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David Ortiz shut down at least 5-7 days; Opening Day in doubt 03.10.13 at 4:29 pm ET
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PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. — Red Sox DH David Ortiz, following a pair of MRIs on Saturday, has been shut down for what is expected to be at least five to seven days due to inflammation in both of his heels, manager John Farrell said after the Red Sox’ 6-2 spring training win over the Tampa Bay Rays. The 37-year-old is experiencing more inflammation in his right heel than his left, though Farrell said that the current condition is distinct from the right Achilles injury that left him able to play just one game after last July 26.

The MRI did not reveal any issues with the previously injured Achilles. It is not known if the issues with the heels was due to overcompensation from his original injury.

“It does reveal some inflammation in the bony area of the heel so he’€™s dealing with that,” Farrell said. “That’€™s where his discomfort is being felt. And as a result, we’€™re going to shut him down for a few days here to let that quiet down completely before we start to initiate any kind of baseball activities after that.

“Again, it’€™s separate from any kind of previous issues that he dealt with. It’€™s in the bone/tendon juncture where he’€™s feeling the inflammation and the MRI shows it in that specific area.”

With the time off, and the fact that Opening Day getting closer and closer, Farrell didn’t sound optimistic that Ortiz would be ready for April 1.

“I mean, we’€™re three weeks away. He’€™s going to need at-bats,” the manager explained. “We’€™re not forgoing Opening Day right now, but we’€™re starting to get into an area where … depending on how many days we need to shut him down, that’€™s going to have a direct affect, a direct bearing on where we are come Opening Day.”

Ortiz was in Fort Myers on Sunday, but did not take part in baseball activities before being informed of the results of the MRI by the team’s training staff. Ortiz declined comment on his condition, deferring the matter to Farrell.

“Absolutely. Absolutely,” the manager said when asked if the organization was somewhat heartened by the diagnosis. “I can’€™t say that we’€™re completely surprised that there’€™s some ‘€¦ once baseball activities got ramped up, the volume starts to pick up, the intensity increases. We felt like there was going to be some physical effects that would have to be dealt with. The bigger picture is, he’€™s improved over a year ago and progress continues to be made, yet we’€™re at a little bit of a bump in the road here.

“I think any time we can give some assurance that there’€™s no re-injury, there’€™s no further damage of any kind, that’€™s got to give some peace of mind. Yet the frustration exists because of not being on the field.”

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David Ortiz tests that right Achilles 02.15.13 at 7:46 pm ET
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FORT MYERS, Fla. — Red Sox slugger David Ortiz on the first full day of full squad workouts tested his right Achilles in conditioning and sprint drills with team orthopedist George Theodore looking on.

Manager John Farrell said Friday Ortiz has yet to be cleared for full base-running drills and is working his way back to full strength.

‘€œPart of his current rehab,’€ Farrell said. ‘€œHe’€™s not in the base running or the conditioning drills that we do or are doing. They are specific to his protocol so he feels not only getting stronger but with each passing day, there’€™s less hesitancy to be a little bit more agile, a little bit more explosive. I know that’€™s a relative statement but he’€™s making good progress.’€

Ortiz told WEEI.com’s Rob Bradford on Tuesday that he is feeling about 90 percent.

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David Ortiz reminds fans: ‘I like to play no matter what the situation is’ 08.26.12 at 4:12 pm ET
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David Ortiz may be on the verge of being shut down for the season with a right Achilles injury.

But he wants Red Sox fans to know he’d love to play in September, even if the team is already out of playoff contention.

“I don’t really care about that,” Ortiz said Sunday morning. “I like to play. When I’m good, I like to play no matter what the situation is. You guys [media] know that, you guys have been watching me for years. It’s not the first time we’ve been out of contention and me shutting it down for any particular reason. I like to play. I like to be on the field. I know the fans like to come and watch me play like they come watch everyone else play. It’s our job when we are healthy, to be on the field, no question. Nothing else I would like to do more than be on the field. I enjoy that. You have to be healthy for that.”

Ortiz appeared to aggravate his right Achilles injury on Friday night legging out a double.

“Any injury can be really bad if you push it when you’re not ready,” Ortiz said. “In my case, I just want to make sure I’m 100 percent, and if I’m good, I’m good. All you guys know that I love being on the field and doing my thing but you have to be ready for that.

“On my way to be what I want to be but I take no time, and it takes a different process I have to approach. It’s either that or get worse, and I’m not planning on getting worse.”

Ortiz continues to battle lingering soreness and said before Sunday’s game that he should know by the “end of the day” whether he will end his season and focus on fully healing the injury. After Sunday’s game, he modified his sense of the situation, saying “nothing’s changed” and no decision had been made.

Ortiz missed 35 games with the right Achilles injury before returning Friday and going 2-for-4 with a double. It was while rounding first and heading for second on the double that Ortiz felt significant soreness, indicating to him that the injury had not fully healed. Read the rest of this entry »

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David Ortiz headed for second opinion on Achilles 07.17.12 at 6:30 pm ET
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David Ortiz said Tuesday he will wear a protective boot for a week and then be reevaluated after that. Ortiz will fly to Miami this week to get a second opinion.

Ortiz said the team was going to wait until after the results of the second opinion before deciding on whether or not the designated hitter would go on the 15-day disabled list. It has been determined that there is no tear or rupture to the achilles.

[Click here to listen to David Ortiz explain his situation.]

Ortiz also said that he was initially very concerned when first feeling the pain while rounding second base during Adrian Gonzalez‘ eighth-inning home run Monday.

“I was worried about because it got really sore,” said Ortiz, who underwent the MRI at approximately 9 a.m. Tuesday. “I never felt that pain before. I didn’t think it was too bad, but I knew it was going to keep me out for a while.”

‘€œI talked with some of the medical staff, they thought the 24-hour wait at least is something that gives you a different opinion sometimes,” added manager Bobby Valentine. “We’€™ll wait at least the 24 hours and probably into tomorrow ‘€¦ maybe until we get a second opinion.’€

While Ortiz said the injury is in the same area as the spot he was struck with bursitis last August ‘€“ forcing him to miss nine games – it was not the same injury.

For now, the Red Sox will play with 24 players, a situation Valentine is very familiar with this season.

‘€œI think most teams do it, so we have weathered the storm I think,” Valentine said. “I don’€™t think the players are affected by it at all. I just deal with it as if someone came out of the game in the first inning with a hamstring or something and you’€™re playing the rest of the game.’€

On Tuesday, Daniel Nava filled in for Ortiz at DH and batted third. There is the chance Carl Crawford could eventually fill in as DH as Ortiz heals.

‘€œI have all of those options,” Valentine said. “We can rotate guys through if we want. I don’€™t see one person sticking out as someone we’€™re going to put there and say he’€™s replacing David. Ortiz is the designated hitter, you don’€™t do that. I think we’€™ll get some combinations of people to help us score runs.’€

Ortiz leads the American League in OPS at 1.024 while also hitting .316 with 23 homers in 89 games.

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