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Clay Buchholz (AP)

Clay Buchholz (AP)

Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Clay Buchholz delivers against the Tampa Bay Rays during the first inning of a baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston Sunday, April 14, 2013. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

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  1. Franky Says:

    Another draft disappointment.

  2. innovator1 Says:

    On that day,with that pick,on this very website,I clamored that we should take Torrey smith with that ,condsidering we had noone who would draw double coverage on the outside,and down the field….I kept saying I didn’t trust Belichick with the draft….Of course no one will say I was right…..

  3. so there Says:

    u were right

  4. Ishkabibble Says:

    This is literally like blowing a 1st round pick. Oh well, I would guess they like Logan Ryan enough to make this move but holy cow, the Pats look thin at cornerback AGAIN.

  5. joe Says:

    you weren’t right

  6. I knew it Says:

    First pick on day 2 and this is what they came up with…….a player who had injury history all over him. What happens……he never gets on the field in the NFL…..nice scouting! Lets see if we can go for 12 Rutgers
    players next year.

  7. innovator1 Says:


  8. innovator1 needs a compliment Says:

    Only a real loser needs to try and get acknowledgement on a message board about a draft two years ago. Weird you don’t bring up the 50-60 other instances where you were so far off base and wrong it was laughable.


  9. innovator1 Says:

    Give me detailed examples with proof that I was wrong,and I will absolutely man up to it!! I want to win a Superbowl!!!…..If you’d like to get together and talk about them,it can be arranged too,,,,internet tough guy…
    My whole point is that Belichick consistently passes on the players he needs to be taking…I point out the guys who he should be drafting during the draft…He’s killing our chances yearly of winning a superbowl,and has been pissing away Brady’s prime years away forever…i want a new GM!!! Here’s a couple more for you: BB should’ve taken Markus Wheaton(Steelers) over Dobson,and BB passed on the best 3-4 pass rushing OLB in the draft Damontre Moore(GIants) for Jamie Collins…Remember these names,,and contact me in two years..

  10. innovator1 Says:

    And Wheaton and Moore are playing with the 1st team all season and tearing it up…Do a google search on Wheaton,and his teammates are saying he’s a better receiver than Mike Wallace RIGHT NOW!! I said he is a cross between Terry Glenn and Troy Brown with a great attitude and work ethic,and I had him ranked as the #1 receiver in the draft….Damontre Moore is all over the quarterback during the preseason,and has been taking Jason Pierre-Paul’s place,until this week…Guy can play in coverage too…Moore was ranked as the #5 player in the entire draft before a nightmarish combine,where he was sick.

  11. Brizzle Says:

    Monday morning quarterback. So easy to sit behind a computer and say they should have done this, they should have done that, etc..bottom line is that the Patriots under BB have been competing every single year, regardless of whether or not draft picks have panned out. That, Mr. Innovator, is not an easy thing to do in the NFL.

  12. cavman Says:

    Amazingly, no one has hired you to run their scouting department.

  13. innovator1 Says:

    Brizzle,,,read it again….I said it on the DAY of the draft that it was imperative,and said it many times LEADING UP TO THE DRAFT,not after the draft,,BEFORE THE DRAFT…Belichick has been killing us since the end of the first round in 2004….Too much passing on real talent,too many 1st to 3rd rounders failing miserably…we should have at least 2 more superbowls..I’m not one of these guys liking the picks,and then trashing them later…It’s why I post so much on here in March and April giving breakdowns of College players,and of their gametape.

  14. innovator1 Says:

    Great observation….

  15. innovator1 Says:

    My whole point is that we need a GM that isn’t missing on 60% of his first,second and third round picks for the last ten years.,,This is the difference in winning superbowls or not,especially if you have Brady…There’s not enough awareness about BB’s stubborness during the free agency period and the draft….Not enough people give him the crap he deserves,regardless of his late round ham and egger steals that are average players..

  16. Brett Alexander Says:

    I have to think there is someone else you could cut before this kid….

  17. Brett Alexander Says:

    Make the offense better, defense worse right.

  18. Brett Alexander Says:

    Talib, Arrington, Dennard. Its not bad at all.

  19. innovator1 Says:

    And how many picks did we have that year? How many corners were available in free agency?? Bottom line,,BB isn’t learning from his mistakes…..Years and years of this crap….I’m one of the only ones pointing it out and tired of it..

