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David Ortiz after running: ‘I was moving pretty good’

03.04.13 at 1:40 pm ET

David Ortiz was extremely optimistic regarding his injured right Achilles tendon after conducting baserunning drills Monday, saying once again that he is targeting playing on Opening Day.

‘€œIt was a good day,’€ Ortiz told reporters in Fort Myers. ‘€œI was moving pretty good. I don’€™t think I can run faster than that. Let’€™s just see how things go later on tonight.

‘€œActally, I was running like I wasn’€™t worried about anything. That’€™s important. I can today better than the last time I ran. Everybody was pretty happy about it. I’€™m happy about it because nothing bothers me when I was running. That’€™s a plus. That is telling me that I’€™m going in the right direction, you know what I’€™m saying?’€

There ere some initial concerns after Ortiz postponed his scheduled baserunning exercises Sunday due to soreness. But the designated hitter was told by the team’€™s medical staff that the discomfort was natural, and part of the recovery process.

‘€œTo be honest with you, I did it all today and nothing gave me a hard time, which is fine,’€ he said. ‘€œDan [Dyrek], our therapist, he tells me the soreness I’€™m getting is from things that are starting to break down, things that weren’€™t functioning because I wasn’€™t running for like six months. It’€™s like when you go to the gym the first time, the next day you’€™re going to be sore all over the place because you haven’€™t been working out, so that’€™s pretty much what happens to injuries in your shoulders, arms, knees. Once you start functioning and do all the activities you’€™re supposed to, you’€™re definitely going to get sore and you have to get used to it. Hopefully, that’€™s the case. I think I ran today better than I normally do.’€

Ortiz is planning on running again Tuesday, with the consecutive days of baserunning being a big step toward being cleared to play in spring training games

Red Sox manager John Farrell said he was hopeful Ortiz might be game-ready by the end of the week.

‘€œAfter a day like this I know I’€™m going to get sore,’€ Ortiz said. ‘€œI’€™m definitely going to get sore at some point today. But I want to see what kind of soreness I’€™m getting and then that’€™s when I call [Dyrek] the next day, in the morning. We communicate and then they tell me we’€™re going to do this today. We’€™re either going to shut it down or do some slow running. The thing is they don’€™t want to create more pain on top of the pain.’€

Here are some other Ortiz observations.

On wanting to play before Opening Day: ‘€œOh, I want to play way before that, you know what I’€™m saying. Of course, that’€™s why we’€™re doing all this stuff so I’€™m good to go for Opening Day. The main goal right now is to make sure I get to play down here. If I play down here, that means I’€™m good to go, you know what I’€™m saying?’€

On being smart regarding the injury: ‘€œI can tell you what, if this would happen to me 10, 12 years ago, I wouldn’€™t have been as smart as I am right now, as wanting to be playing and wanting to be out there. I was younger, I had injuries and I pretty much hide them just because I want to be on the field. Sometimes I got away with it. Sometimes it would give me a little bit of payback later on. Now I’€™m old enough to be smart about things and have that good communication. Instead of going back, keep on moving forward so when it comes down to this, I have been extremely honest so everybody is on the same page. I want to play. You guys know that when I’€™m good to go, I’€™m good to go. I don’€™t have no excuses. I like to be out there. I know this ballclub needs me and I want to be out there performing and doing what I’€™m supposed to do. At the same time, I don’€™t want to be out there for one game and then have to go on the DL for another two, three weeks. When I want to go in, I want to play 162 games. The soreness situation, we’€™re trying to manage right now, I’€™m trying to learn that part of it so if it happens during the season, I know how to manage it. If I need a day off, I’€™ll talk to the manager about it. If I’€™m good to go, I’€™m good to go. That’€™s the one thing, I don’€™t really like days off during the season. Even the  day off that we normally get, I hate because the following day you come to the field and you feel like you haven’€™t played baseball in a month. That’€™s the way I see it, I don’€™t know how anybody else sees it. I like to go out and that’€™s what we’€™re looking for now, trying to let them know how everything is going.’€

On wanting to get back on the field: ‘€œA lot. I can’€™t tell you. I haven’€™t played since when? The two at-bats I got in August, the one game I played, but I was out like a month before that. It’€™s something that gets in your head a little bit and I’€™m not going to lie to you, by December or January, I was still very uncomfortable with the way I was feeling. I’€™m not a doctor. I’€™m just a patient. The doctor has more patience than what you have as a patient. Everything pretty much has been moving toward the things that they told me, which is fine. That’€™s why I’€™ve been able to control my emotions. I can’€™t wait to be in action.’€

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