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David Ortiz gets standing ovation at restaurant after (expletive) speech

04.23.13 at 5:37 am ET

D’€™Angelo Ortiz had heard his father swear before. That usually comes with growing up in a major league clubhouse.

But to watch his dad, David Ortiz, drop an expletive in front of what would ultimately be the entire world was a new experience for the 8-year-old.

‘€œHe was looking around like, ‘€˜Oops!’€™ ‘€ David Ortiz said of his son’€™s reaction to the designated hitter’€™s well-publicized speech during the Saturday pregame ceremonies remembering the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy.

Ortiz said Monday that he actually thought for a moment that his son, nor anybody else, heard the much-talked-about expletive.

‘€œThe microphone kind of came out a second later delay, so I thought I said it and nobody heard me,’€ he said. ‘€œBut then I saw everybody screaming and going crazy and I was like, ‘€˜OK, they got it.’€™ ‘€

Since uttering the word, Ortiz has been national news, with the reaction being pretty much one-sided, as the DH learned later Saturday night.

‘€œI walked into a restaurant and I got a standing ovation,’€ he said. ‘€œI’€™m telling you, people stopped eating dinner and were like, ‘€˜Yeah!’€™ My Twitter account went up like 50,000 people. It had happened to me once when we won the World Series the first time. But this was different. This was like I was a politician and I just won the whole thing.’€

And as for any parents or members of the community who might have been offended by Ortiz’€™ choice of the F-word, he said he hasn’€™t gotten any sort of pushback.

‘€œI haven’€™t heard anything negative from nobody,’€ Ortiz said. ‘€œNobody. Not one person.

‘€œWe needed that. You’€™re not going to see people do that too often. I talked to people before and nobody heard me cursing. We were out of consciousness at the time. Everybody’€™s mind was just focusing on doing something about what happened. That was just the beginning of getting people their confidence back. This is your [expletive] city!’€

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