  20. innovator1 Says:

    Lol,,thank you.

  21. innovator1 Says:

    Like Tebow.

  22. patsfan Says:

    terry “she” glenn

  23. Capt. Obvious Says:

    Does ANYONE here care what you say or think? I know I don’t. How many Superbowls have you won?

  24. innovator1 Says:

    Back to the truck,Captain..

  25. Rod Steele Says:

    you were right… Ras-I was basically off the team last year. He got this preseason to win a job and apparently couldn’t do it. Bummer for the kid, but dude, change your name. Maybe Pop-I?

  26. spitfire1064 Says:

    Ya along with Gronkowski, Brady, Mankins and more. Can’t hit on them all tool time.

  27. spitfire1064 Says:

    Awesome Post man

  28. innovator1 Says:

    I’d rather be wrong and win super bowls!

  29. mike the dick Says:

    Joe is the as* clown mike…

  30. Cmello Says:

    Sorry, but as any business professional knows, its the big picture that matters… If you’re a Pats fan you have enough evidence to trust in BB, (season after season of winning and contending), FYI Tom Brady is the only one left from the Superbowl winning era and the team still rolls each season… Let the man (BB) make his decisions, I have all the confidence in the world in this Pats team as I do every year as long as Kraft & coach BB are in place. Bye Bye Dowling, wish you the best somewhere else…

  31. Cmello Says:

    To add to the conversation, if you want to knock BB on his drafting, just look around the league and you can see similar busts on any team… Every team has issues, its how you deal with it that counts. BB continues to get it done every year. Maybe not winning every Superbowl every year (if that’s even possible), but always in contention!

  32. innovator1 Says:

    You can’t miss on the 33rd pick in the draft when you are a veteran gm….

  33. innovator1 Says:

    Not at the high percentage of busts that BB has had in the first three rounds since 2004,NOONE,,not even Jacksonville…It’s especially troublesome when he severely reaches on these guys,several rounds ahead of where theyre projected to boot….Example: Tavon Wilson.

  34. Brizzle Says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions. If you were right, kudos to you, but it is irrelevant. Make up a fancy resume of all the predictions you made on chat forums and apply for a job :) They will be blown away.

  35. daysofthenew Says:


  36. Spitfire is a Giant Tool Says:

    Wow put down the kool aid lets take a very brief at the pats early round misses since 06: Butler, Dowling, Wheatly, Price (3rd), Chung, Brace, Tate (3rd), McKenzie (3rd), Crable (3rd), O’Connell (3rd), Cunningham, Meriweather, Maroney, Jackson, Thomas, Mills. Seems like a lot of misses and the Brady pick was a 6th rd was basically luck to have a hof player drop to the sixth if the Pats thought higher they would have drafted him higher. Tool time it’s time for mommy to put you to bed

  37. Salk is a tool Says:

    Innovator don’t bother arguing facts with Pats fans it will go over there heads. There like libtards defending their messiah. BB has flopped on most drafts

  38. Cmello Says:

    How bout props for undrafted free agents Kenbrell Thompkins and Zach Sudfeld? How bout taking a chance on an undrafted free agent that had seen two teams before the pats, (Wes Welker). How bout knowing how to grab Amendola before another team? Stop being one minded, BB hits on numerous other levels.

  39. Salk is a Tool Says:

    Cmello you can have your losses in the playoff a real fan wants to win it all and consistently flopping in the draft will doom this team, BB should not be shopping for the groceries

  40. Salk is a Tool Says:

    lol Tavon the next bum to get kicked, love the freakening Logan pick he was projected to be a 4th taken in the 2nd, pathetic

  41. innovator1 Says:

    Brizzle,its so frustrating to watch on draft day,where you know the pats have gaping holes,and have watched alot of tape on college players,and see the perfect fit for our team to plug a gaping hole just waiting to be picked,and you have to watch BB take Bethel Johnson,Marquise Hill,Chad Jackson,Terence Wheatley,Darius Butler,ron Brace,Cunningham,Dowling,Wilson etc,and the guys I suggested on every one of these picks ended up being pro bowlers,and most of them were pass rushers or receivers…Its just frustrating,and almost everyone gives BB a pass…Here’s to hoping that Collins and Dobson will be better than Damontre Moore and Markus Wheaton….BB passes on Greg Jennings(whom I thought was the #1 wr going into 2006) instead takes Chad Jackson,whom BB actually traded a second round pick to move up to take him!! If we have Jennings instead of Caldwell ,we beat the Colts,and the Bears…We lost to the Jets Jan 2011 because of zero deep threats,and zero pass rush,and lost to the Giants for similar reasons..I do think we will be better this year,but we should have 2 more super bowls if he had his head screwed on straight in March and April..Don’t even get me started on Chris Givens….

