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Tom Werner on David Price hearing racist taunts at Fenway: ‘We have a zero-tolerance policy for that kind of behavior’ 01.20.17 at 7:29 pm ET
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Tom Werner

Tom Werner

MASHANTUCKET, Conn. — Whatever David Price heard in Fenway Park last season, owners John Henry and Tom Werner insist they’ll do everything in their power to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Price told the Boston Globe last week that he heard racist taunts at Fenway last year, though he didn’t make it sound like a common occurrence. Speaking at Foxwoods before the team kicked off its Winter Weekend on Friday night, the owners expressed their dismay.

“I heard about this,” Werner said. “We haven’t talked to David, but we have a zero-tolerance policy for that kind of behavior. If we hear that somebody is taunting somebody, then he’ll be ejected from Fenway Park. As somebody who feels very strongly about this, there’s no grey area here. If this was happening with David, and I know he modified his remarks afterward and said this was something that happened to him as well previously, but there’s no behavior like that that will be tolerated.”

The owners also touched on a couple of other topics.

— On the belief that trading prospects has created a three-year window:

“I don’t think that has changed a lot since we first arrived,” Henry said. “This should be a very strong team for the next three years. There’s no way we could’ve signed every young player we have. We have so many. I think we’re good for the next three years. Beyond that, we have a terrific general manager and terrific resources, thanks to our fans. You have to feel good about this club.”

— On bringing David Ortiz out of retirement, which isn’t happening:

“He has not indicated that that’s of interest to him,” Werner said. “He knows that we’d love to figure out some way for him to be an important part of the organization going forward. We’re going to be seeing him next week [in the Dominican Republic] and beyond that, I think he’s having a good time in his offseason. I think he’s learning how to play tennis.”

— On signing Mookie Betts and/or Xander Bogaerts to contract extensions:

“It is important, but it takes two,” Henry said. “We’ll do everything we can.”

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Red Sox owner John Henry, in Boston Herald, supports John Farrell, discusses likelihood of David Ortiz playing in ’17 08.20.16 at 11:35 pm ET
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John Henry

John Henry

Red Sox owner John Henry has been the silent partner this year, but he gave an interview to the Boston Herald’s Mike Silverman via e-mail that includes a number of interesting tidbits. Here are some highlights:

— Henry gave manager John Farrell a vote of confidence.

Managers are always overly blamed and John knows that comes with the territory,” Henry said. “So do I. It’s mainly a radio and internet thing. If you watch enough managers over 162 games you know what’s important and a lot of it is how a manager manages the clubhouse. Is he doing everything he can to help his players be successful on the field for 162 games? Do they feel he has their backs? Are they willing to sacrifice personal goals for team goals? You often see the focus either on the field or off the field. That makes all the difference.”

— Henry admitted he’d love to convince David Ortiz to unretire, but he doesn’t see it happening.

“There’s going to be a big hole in that lineup if he doesn’t return and I know he would return if he thought he could,” Henry said. “But it’s a struggle for him. That’s why he announced. If at some point he seriously considers coming back, it would be a great day for the organization. But, unfortunately, I don’t think that is in the cards.”

— Henry believes NESN should use a three-man broadcast booth more often.

For more, including Henry’s thoughts on Pablo Sandoval, David Price, and the biggest impediment to the Red Sox making the playoffs, check out the rest of the story.

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Curt Schilling: Red Sox owner John Henry ‘a dummy’ who meddles too much 07.20.16 at 10:11 am ET
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Owner John Henry meddles too much in Red Sox affairs, according to Curt Schilling. (Jonathan Dyer/USA Today Sports)

Owner John Henry meddles too much in Red Sox affairs, according to Curt Schilling. (Jonathan Dyer/USA Today Sports)

It’s not news that Curt Schilling has some hard feelings toward Red Sox ownership, but during his weekly appearance Wednesday on Dennis & Callahan with Minihane, the former Sox pitcher did not hold back regarding his opinion of John Henry, calling the team’s principal owner “a dummy” and criticizing him for meddling in baseball affairs. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page. To read more from the interview, including Schilling’s thoughts on Drew Pomeranz and the Republican National Convention, check the Full Count blog.

Schilling, who had an acrimonious departure from the team after sitting out the 2008 season with a shoulder injury, was discussing the Red Sox’ offseason signing of the underperforming David Price when he opined of Henry, “I think he’s a dummy.”

“Not a fan,” Schilling added, promising he’d reveal more at a later date. “That’s a story for another time. … There’ll be a time and a place for that whole story, but we’ll figure it out.”

Asked to clarify, Schilling said: “Dummy’s a very … it’s not strong enough. The thing about it is this is a group of guys that meddle. Your question about whether [the Red Sox] are done [making trades] or not has everything to do with what John Henry feels [about] his team — whether Dave [Dombrowski] feels it that way or not, John is a guy [who] has proven time and time again to be involved.”

Schilling said he doesn’t know if Dombrowski, in his second year as the team’s president of baseball operations, is comfortable and/or forceful enough where he would tell Henry to butt out if he interfered too much.

