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Farrell: Ross, Middlebooks ‘day-to-day’ after Tuesday collision

05.08.13 at 3:06 pm ET

In his weekly appearance with WEEI’s “Salk & Holley,” Red Sox manager John Farrell said Wednesday afternoon that both catcher David Ross and third baseman Will Middlebrooks are “day-to-day” after their collision Tuesday night, but neither player appears to be the victim of a long-term injury.

“Both guys are day-to-day,” Farrell said. “David Ross has come in today much improved. There’s still some swelling. He’s walking and able to get down in a catchers’ stance or crouch without any discomfort — or I should say much less discomfort than he had when he came out of the game (Tuesday) night. He’s not in the lineup today — it’s just to give him another day of recovery for that. Will Middlebrooks, he’s sore on the right side with those ribs. He’s day-to-day. He’s out of the lineup today as well. But I know Will has fought it a little but — he wants to be in the lineup, but it’s more precautionary than anything. He’s still a little sore. He went down to swing in the cage off the tee a little bit, some soft toss. He does feel it. But as far as the tests, the CT scan and all of that, there’s no fractures, which is a positive. But we have to let this slow down a little bit.”

Farrell said Middlebrooks is feeling it the most in his right side.

“The right rib cage,” he said. “Basically, when they slid and collided (Tuesday) night, Will slid on his left side and almost got a little bit of whiplash when he slammed into the wall. Thankfully, it’s padded, but still, he got banged up pretty good. In general, we’re a little nicked up right now in a few areas, both in the relief corps, as we’ve seen in the transactions over the last couple of days, and then, (Tuesday) night’s collision. But it doesn’t look to be long term, and both guys are day-to-day.

“I had to go back and look at the replay, because from our vantage point, you’re eye level is about ground level, standing in the dugout, and all you see is two guys coming together at full speed and then you hear some impact of the wall — you don’t know what’s taking place,” he added. “With David Ross’s situation, when he slid, the shin guard kind of peeled back a little bit because of the lining on it and it exposed the quad area — the lower left quad area, just above the kneecap — and that’s where the impact took place. Again, stability tests were all fine with him. His knee is solid. It’s just that he has a pretty good, deep bruise going on right now.”

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