  42. innovator1 Says:

    Thank you!

  43. Cmello Says:

    You still refuse to accept that he finds a way to win every year. His formula is proven as the best in the league. Again I point to the Big Picture. He will get it done again… FYI Superbowl’s don’t come every year.

  44. innovator1 Says:

    Nothing personal against Cmello,,to be clear,.

  45. innovator1 Says:

    We’re winning,but we should have more rings,no doubt…the needs were OBVIOUS,and he flat out ignored them,or tried to replace them with players with obvious red flags…

  46. Salk is a Tool Says:

    Cmello is about the rings reaching for players not on anyones board or taking a player in the 2nd that is a projected 4th or 6th rounder is stupid. BB misses more times than not, and lets see if Sudfeld or Thompkins: A: makes the team & B. contributes during the season. Look at the 2006 draft could it have possibly been worse?

  47. innovator1 Says:

    Actually,I’m not concerned with Ryan,but The Harmon pick was more bothersome ,considering he wasn’t even slated to be drafted…BB uses a valuable third round pick on Harmon, with all of that talent still on the table INCLUDING some very talented quarterbacks?!!? Why doesn’t BB move up 10 spots where he took Harmon,giving up an extra later pick,and grab Wheaton as well?? Wheaton is the explosive player with desire,hands,breakaway speed and great route runnner that we needed?? Was Harmon that important,that if he misses him,we’re screwed,ESPECIALLY considering he just used a second round on a safety last year in Tavon Wilson?!? Freaking second round safeties are usually impact players immediately! HORRIFIC,HORRIFIC decision making with BB….Why can’t he just use the early picks on talent,and cash in like he usually does on his UFA’s and later round guys? I just don’t get it…

  48. innovator1 Says:

    That’s where BB is great,but how can he fail so miserably regularly on his early round decision making where the captain obvious picks with NEED are staring at him in the face.??? and I’m talking about good attitude,hard working,team guys who would fit the system..

  49. innovator1 Says:

    You can be sweet and try to take care of the child,but if you are beating the child to death,it cancels out all of the good that you did……See what I’m saying??? BB has been a bad steward..

  50. innovator1 Says:

    Thank you!

  51. innovator1 Says:

    I badly want BB to draft well,,,I really do…I get so frustrated every spring…We had a perfect chance to rectify it this year,and he kinda screwed around again…Thank God for kenBrell Thompkins…

  52. Salk is a Tool Says:

    Thank you I knew of Harmon and the fact that he wasn’t even slated to be drafted but forgot his name and didn’t want to look it up. I think Logan was a projected 4th, the fact is, that when BB reaches he gets burnt every single time. There were a ton of players on the board during the Wilson, Logan, & Harmon picks that BB passed on. I’m certainly not crazy about Collins, fingers crossed that he pans out

  53. innovator1 Says:

    My big one was Chris givens last year….I had him rated as the best WR in the entire draft last year,and he somehow lasted until the fourth round(albeit the first pick in the fourth)….He would’ve been a HUGE part of our offense last year,and would have drawn that valuable coverage away from hernandez and welker,allowing them to be more open to make plays….Givens had five straight games with a 50 or more yard catch…Kid is an awesome route runner too!! But I guess Tavon Wilson and JAKE BEQUETTE were more important,huh…Hey Belicheck,,how fun was it watching Edelman running the X,and Branch running the Y?!?! It was painful to watch,,let alone watching Lloyd fail to get off the line of scrimmage in press coverage…Imho,,with Givens,we would’ve gone to the superbowl last year,and with Torrey smith,,we wouldve beaten the giants in the superbowl two years ago….the difference between mARkus wheaton and Aaron Dobson could end up being the deciding factor whether we win the superbowl this year as well…It’s vitally important to have perimeter receivers that can draw double coverage away from the short part of the field,that Brady excels in…A diversified offense,,deep,short,slot etc,makes ur offense so much more unpredictable…sorry for the essay,,im just frustrated….I’D KEEP DOWLING AND CUT TEBOW!!!

