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Ryan Dempster decided not to put on his uniform for the 2014 season. (AP)

Ryan Dempster decided not to put on his uniform for the 2014 season. (AP)

New Boston Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster puts on his jersey during a baseball news conference, Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2012, in Boston. Dempster and the Red Sox finalized a two-year, $26.5 million contract. (AP Photo/The Boston Herald, Christopher Evans)

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  1. RDee Says:

    I still say they trade down to get extra picks, especially if they lose their 3rd pick to Pitt.

  2. Pats4life Says:

    I would try to get Justin hunter

  3. ReadyForBaseball Says:

    Again, Why would the Patriots not draft Jonathan Banks??

  4. Dano S Says:

    Patriot Predictions 83.0 1 Bjoern Warner DE Florida St. 2 Logan Ryan CB Rutgers
    3 Ricky Wagner OT Wisconsin 7 Marques Wilson WR Washington St.
    7 Travis Long OLB Washington St.

  5. Cas G Says:


    I can’t keep track of you, you have made 83 predictions. Will they keep the #1 or trade down. No more predictions from you. Your out!

  6. Mike Shackleton Says:

    yep they will trade down to gain more picks !

  7. rhodey Says:

    no third round pick

  8. innovator Says:

    Cas,it’s part of his schtick….Just leave him be…Let nature take its course…lol

  9. innovator Says:

    If they hold at #29, Damontre(Damonster)Moore out of Texas A+M (DE/OLB) would be a perfect complement to Chandler Jones,and may be even better than Chandler Jones….With the extra cap money we have left,if we could somehow resign Richard Seymour,who is still very effective,we could get back to a more effective 3-4 with Wilfork,Seymour and Tommy Kelly manning the front,,,Chandler Jones and Damontre on the outside and Hightower and Mayo manning the middle..That’s be one heck of a qb pressuring front 7…If you draft Moore,you inevitably trade Spikes for a pick,considering Hightower will eventually be a pro bowl guy in the middle….This front seven could be either a 3-4,or a 4-3 because of its versaitility….

  10. Bacs Says:

    With Dennard being back for the season now, I don’t see the Pats taking another CB. If Eiffert is still on the board they take him. Too talented a pass catcher to let slip by especially with Gronk’s health in doubt…

  11. I'm Drunk Says:

    The Pats need a Quarterback

  12. Pat Says:

    Heavy def draft I say trade down more picks. Good off season pick ups

  13. NonYourBusiness Says:

    Yep…plus the positions that they are lacking are stacked in the 2nd round/3rd rounds.

  14. screwtape01 Says:

    Xavier Rhodes is a top ten pick and the Pats will never see him slide that far.

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