HAVE A GOOD DAY GO DOLPHINS

  139. UPose Says:

     the welker-bashers are the equivalent of pink hat Sox fans. Late comers that wouldn’t a thing about Jim Plunkett or  Sam The Bam. They know little about sports. They buy an over-priced Pats jersey and they think they know football.

  140. Pedro Says:

    Glad he is gone? Really? Its no wonder Fans from new england and the Red sox are the dumbest in sports. The minute one of there player’s leaves for whatever reason they are bums. Wes Welker has been one of the most productive receiver’s in football for years and fans are happy he is gone? Let the spin begin, The Cheap Pats strike again.

  141. Pedro Says:

    Good luck with Amendola he can keep Gronk company on the DL

  142. Richardtete Says:

    Perfect move!!!… Now Broncos will suffer! Great defensive strategy.
    Seriously, name me a receiver in recent year that has left the Patriots and has excelled?
    You can’t, because they all fade into obscurity!!!

  143. Richardtete Says:

    What sucks for you is that you are a Raider’s fan. Welker will be nothing. Don’t sweat it. Jeeeeez!

  144. Pedro Says:

    Your a moron. Brady hasn’t won a super bowl in over 5 years, is it his fault? Welker has been one of the best for years and they discard him like old laundry. Is this the Red Sox?

  145. Pedro Says:

    How do you think they could get Cruz? He will be getting a lot more money then what welker got

  146. Richardtete Says:

    Welker was a tough, hard nosed player. I think that we all should thank him for his service. Having said that, he has entered the end of his career! No Patriot receiver leaves and maintains their numbers/productivity. Welker will be out of the NFL in 3 years or BEGGING  to be back with the Pats and Brady after next season. I challenge you to prove me wrong.

  147. Pedro Says:

    Wes welker is not the reason the Pats didn’t win a super bowl, Try something else. Now all the fans and the oraganization with try to spin this their way

  148. Pedro Says:

    Is is about defense, so when will the pats have one?

  149. Pedro Says:

    The other 90 passes didn’t count i guess. What about all the plays he made to win games to get to that point? 

  150. Pedro Says:

    Great player’s cost money, defense or offense you still have to pay for talent. If they are thinking defense you still need to pay for those players. So using money is not an excuse for saying they are going after defense. Just admit it, they are Cheap

  151. Pedro Says:

    You like Amendola, its hard to play from the DL

  152. Pedro Says:

    When you catch a 100 balls a year you are far from being a choke. But when you have the dumbest fans in sports fans make these statements.

  153. DennisVT Says:

    I am so disappointed in the Patriots! In Bill We Trust does not carry too much weight with me anymore. This was about Bill’s ego, and Bob Kraft should have done more to keep him, ie Get this done Bill. I mean it’s his money, or rather Brady’s money, they were playing with. Bill has too much power. When the Patriots were great and winning Super Bowls they had Pioli, Romeo, and Charlie, but especially Pioli. He was in the front office and carried a fair amount of clout. It’s not just coincidence that the Patriots have not won the Super Bowl w/o the other three. Until Bill gives up some power, these types of things will continue. I bet We is kicking himself for not holding out like Logan. Shame on the Patriots. We was like the heart and soul of this team. Someone who took the hits running across the middle and bouncing right back up. Think Tom is a little pissed…. I sure as hell would be!

  154. Richardtete Says:

    Hey Pedro, just go to bed early, because I think you have been hitting the bottle too hard tonight. Patriots have a system, Welker fit into the system, they will plug someone else into the system. Denver won’t be a good fit for Welker, or any other NFL team for that matter. Also, Pats defense was greatly improved over year prior and should continue to progress.
    I think you forget a few things like the business side of this, and  also forgetting the lack of Welker early in the season. Some teams have a tendency to WAY over pay for free agents. Those are the teams that usually wallow in a quagmire of mediocrity (or worse). The Patriots are doing pretty well, but I’d like to see some more good young talent on the OL for the future.
    Too many people are focussing on Amendola. Lets not forget the tight ends that NE has, which sould produce more yards after catch on a hot read than Welker ever did. Wait, didn’t Edelmen challenge the almighty Welker (ref to lack of Welker early in the season, above)? Hopefully he’ll bounce back, healthier than ever for next season. 2013 should be a fun and interesting season and I look forward to it. Don”t malign New England fans for saying “so long, nice to know you” to Welker, because there are so many options out there; and after Brady taking a pay cut (something Manning never did or would do), I guess we now know it was all about the money for Welker.

  155. Ztigr Says:


  156. fromtheshire Says:

    THe very first comment for this feed, a complete IDIOT checks in!!!

  157. Mark Matthews Says:

    Like a lot of New England fans I sit here and shake my head, my trust seems to waiver with Bellicheck when he does this stuff,most of the time he comes out of these decisions spelling like a rose,but as we have seen in the past three-four  years with guys like Moss,Ocho,Stallworth for example,shit hit hims and sometimes pretty hard. Lets hope this is not one of those times.

  158. Mprice54 Says:

    I’ll hold my fire til we see who Pats sign.

  159. H Bouley Says:

    in part the picks come from the trading of QB Alex Smith

  160. Pedro Says:

    Your wrong its all about winning a super bowl, something the Patriots haven’t done in over 5 years

  161. Derek Lee Says:

    Welker caught 100 balls every year. He was fine in every game, except for when the lights shined their brightest, he shrunk. Good Riddance. No clutch gene present.

  162. ChrisinDanvers Says:

    Two years
    12 million guaranteed
    Ugh.  I would have thought the Patriots could have pulled that off.
    Thanks for all of the great memories Wes. Good luck in Denver.

  163. J Femino Says:

    Kraft and Belichick continue to make bad decisions and this Welker deal is the straw that breaks the camel”s back!! I’m and many others are giving up on Patriot Way!!

  164. Anonymous Says:

    Didn’t Percey Harvin just sign for $11 mil Per Year. but Welker just signed for $6 mill. Per Year?

  165. Slightly Superstitious Says:

    Welker is one of the greatest slot recievers of all time, and was one of my favorite players. As much as I hate to say it….. He was never the same after dropping that pass.
    Also, this whole situation eerily reminds me of the Nomar trade. Anyone else getting that feeling?

  166. Keep Trollin Says:

    Pedro you’re a Typical Troll

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