  54. Betty White Says:

    Another draft screw up by Captain Hoodie, add Dowling to the many other mistakes or reaches he’s made as GM. He really blows as a GM! This is yet another example of what I’ve been saying for years on this message board that his absolute power in the organization is actually detrimental to it. Krafty Bob wouldn’t dare say to him ” hey Bill, your track record as our GM has been below average, particularly when it comes to drafting, I’m tired of signing pay checks to guys who never pan out or end up on the wrong side of the law. How about you stick to the X’s and O’s and we’ll hire a GM?”

  55. Cmello Says:

    I respect your opinions, but I believe you’re going a little overboard. Let’s talk “Big Picture” again… What team has won more than the Patriots since 2000? Does Brady show any sign of falling off? Does this off-season not satisfy your requirements? Quick tip on life, try being a little glass… respectfully nothing personal as well.

  56. Cmello Says:

    Glass half full

  57. Sosa Says:

    Not regularly obviously, but it’s the highest draft bust in BB Pats history. They’ve never had a complete first round bust, Maroney/Meriweather/Watson were easily the closest but each player provided value. Lots of teams completely bust on top 10 talents, it speaks to injuries and how the draft is a largely a crapshoot.

  58. Al Borland Says:

    So by your logic any player picked past the third round is just “luck”, and you have to hit on every 2nd and 3rd rounder, which means by default the 1st rounders can never bust…um maybe you just have delusional standards? Perhaps you don’t see the overall success rate league wide and no team is routinely turning out value in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. What a joke, on one hand if a guy gets hurt or can’t pick up the system the Patriots are at fault, yet when they spot a prospect like Brady and develop him perfectly it gets chalked up to luck. Just such a horrible perspective honestly.

  59. Cmello Says:

    No I do not know what you are saying.

  60. Salk is a Tool Says:

    The Pats did not “spot a prospect” like Brady. If they thought he would end up a HOF player they would NOT have waited until the 6th rd. And Yes if the Pats continue to reach for players for example this yr Logan projected to be a 4th rd taken in the 2nd & Harmon projected to be undrafted taken in the 3rd then yes it is the Pats fault. No coach has missed more than BB ie Bethel Johnson,Marquise Hill,Chad Jackson,Terence Wheatley,Darius Butler,ron Brace,Cunningham,Dowling,Wilson Wheatley, Price, Chung, Maroney, Tate, McKenzie, Thomas, Crable, Mills. If you want me to list 4th & 5th rounders I will but things understandable are not as certain with late rd picks. Teams do not need to “hit on every 2nd & 3rd picks” but to have a miss percentage of 75% or so is pathetic. BB should not be shopping for the groceries

  61. Salk is a Tool Says:

    We all want BB to draft well but it is beyond him, he is a horrible evaluator of draft talent, there are too many reaches & misses

  62. bench warmer Says:

    Smith would have been all world with Brady.
    BB needs a G.M. because he can not pick a defensive back that he will pay.

  63. Tony2046 Says:

    Years and Years of crap???? Getting a little carried away buddy.

  64. Salk is a a tool Says:

    Cmello continue to enjoy those playoff blowouts and late superbowl losses. Thanks to BB the Pats cannot stop a team llate in the game or hold onto a lead. Sorry but yes the glass is half empty when they loss the SB twice in the last minute. It’s like being kicked in the nuts. If the Pats drafted better then there no doubt that it could only help them in the end. BB is far, far, from perfect

  65. innovator1 Says:

    Getting to the quarterback quicker will make the defensive backs look better as well….Mark Anderson made Sterling moore look like peanut tillman…Flacco had all kinds of pressure on him that playoff game….Neither Richard Sherman,Peanut Tillman,Darelle Revis etc,can cover receivers more than 4 seconds…

  66. David Says:

    So next up Duron Harmon! Should have just let him go undrafted like he was projected! You would think they’d have learned there lesson from Dowling.

  67. ExJax Says:

    Patrick Sherman 5th round, and big mouth, was the all rookie star that year. And his numbers improved the next year. Several other teams passed on him as we did and chose other CB;s. Why can’t we get coaches like Pete Carroll (JK)

  68. Bruinman86 Says:

    had a feeling he wasn’t making the final roster. Another defensive draft bust.

  69. OldSchool Says:

    you are all making BB’s case !

    even with all of these misses or disappointments the pats are always right there in the playoffs…..amazing coaching …..

