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Jerry Remy says he’s ‘fine’ after treatment for cancer relapse

04.10.13 at 7:38 pm ET

In a pre-taped segment on NESN’€™s pregame show prior to the Red Sox‘€™ game against the Orioles Wednesday night, analyst Jerry Remy revealed he suffered a relapse of lung cancer during the offseason. The relapse was diagnosed in January, leading to radiation treatment in March.

“A little thing bubbled up and they felt like it was time to do a biopsy on it and they did the biopsy and the biopsy came out positive. I was diagnosed again with cancer and I had radiation treatment in March and right now, I’€™m fine,” said Remy. ‘€œIt’€™s a lung cancer again but it’€™s in a different spot. As I said, it’€™s a spot that they’ve been closely watching since the original operation. I always had that kind of feeling that there was something else there and finally it did show up on a CT-scan. They tested it, it was the second time I was biopsied for that same spot. First time, it came out negative, but the second time, it was positive about a year later.

“I was able to travel back here in spring training and get radiation treatment at mass general and the radiation went very, very well. I had no side effects from it. I was actually back to work on that Sunday back in Fort Myers. I didn’€™t want to say anything before this. They had the 60th anniversary of the Jimmy Fund at Fenway Park which was great on Opening Day but I figured I’€™d get it out there before anyone found out or felt like I was lying or trying to hide something. I’€™m not. As I’€™ve said many times in the past, I will be totally honest with our fans and that’€™s just it.”

The longtime NESN broadcaster and former Red Sox second baseman said that he wanted to make sure that he was candid about his health with his viewing public.

“I always told the fans of new England that I would be honest them if things health-wise with me were not great,” he said. “I know the last couple of years I missed some games. Not because of this, but because of regular colds or bronchitis, whatever it might be. I always told the people that I would be totally honest with them and what I’ve gone through. Last time I had cancer and depression. This time I’€™ve been diagnosed again with cancer but it’€™s under control and I just wanted to be honest with the people about it.”

Remy said he currently felt no lingering ill-effects from this treatment. Moreover, he suggested that in contrast to the depression he suffered during his prior course of cancer treatment, he has not experienced depression in the aftermath of this more recent treatment course.

“I became so depressed that it took me months to get back to work. That’€™s not the case this time. I feel very good about things, very positive and upbeat about things. I’€™ve been down this road before so I think in some ways that helps a little bit,” said Remy. “For those who have had relapses, now I’€™ve had a relapse. Hopefully we can talk about it and get through it together and everything will be fine. I’€™m not concerned. I’€™m very upbeat and positive about it. I don’€™t have the same reaction last time. It was all very new to me last time. Being in close contact with my doctors is very important, it’€™s very re-assuring for me. We’€™ll just move on from here.’€

Remy’€™s Twitter account (which is populated by John O’Rourke) stated: ‘€œHi, it’€™s John. To clarify what Jerry said tonight. A spot that was seen on Jerry’s lung in ’08 was recently removed. He’s fine thank God!’€

The former Red Sox second baseman has been calling games for NESN since 1988, and recently signed a long-term extension with the network. Remy said he plans to continue working without interruption.

‘€œI just want to thank everybody who has supported me for 26 years and I plan on being around for a long time. I have no intentions of leaving this job for a long, long time,” said Remy. “I just have to take better care of myself and hope this is the end of it and continue on doing what I love doing best and that’€™s Red Sox baseball games. And again, early detection. See your doctor. … If I could recommend it to anybody out there, early detection is the answer because it saves lives.’€

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