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Lance Berkman helped the Cardinals win the World Series in 2011. (AP)

Lance Berkman helped the Cardinals win the World Series in 2011. (AP)

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  1. Barry Konowitz Says:

    He has been passed on by every team he’s ever been on. Move on

  2. Keebs Says:

    Soooo back to square one with the lack of receivers.

  3. bedardba2 Says:

    Good chance he could be back…if not you have Amendola, D.Jones, Hernandez, Gronk and Ballard….could always bring back Edelman too. If Gronk and Hernandez stay healthy they will be the bulk of the offense anyways.

  4. fab4ever Says:

    Yes…but I hope you’re not worried….it’s what, day two of free agency? It’s March 16…this guy was hardly a game changer. Why pay him 3 million when they can/will get something better?

  5. Dano S Says:

    Pats Predictions 52.0 Dwight Feeney DE Colts, Julian Edelman (Does alot of things well)
    Darrius Heyward-Bey WR Raiders,Eric Winston (spoke up for qb when fans bood him after getting hurt) OT Chiefs, Derek Landri DT Eagles,Brandon Moore G Jets and Greg Jones RB
    Draft 1 Tavon Austin WR West Virginia 2 Logan Ryan CB Rutgers
    3 Hopefully traded for Emmanuel Sanders, 7 Reid Fragel OT Ohio State
    7 DeVonte Holloman OLB South Carolina.

  6. Troll Hunter Says:

    I hate to see him go(potentially bring him back?) but the guy just didn’t stretch the field and went down at the first sign of contact. Just too big a cap hit considering Talib signed for about the same money cap wise.

  7. cfn Says:

    Lloyd was productive, but felt that TB was not making the connections with him. He was always forcing the ball to him, he should of been a 100 catch guy. TB will definitely have a connection with Amendola. I think we have to bring back Edelman as a backup for wr and returns. Jones will stretch the field, Sanders might be better. Can someone tell me if we save 4.9 mil in cap by cutting Lloyd or just the 1.9 mil?

  8. Terps Says:

    well the reciving core is getting worse and worse they lost thier most trusted reciver in Welker to the Broncos now Lloyd is gone Gronk and Hernandez are both injury prone and Edelman is inconsistent Hopefully BB has a plan because Amenola and donal Jones isn’t going to cut it for Brady

  9. Bad Media Hype Says:

    Why don’t you just kill yourself now and ease your pain???

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Doesn’t mean he’s gone, just means they didn’t get the deal done before the deadline, but I wouldn’t be too upset if he left.

  11. Troll Hunter Says:

    They save the whole 4.9 million as today’s bonus was for 3 million and his salary of 1.9 million.

  12. brandonruns Says:

    And, if Gronk and Hernandez don’t stay healthy?

  13. jimgracia Says:

    Season starts in September morons !!! They will have wide recievers

  14. Keebs Says:

    I don’t think they brought him in to stretch the field though. That’s not the Pats offense. They basically turned him into a sideline receiver. He does drop as soon as he catches the ball, but the guy still had over 900 yards in his first season when most WR’s that come in just don’t get the offense. If they get someone better than him, I won’t be so worried. Obviously they’re gonna sign more guys though.

  15. Bruinman86 Says:

    The guy has some skills, but pusses out on the field by kneeling down with every catch. Great athletic ability going to waste because he’s afraid of contact. Then throw in the attitude and it was a likely thing they were to cut bait with him. Frees up some money for a replacement.

  16. bench warmer Says:

    Lloyd played every game, no wonder bill a bong cut him.

  17. cfn Says:

    Does any one know the cap space we have left. I read we had about 25 mil before free agency. With Lloyd being cut I assume that is 5 mil, so the total is 30 mil. So we have signed Amendola at 6 mil, Talib at 5 mil. I am estimating 9 mil on Arrington, Wilson, Jones, Leon. That would leave about 10 mil for Volmner and one pass rusher? What do you think? Is that about right?

  18. idiot Says:

    what u mean good chance he could be back, they just released him u idiot

  19. piledriver9 Says:

    What makes you think they’ll have wide recievers by then, are they going to grow them. They didn’t have any last year or the year before, all Billy Boy has done is lost players on offense and as usual got a couple of band-aids on defense,(how old are they again are they over 31)! Still no word on Sebastion V. if he’s smart he’ll move on, the Pats will try to convince him to stay on, to be part of “the patriot way ” . The players are going to start to understand this “business” only works one way and thats for Management, they under pay the players and have gotten them to believe in taking less for the team, pretty soon they’ll wake up and understand they better grab everything they can from wherever they can. The Pats used to be able to sell them with the allure of winning a Super Bowl, guess what they can’t do that anymore.

  20. tomdog Says:

    His cap hit was gonna be 4.9 with 3 million guaranteed kicking in at a deadline. To avoid this and potentially lower that number they cut him. If both parties wan’t to strike a new more cap friendly deal then he could return or test the market. Talib signed for 5 million so this could be a result of that happening.

  21. bedardba2 Says:

    Your not serious are you? You do realize it’s possible they sign him again right? Just like Denver can sign Dumerville if they want……

  22. bedardba2 Says:

    and if paytons neck acts up? who’s throwing balls to Welker…..anyone can play those games with injuries.

  23. Uncle Buck Says:

    And the sky is falling too, right ? Get a grip. Or better yet, loosen your grip. It’s ok.

  24. Dano S Says:

    Pats Predictions 53.0 John Abraham DE Falcons, Derek Landri DT Eagles,
    Brandon Moore G Jets, Sean Locklear OT Giants, Karlos Dansby LB Miami,
    and Tracey Porter CB Denver.
    Draft 1John Jenkins DT Georgia 2 Darius Slay CB Mississippi State
    3 Hopefully traded for Emmanuel Sanders
    7 JC Tretter G Cornell 7 TJ Johnson C South Carolina

  25. Friggin babies Says:

    What will they do if EVERYONE gets hurt? OMG the morons!!! They better get more linemen, quarterbacks, defensive players and kickers!!!

  26. Bernard McDaniels Says:

    Good chance he could go to aaaaaaaaaaaaa Baltimore.ha man?

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