  70. Cmello Says:

    Salk Hater/Innovator1, show me the claimed 60% + failure in the following:
    1st Round (27th Overall) – Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers
    2nd Round (42nd Overall) – Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona
    2nd Round (53rd Overall) – Jermaine Cunningham, OLB, Florida
    2nd Round (62nd Overall) – Brandon Spikes, LB, Florida
    3rd Round (90th Overall) – Taylor Price, WR, Ohio
    4th Round (113th Overall) – Aaron Hernandez, TE, Florida
    5th Round (150th Overall) – Zoltan Mesko, P, Michigan
    Rd 1, 17Nate Solder, OTColorado
    Rd 2, 33Ras-I Dowling, CBVirginia
    Rd 2, 56Shane Vereen, RBCal
    Rd 3, 73Stevan Ridley, RBLSURd 3,
    74Ryan Mallett, QBArkansas
    1st Round (Pick 21) Chandler Jones (DE, Syracuse)
    1st Round (Pick 25) Dont’a Hightower (LB, Alabama)
    2nd Round (Pick 48) Tavon Wilson (S, Illinois)
    3rd Round (Pick 90) Jake Bequette (DE, Arkansas)
    6th Round (Pick 197) Nate Ebner (DB, Ohio State)
    7th Round (Pick 224) Alfonzo Dennard (CB, Nebraska)

    FYI: Lot of quality players here, get your facts straight, then comment.

  71. innovator1 Says:

    But if he hit on the ones he was supposed to,we’d have mulitple more superbowls…Nine years since the last…Even Shanahan was let go 10 years after he won two superbowls…..Not saying BB needs to be let go,be he needs to get his head screwed on straight…He’s unbelievably stubborn..

  72. innovator1 Says:

    60% failures in the first THREE rounds since 2004
    2004 Ben Watson
    2004 Marquise Hill
    2004 Guss Scott
    2005 Nick Kaczur was horrible
    2006 Maroney(one good year)unacceptable 1st
    2006 Chad Jackson(BB traded an xtra 2nd rounder move up
    2006 david Thomas
    2008 Terence Wheatley
    2008 Shawn Crable
    2008 Kevin O’connell
    2009 Patrick Chung(33rd overall)
    2009 Ron Brace
    2009 Darius Butler
    2009 Brandon Tate

    2009 Tyrone Mackenzie
    2010 Jermaine cunningham
    2010 Taylor Price
    2011 Ras I Dowling
    2011 Ryan mallett??
    2012 Tavon Wilson
    2012 Jake Bequette
    2012 BB traded out of the second round for Bequette,Ebner and Ebert
    The picks that were’nt busts since 2004 were Wilfork,Watson(close),Mankins,Ellis Hobbs,Merriweather,Mayo,vollmer,mccourty,gronk,spikes,Solder,vereen,Ridley,Ch.Jones and Hightower…

    OK,,that’s 17 busts,and 15 guys who worked out,while Mallett isn’t decided yet,,we could’ve kept Hoyer,and used the pick on someone else..
    That’s 53 percent,,,MANY of those were first and second round picks!!
    Sure,he’s had some good,not great late round guys since 2004,but you have to be a good steward with your picks,which he isn’t…He IGNORES need…We haven’t had a real pass rush since 2006,nor a receiver to stretch the field,which is imperative,since Moss…I don’t want to hear about his late round guys,,I’m talking about what he’s doing with his other picks….

  73. innovator1 Says:

    The late rounders don’t hide the fact that he’s lighting the important early picks on fire,is what I meant….We will be better this year,Dobson,Thompkins,and Boyce will help.

  74. innovator1 Says:

    btw..Salk is a Tool…I miss Ordway something fierce! At least Ordway is usually correct(albeit the ego)…

  75. innovator1 Says:

    I however,think we will be better thhis year..

  76. innovator1 Says:

    Thank You!!!
    All I want is another superbowl for Brady…..Mr.Belichick,,stop shopping for groceries for a gourmet meal at the quickie mart!

  77. innovator1 Says:

    Betty,,,I couldn’t agree more…..

  78. innovator1 Says:

    But we aren’t winning superbowls…We’ve been the only team in the NFL(since moss has been gone),not to have one receiver on their entire roster who would warrant double coverage on the outside or downfield…You need that so teams don’t drop 8 into coverage and blanket the short…you have to diversify in today’s NFL….Lets hope that Thompkins,Dobson and Boyce can help this issue…We could’ve had better than Dobson and Boyce imho(Wheaton and Stills)…My track record on predicting receivers has been dead on for 10 plus years….Lets hope the guys BB took do it this year….

