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Michael Young’s side of the Beltre saga 07.15.10 at 8:09 pm ET
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Speaking prior to his team’s series opener with the Red Sox, Texas third baseman Michael Young explained that the entire drama surrounding his unexpected inclusion into the All-Star Game by American League manager surprised him as much as anybody.

“I had like 10 or 15 texts, saying congratulations, ‘Are you on a plane yet?’ Meanwhile I didn’€™t have any missed calls. I’€™ve known [Major League Baseball's] Phyllis [Merhige] for years now, she runs a pretty tight ship over there. It’€™s a pretty well-oiled machine. If something was up, she would have called me right away. The fact that I didn’€™t have any missed calls, I knew something wasn’€™t right.

“I called my agent, asked him to get to the bottom of it. Phyllis called me five minutes later, she explained to me the situation, that there was a miscommunication between her and Joe. She said basically, they were seeing if Adrian was ready to play or not. At that point, Joe also called me, he apologized I told him there was no need for an apology. It didn’€™t disrupt my All-Star break one bit. It’€™s just a classic mixup. I apprecitated their phone calls, but it wasn’€™t necessary.

“Plus, I was happy [Adrian Beltre] got a chance to play. He’€™s having a great first half, and I didn’€™t want an injury to prevent him from getting a chance to play in a game he deserved to be in.”

Young, who has played in six All-Star Games, said the opportunity to stay at his Dallas-area home didn’t bother him at all.

“It didn’€™t disrupt my break one bit,” Young said. “I didn’€™t pack one article of clothing, I never went to the ballpark to get my stuff, I was totally fine. Phyllis sent me a text sometime Monday night telling me Beltre was going to play. So when I went to bed Monday night I was good. So I was like ok, good, I’€™m glad, thanks for keeping me posted.”

Ortiz: ‘I believe I’ll be back (with the Red Sox)’ 07.13.10 at 5:42 pm ET
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ANAHEIM, Calif. — David Ortiz, who told ESPN.com Monday that he would like a multi-year contract after his current deal, told WEEI.com prior to Tuesday’s All-Star Game that he thinks he will return as a member of the Red Sox next season.

“I believe I’ll be back (with the Red Sox),” said Ortiz, whose current deal includes a $12.5 million team option for 2011. “(Expletive) yeah. What should I believe? I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not going to go the Angels. This is too far.”

Ortiz won the Home Run Derby Monday night, and hits the second half hitting .263 with a .945 OPS and 18 home runs. For more coverage from the All-Star Game see the Red Sox team page at weei.com/redsox.

The Laser Show: Home Run Derby Edition 07.13.10 at 12:30 pm ET
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ANAHEIM — Wondering what Dustin Pedroia was doing with the Flip camera during the Home Run Derby Monday night? Here is your answer:

No talks yet between Beltre, Sox on new deal 07.13.10 at 11:32 am ET
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ANAHEIM — According to a source familiar with the situation, third baseman Adrian Beltre and the Red Sox haven’t had any talks about a new deal that would guarantee that the first-time All-Star would remain in Boston beyond this season. Beltre can become a free agent after the 2010 season. He is currently on a one-year, $9 million contract that includes a $5 million player option for ’11 that can be bumped up to $10 million with 640 plate appearances. Beltre currently has 349 plate appearances in 85 games.

By all accounts, the Red Sox also haven’t dived into talks with any of their other potential free agent, middle-of-the-order hitters — David Ortiz or Victor Martinez — regarding contract extensions, thus far. WEEI.com also reported Monday that Clay Buchholz, who won’t hit arbitration until after the ’11 season, hasn’t begun talks with the Sox regarding a potential extension.

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Ortiz wins Home Run Derby 07.12.10 at 10:39 pm ET
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ANAHEIM, Calif. — David Ortiz hit 11 home runs in the third and final round of MLB’s Home Run Derby, topping Florida’s Hanley Ramirez to become the first Red Sox player to win the exhibition slugfest. Over the course of his three rounds, Ortiz blasted a total of 32 homers at Angel Stadium.

Ortiz made it the finals for the first time in his four appearances in the contest by hitting eight homers in the first round and 13 in the second. He joined Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera, Milwaukee’s Corey Hart, and Ramirez in the semifinals. Ortiz’ output in the second round led the semifinalists, topping Ramirez by one. Yankees’ bench coach Tony Pena served as Ortiz’ pitcher.

It was Ortiz’ first appearance in the Home Run Derby since 2006. He previously participated in the event from 2004-06.

Ramirez blasted nine homers in the first round and a dozen in the second to join his good friend Ortiz — with whom he became close while in the Red Sox’ system through the 2005 season — in the finals. But in the last round, he cleared the fences five times to fall short of the title.

Ortiz is currently tied for eighth in the American League with 18 homers, 17 of which have come since the start of May.

For more coverage from the All-Star Game, visit www.weei.com/redsox.

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Beltre ready to go: ‘Now it’s up to Joe’ 07.12.10 at 6:50 pm ET
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ANAHEIM — After doing some light jogging and taking batting practice, Adrian Beltre said he is healthy enough to participate in Tuesday’s All-Star Game. “As of now, I’m ready to go,” he said after the American League’s BP session. “Now it’s up to [AL manager] Joe [Giardi].”

Beltre, who had tweaked his hamstring running out a ground ball Sunday in Toronto, was surprised during the media availability session that Giardi had announced that Texas’ Michael Young was taking Beltre’s place on the AL roster. Later it was learned that Giardi misspoke and that Beltre intended to play in the game contingent on feeling healthy enough after Monday’s workout.

For more on Beltre and the All-Star Game see the Red Sox team page at weei.com/redsox.

Boras on Ellsbury: ‘Very cooperative effort’ 07.12.10 at 4:57 pm ET
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ANAHEIM — Speaking during the American League All-Stars media session at the Anaheim Marriott, Scott Boras said that both he and the Red Sox were on the same page when it came to Jacoby Ellsbury’s rehabilitation process in the outfielder’s return from broken ribs.

“I don’t think Jacoby had comments. I think Jacoby described exactly what occurred,” said Boras, referencing Ellsbury’s description of the timeline, from when he was first injured until his return to the team. “There’s a lot of people, certain journalists, who just don’t have the right facts. The cooperation has been great with the organization. I spoke with Terry [Francona] four or five times and Theo [Epstein] many times. We’ve been on the same page throughout. These are decisions of Jacoby’s medical care and his physical therapy. All these things were made mutually. It’s been a very cooperative environment. Good communication with everybody and we knew what was going on and why and it was all by agreement.

“I think Jacoby described the set of circumstances he was operating under and the information he was operating under. I think that accurately portrays what occurred and the key thing is that I’m just tell you, responsibility between Theo and myself and Jacoby, Terry, it’s all been very fluid. It’s all been very understood. There’s been no question about what he should or shouldn’t do. The team in fact chose where Jacoby would train in Arizona. That was not anything we suggested. That was a group they’re comfortable with and Jacoby was comfortable with. It was a very cooperative effort.”

Ellsbury is currently continuing his rehab in Fort Myers this week, with the outfielder scheduled to accelerate his baseball-playing activities. For All-Star Game coverage see the Red Sox team page at weei.com/redsox.

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