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Exclusive: Dustin Pedroia’s farewell message to David Ortiz 10.01.16 at 11:19 pm ET
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Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz have been teammates since 2006. (Kim Klement/USA Today Sports)

Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz have been teammates since 2006. (Kim Klement/USA Today Sports)

(The following is a note written by Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia to David Ortiz for WEEI.com.)

David, you’ve meant so much.

You’re one of the guys that taught me to be a major leaguer, respect the game, show up and play to win every day. That’s the reason you’re so great. It’s your preparation, and the way you show to work every single day. This has constantly inspired me.

You’ve always been team first, all about playing hard and wanting to win above everything else. That has rubbed off on every single player. I will always appreciate that. There’s a reason we’ve won and done some great thing, because of the presence and attitude you have brought.

I can’t think about what life is going to be like without you around. I’ll tell you this: I’m not looking forward to it. It is obviously going to be a huge hole. When you leave, there isn’t going to be anybody who will be able replace you. Nobody. Ever. And there’s nothing we we can do about that except just learn from the things you left with this organization.

David, you have made every single person in here better, including yours truly.

Now let’s go win a World Series!

Back to Fort Myers 03.14.09 at 6:35 pm ET
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Just a quick update on my situation …

While taking batting practice Friday I felt some soreness in my left oblique, but nothing to make me think that my availability for Saturday’s game against Puerto Rico would be in jeopardy. Then, after taking some swings off a tee, I was doing flips with Reggie Smith tossing the ball to me, and all of a sudden I felt a kind of shooting pain. I hadn’t felt anything like this before. Last year I had a sore right oblique during the American League Championship Series, but it was nothing like this.

Shane Victorino was standing next to me and after he saw me grimace he suggested I stop, reminding me about the priority (which is the coming season). The next thing I know I’m standing in front of a bunch of media in street clothes explaining what happened, and then trying to find my ride back to Fort Myers.

I’m truly hoping that after I get checked out by the Red Sox they’ll say it’s OK to head back to Miami, but I also understand the situation. As I wrote the other day, while we are having a great time and this is an unbelievable experience it is still understood that getting ready for the regular season is first and foremost.

Getting in that car parked just outside Dolphin Stadium to head back to Fort Myers was a tough thing, and, again, I’m hoping I can turnaround and head back to Team USA. We’ll see …

(Editor’s Note: Due to his strained left oblique, Dustin Pedroia has been removed from the Team USA roster for the second round of the World Baseball Classic. He will be replaced by Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts. Pedroia is not eligible to return to the Team USA roster should the squad advance.)

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Off to the next round 03.13.09 at 8:41 am ET
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MIAMI — Well, we got back in the States yesterday about 4 p.m., flying from Toronto to Miami. I’m pretty wiped out but am looking forward to the next stage of things, which will kick off with a workout Friday and then an 8 0’clock match-up with Puerto Rico Saturday night.

The one thing that has surprised me is the schedule. I thought we would be playing a lot more, but we’ve had a ton of days off. This week we played Sunday, had workouts Monday and Tuesday, played Wednesday, and then had two more off days. It’s a challenge to keep your timing sharp. 

I felt my timing was off a little bit in that game on Wednesday because it’s just different in terms of game speed and going through the workouts. I’ve just taken the approach that these off days are like early spring training days, taking a lot of ground balls and stuff like that. The reminder is that my main job is to get ready for the season for the Red Sox.

As far as this team, as I said before it’s a great group of guys and we’re all pulling together to try and win games right now. But, just like when you’re reminding yourself that getting your timing down is primarily for when you’re wearing a Boston Red Sox uniform, you also will have to face the fact that while we’re trying to win games right now, once this thing is over we’re enemies. 

For the next few days, however, the reality of the real season can wait. We’re enjoying ourselves and every day I can honestly say I feel honored to be wearing this ‘USA’ uniform. Now we just have to keep it going.

Will be back at you after the game Saturday night …


WBC Blog Entry No. 1

WBC Blog Entry No. 2

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Dustin Pedroia, Blog entry No. 2 03.10.09 at 12:31 am ET
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(Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia will be blogging for WEEI.com throughout the World Baseball Classic. His second entry comes after Team USA’s off-day workout, Monday, at the Rogers Centre.)

TORONTO — So this is how the game went during Monday’s workout: Each of us taking batting practice can’t hit a ball foul or it will cost five push-ups. Then if we hit a ball we think is going out you have to call it, but if it doesn’t go out then that will cost you five push-ups.

I end up hitting a couple of line-drives that hit the top of the fence that I thought were gone. So I did my push-ups … real push-ups. Derek Jeter? Well, he didn’t really go down all the way. I’m not a trainer or anything, but those weren’t push-ups.

But Derek is a great guy, one of a bunch of great guys on this team. He’s a guy who has a good personality and I really think he enjoys coming here each day and playing. Any guy like that you can joke around with because if you love playing baseball you have to keep it relaxed and keep an upbeat atmosphere. There are a lot of guys on this team like that. That’s what makes it fun. This World Baseball Classic is a tough tournament to play in, but if you stay relaxed it slows down and you can really enjoy it.

I didn’t really know how much I would be able to joke with Derek, but our lockers are right next to each other and it’s been great. I just started kidding around and saw what happened. It’s been fun. It’s been fun playing with all of these guys. I respect these guys so much. I’m just trying to pick their brains and see what I can use to put in my game.

As for myself, I’m just going to be who I am. My teammates in Boston love me for that and I’m not going to change because I’m playing on this team or any other team. I’m hoping the guys like me and like playing with me, but we’ve all got to just keep playing because winning is what it’s all about.

Another guy who gets it is David Wright. I love ripping on him. He’s got no chance, it’s great. We’ve been playing the card game ‘Pluck’. Oh my goodness, he has to clean it up.

I’ve met David a few times since we have the same agents. He just gets it. He is one of those guys who right after one day is done he is asking what time you want to go the next day. To start out a career like he has, it’s awesome. It’s been cool getting to know him, and getting to know all these guys … even if some of them can’t do push-ups.

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Dustin Pedroia, Blog Entry No. 1 03.08.09 at 11:56 pm ET
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(Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia will be blogging for WEEI.com throughout the World Baseball Classic. His first entry comes after Team USA clinched a berth in the next round having beaten Canada and Venezuela at the Rogers Centre.)

TORONTO — First things first … this is a great experience.

It started Saturday when we walked into play Canada before 42,000 people and a crazy atmosphere. The first thing I think: “Am I ready for this?” I hadn’t seen many pitches and really hadn’t had a whole lot of at-bats. I turned to Youk and said, ‘This is for real!’ It was playoff atmosphere right away. It became clear in a hurry that I had to find a way to get it going.

The whole day was like a circus. Obviously, I’ll remember winning, but there were also moments like the ones where every time they flashed up my ‘MLB ’09: The Show’ commercial on the huge screen everybody booed. And then Justin Morneau would be announced and everybody would cheer. (In case you forgot, Morneau finished right behind me in the American League MVP voting.) That was funny, but I wasn’t really prepared for them to play the commercial like four times.

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