  79. Cmello Says:

    OldSchool, Agreed!… Sorry Mr.Innovator, but you need to relax. Remember “Glass half full”, “Big Picture”. Winning is not easy in this league. I’m not sure how old you are but I’m guessing young and can’t remember the days when the Pats were the laughing stalk of the league. Enjoy the winning as it comes, it won’t be here forever…

  80. innovator1 Says:

    9 years,,mr.Bench warmer,,,NINE YEARS!!!! I’m just trying to shed light..The perfect players were right there for the picking,but he decides to be stubborn,and slits the throat of Patriot nation…The bloody gloves are everywhere…..

  81. innovator1 Says:

    Refer to my summary below of Belichicks first three rounds of draft picks since 2004…..

  82. innovator1 Says:

    You have to be nice to the other posters,and not call them tools though,,unless they’re trolling Yankee,Habs,and Jets fans….K ? :)

  83. innovator1 Says:

    Not thank you calling him a tool,but you’re point is right on..

  84. innovator1 Says:

    He’s missing on over 50% of his first three rounds,many in the first and second rounders..This is unacceptable,especially when the obvious choices for picks were staring him right in the face…

  85. innovator1 Says:

    You can call Salk a tool anytime!!

  86. Cmello Says:

    You refuse to recognize the good draft picks. Yes there were mistakes, but there were also great picks and decisions made throughout all years. It’s ok if you want to be angry, just find another outlet for it…

  87. innovator1 Says:

    I did recognize them,,but what you aren’t recognizing is,that when a GM misses on that many first,second,and third round picks,,they get FIRED!!! He’s missing on more than half,and we’re not even talking about how many times he traded down,where he also passed on high skilled pro bowl players,so he could fail on these picks he moved backwards on…You have to realize that…If we had receivers and pass rush the last three years,we’d have another ring or two….Again,,we will be better this year….If you gave Brady the same weapons that Aaron Rodgers had,you’d never hear Aaron Rodgers name again…

  88. RAFF Says:

    Innovator— You’re over-reaching… Nick Kaczur Started 62 games in 5 years— and in his last three years, he started 13, 14, & 15 games @O-Line… Ben Watson has 321 Career Receptions, and he’s been a starting TE for the Past 8 years in the NFL…. Jermaine Cunningham is Playing D-line, and he’s been a contributor… You’re counting these guys as BUSTS??? C’mon! And BTW– Did your draft-board have Gronk, Ridley, Wolfork and the rest? Did YOU have any BUSTS? Point is- They’ve had some bad “luck” at WR & DB picks- fair enough. They’ve also had some good ones. I just think that some of the guys you’re pointing to as busts are pretty good NFL players…

  89. innovator1 Says:

    Nick Kaczur was an absolute sieve,and was one of the big reasons why we lost the superbowl in 2007,and was out of the league after 4 years….Cunningham may be getting ready to be cut..A second round pass rusher with 5 career sacks isn’t a bust?!?!….Watson was not nearly worth the first round pick,,that’s a BUST….He has to have some success on some of the guys,or he would’nt have a job,period…Uhmmm,,Wolfork(Wilfork) was one of the top seven ranked players in the draft that for some reason landed in Belichick’s lap..that isn’t a drafting skill…No,,I didn’t have any busts,,in fact,,2/3 of the guys I wanted him to take on the day of the draft ended up being excellent players and pro bowlers(we’re talking about the guys int he first two rounds),and guys like Chris Givens may be heading that way…This isn’t about me,,this is about the guy in charge….You’re not upset that we have Brady,and no rings in nine years???

  90. koralroget7yq Says:

    мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kAgk

    Cmello you can have your losses in the playoff a real fan wants to win it all and consistently flopping in the draft will doom this team, BB should not be shopping for the groceries

  91. glenn88 Says:

    Nice assessment and run down of players. I think we have to key in on the problems drafting DBs. They draft with very limited success on DBs. Something is either off in their draft assessment or player development program. Also, BB will have to address this cut at the next press conference, because this was the 33rd pick.

  92. Ron Jeremy's Pecker Says:

    Maybe you should take over Salk’s spot on WEEI, or maybe Belichick’s role as GM. You can sign Laurent Robinson and the Pats will be on the fast track to the Superbowl. You’re such a delusional f ucking twat. Why don’t do yourself and these threads a favor and just drop dead you c unt.

  93. Ron Jeremy's Pecker Says:

    Bottom line: YOUR A REE TARD if you think you know how to run an NFL franchise better than BB or even the GM for the Jaguars. Go f uck your mama.

  94. Salk is a Tool Says:

    Someone has serious deep seeded psychological issues that need to be addressed. You do realize that BB is not the messiah and he can be criticized for his consistently bad draft performance. The evidence has been stated and shown throughout this thread with the overwhelming amount of 1-3rd draft busts

  95. Salk is a Tool Says:

    That was in reply to Spitfire calling Franky tooltime for calling Dowling a disappointment but I guess Spitfire thinks Dowling is a first ballott HOF because Billy boy drafted him

  96. Salk is a Tool Says:

    DB’s and WR have an awful history. Whehter it’s Dowling, Butler, Wheatly or Jackson, Price, Tate BB cannot evaluate talent in these positions

  97. Salk is a Tool Says:

    lol did mommy not hug you enough Ron, grow up and crawl under a rock

  98. Ron Jeremey's Pecker Says:

    go f uck yourself. When did I ever say he was the messiah? You’re buddy innovator apparently thinks Laurent Robinson is the messiah. I’ve called him out multiple times on it, and he’s ducked me like the cowardly vag that he is Don’t interrupt when the adults are talking next time $hitbag.

  99. Ron Jeremy's Pecker Says:

    Salk is a tool, you are really innovator1 posting as a guest, you pathetic schmuck.

  100. Ron Jeremy's Pecker Says:

    I really wanna punch you in the twat. Your mother should have drown you at birth.

  101. Ron Jeremy's Pecker Says:

    pull innovator1′s schlong out of your mouth will you. he can fight his own battles. wait, i forgot. you are innovator1. pathetic troll twat

  102. Ron Jeremy's Pecker Says:

    and your mommy sure knows how to suck the man meat pal. her snatch is a little to fishy for me, but boy can she give a mean blow job

  103. Salk is a Tool Says:

    Ronnie did mommy not hug you or maybe daddy did too much. Is the anger fake or genuine. I hope for societies fake it is fake. God help the poor soul that cuts you off in traffic

  104. Salk is aTool Says:

    lol poor ronnie posting from mommys basement. Go check the mail maybe the welfare check has arrived. Enjoy the food stamps courtsey of Innovator and myself and the rest of the working schmucks.

  105. Antonio Says:

    I bet if you go around the league there are other teams with “disappointing” draft picks…… just saying

  106. Phil Says:

    He was a disappointment because he couldn’t get on the field……plain and simple

  107. Betty White Says:

    My old high school team would be in the playoffs every year if they played in the AFC East! What a joke! They get a free pass in into the tournament every year! Don’t you think other teams would love to know on week #1 we’re already in the playoffs. Every division is competitive in the NFL EXCEPT the one the Pats play in.

  108. Ron Jeremy's Pecker Says:

    yeah, your mommy’s basement fishing through your dirty panties for my underwear, twat-cheese

  109. Ron Jeremy's Pecker Says:

    f uck off

  110. Ron Jeremy's Pecker Says:

    and with the amount and length of posts innovator and you have I highly doubt either of you work you c unt. I’d tell you to stop blowing innovator, but you’re both the same person anyway.

  111. cas g Says:

    Everyone’s tough behind the computer!

  112. Betty White Says:

    real mature reply…typical of most on this board except for BruinMan86. You know I’m right that’s why your pissed. I’d love to see Captain Hoodie have to compete in the AFC North or South, they’d be lucky to get a wild card

  113. Ron Jeremy's Pecker Says:

    I’d love to see you eat $hit, troll

  114. Tony2046 Says:

    1 dropped pass and an incredible helmet catch basically is the difference between winning 5 Super bowls in the last 12 years. What ever BB is doing it is working pretty damn good.

  115. AmbroseJJ Says:

    go f–k yourself , troll

  116. AmbroseJJ Says:

    it happens

  117. AmbroseJJ Says:

    Troll of the Day award winner

  118. AmbroseJJ Says:

    Says the TROLL with the “salk is a tool ” moniker
    ~ ~ ~ you abused as a child ?????

  119. glenn88 Says:

    Agree, and I was also screaming at the TV when they picked Dowling. I was also screaming when they picked Tavon Wilson and Harmon. I guarantee one or both are cut by next season. They have a major problem evaluating DBs.

  120. Salk is a tool Says:

    Ambrose I’d be happy to discuss this face to face

  121. Salk is a Tool Says:

    Poor ronnie missed his meds and now he can’t control himself. Don’t worry the nice man in the white lab coat will be around shortly. Must be had not having a mommy that loved you enough or never told you that you were special. Poor child

  122. Salk is a Tool Says:

    Can someone….anyone please tell Ronnie he is special before goes out and hackets a poor soul.

  123. Ron Jeremy's Pecker Says:

    how exactly do you hacket someone? you really are just a moronic inbred $hitbag of a human being.

  124. Salk is a Tool Says:

    Ronnie you seem very juvenile and immature. Where does all this anger and hatred steam. Someone criticizes BB and your ready for a muderous ramage screaming about people mothers this and that. Everyone on this board seems very sorry that your mother didn’t hug you enough and tell you that she loves you, but there is no doubt that it was due to the fact that your a spoiled miserable little brat. Daddy left because of you despite what mommy tells you. Now Ronnie turn off the computer take your meds and get out of mommys basement before I com over and give you a spank

  125. Ron Jeremy's Pecker Says:

    I got plenty of hugs from your mom to compensate. and by hugs i mean blow jobs.
    and when did I go on a rampage? because I said ignorant tards, such as yourself, shouldn’t be critiquing Belichick because commenting on these posts are as close as you’ll ever get to making personnel decisions for a sports team. get a life. that’s all I’m saying. liking your own comments, and creating dummy accounts (innovator1/ Salk is a Tool) to pat yourself on the back is actually quite pathetic and shows how big of a loser you really are. Especially conversing with yourself. sicko. get a life, for real dude.

  126. Pattybeanz Says:

    Would’ve been nice if this guy actually got on the field over the past 2 years. Going into his final year of college he was rated one of the top 3 corners in the country. The Pats took a gamble on a kid that didn’t pay off. Happens to every franchise. Sucks, but what can you do? Now lets hope Dennard stays out of jail and progresses this season.

  127. Salk is a tool Says:

    Ronnie did I hit a sore spot. Kinda weird calling my account out since yours is fake or are you upset by the name. Are you the real Mike Salk if so you are a tool. I’m sorry but BB can’t evaulate draft talent there is an abundance of proof

  128. Salk is a tool Says:

    Now Ronnie if you’d like to met up and discuss your deep seeded psychologocal issues over a beer or two I’d be glad to lend you some professional help. Make sure too invite mommy, interent tough guy

  129. Pattybeanz Says:

    One thing you have to understand is nobody’s perfect when it comes to the draft. Look at what Pete Carrol and Bill Parcells brought into this organization. Carrol had a lot of stinkers, but he’s seemed to have figured it out in Seattle. That said, he’s missed on players since coming back to the NFL. Parcells had a few bombs too, if you remember what led to him resigning was he wanted to draft Daryl Gardener over Terry Glenn in 1996. Gardener did absolutely nothing in the league, and Glenn was a pro bowler, and kind of a jerk.
    It’s not a perfect science, and nobody nails it all the time.

  130. Ron Jeremy's Pecker Says:

    No, but I hit a sore spot with you apparently since you made your account active and than deleted it. You are a sick, sick individual. And you know you’re innovator1, so for the last time, get help and get a life.Oh and tell you mom to wash her snatch tonight, I’ll be by to pick her up around 7.

  131. Salk is a Tool Says:

    I insist that we met up and resolve these differences, but being a keyboard hero I know the answer since you ignored the comment below and continue to throw out insults.

  132. 123Star Says:

    raz lost a good home, you got to be tuff to compete.

  133. 123Star Says:

    I would be looking for other (((scouts,))) they are the ones that bring forth the names etc..

  134. Ron Jeremy's Pecker Says:

    No need to meet up innovator1, or whatever you wanna call yourself. What would be the point? Do you want to blow me? Do you want me to blow you? Is that how you’d wanna resolve our differences? I’d like that actually, and I’m quite turned on right now. You don’t even have to buy me a beer sweetie. It all sounds great, but no thanks. I have a boyfriend already, and his man meat is huge and tasty. Thanks for the offer though.

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