“I feel like Dave is in a point in time and took the job because he was going to get to do his own thing. I don’t think that’s ever been true under Mr. Henry,” Schilling said. “I can see him saying, ‘You know what, you go sit in your office and count your money and I’ll fix the team.’ ”

Added Schilling: “Listen, they work together. And I’m not creating an adversarial relationship where there might not be one. But Dave Dombrowski’s been around a long time. And he’s been successful. And he’s got an incredibly good reputation. And I’ve never heard him complain about an ownership group, and he probably wouldn’t do that here.

“But I know the other side of that coin. I know this group. I know what they’re like, and they’ve always been the way they are. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because they’ve paid for a championship a couple of times, and that’s not a bad thing. But it’s got to be tough.

“Listen, Theo [Epstein] left. For what reason? We all followed that. We know why he left here. Maybe it’s changed, I don’t know.”

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John Henry believes Red Sox ‘overly relied on numbers’ 02.24.16 at 5:31 pm ET
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John Henry met with the media Wednesday morning at JetBlue Park. (WEEI.com photo)

John Henry met with the media Wednesday morning at JetBlue Park. (WEEI.com)

FORT MYERS, Fla. — When John Henry sat down for his annual update on the organization to kick off spring training, most believed that Pablo Sandoval’s weight would take center stage.

In some ways, it did, with Henry leaning multiple times on the news that Sandoval had tested out at 17 percent body fat, down 6 percent from last season. (For more on that, click here.)

But, when Henry was done his 26-minute get-together at JetBlue Park, there was a co-winner for title of most talked-about topic.

Evidently, one of the organizations that had been praised since the beginning of the current ownership group’s tenure for being out ahead of the curve regarding analytics may have gone to the well a bit too often.

“There were a lot of issues. I spent at least two months looking under the hood and came to the conclusion that we needed to make changes,” Henry said. “One of the things that we’ve done, and I’m fully accountable for this, is that we have perhaps overly relied on numbers. There were a whole host of things. We have a very hands-on president of baseball operations and general manager who work extremely well together, and we have made significant changes. The biggest thing that has to happen is that players on the field have to perform. We didn’t get as much of that last year.”

This, of course, led to continued questioning about Henry’s change of course when it comes to having analytics guide the decision-making process.

“Over the years, we have had great success relying upon numbers,” he added. “That has never been the whole story, as we’ve said over and over again, but perhaps it was a little too much of the story, too much reliance on on past performance and trying to project future performance. That obviously hasn’t worked three out of the last four years.”

The Red Sox principal owner continued on the topic, “I will say this, sabermetrics is always going to be a tool in the game to stay. What the right balance is, that’s probably dependent on the person making the decisions and how much they will rely on that vs. a traditional scouting approach or traditional approach to evaluation. I can’t say it was abandoned by any means. It certainly was not abandoned. That’s where art meets science and how much do you weigh that kind of information.”

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John Henry: It would be ‘big disaster’ if David Ortiz doesn’t finish career in postseason 01.22.16 at 8:55 pm ET
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John Henry

John Henry

MASHANTUCKET, Conn. — It’s not every day you get to host thousands of folks at a resort/casino. But, for a second year in a row, that’s what Red Sox principal owner John Henry and team chairman Tom Werner find themselves undertaking.

It’s the Second Annual Red Sox Winter Weekend at Foxwoods, a time that offers the ownership group to deliver their final thoughts before heading to Fort Myers in a few weeks.

But with the roster seemingly set for some time, some of the key storylines were more of a big picture variety than normal. An example of the state of this subdued final full month of the offseason came in the form of Henry’s most notable quote, which involved thoughts on David Ortiz‘ last year as a big league ballplayer.

“Given his track record in the postseason, it would be a disaster ‘€” that’€™s a strong word, I guess, but a big disaster ‘€” it would be terrible if he doesn’€™t end his career in the postseason.”

For the record, Ortiz has failed to make the postseason six times during his 13 years with the Red Sox.

– There should be more definition as to what the new netting in front of the first and third base line seating might result in soon, according to Werner.

“We actually have a meeting next week to look at various alternatives,” he said. “Obviously the most important thing for us is to find the right kind of quality materials that it can be as transparent as possible.”

Werner did note that the Red Sox have been in communication with those whose sight-lines might be influenced.

“We reached out to all season-ticket holders who might be affected, asked them to come to the seats that they have, and if they’re displeased, then we’ll make other arrangements,” he noted. “But it’s our hope, obviously, that most everyone will be happy, and we’re doing this because it’s important for us to deal with fan safety.”

– Henry said that the offseason — which the Red Sox involved themselves in early and often — unfolded fairly similarly to how the organization projected.

“Generally it doesn’€™t unfold the way you expect it to. And ‘expect’ is the wrong word. I think it unfolded the way we hoped it would unfold,” Henry said. “I thought Dave did a great job, baseball ops did a great job. From the very beginning, the strategies for how they went about it were strong and effective.”

– Henry and Werner later joined president Sam Kennedy, president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski and manager John Farrell on the stage at the Fox Theatre for a Town Hall question and answer.

Prior the group answering questions, the members of the Red Sox who are in attendance for the weekend event were introduced.

The only Red Sox players not to make the trip were newcomers Carson Smith, Craig Kimbrel and Chris Young, David Ortiz, Clay Buchholz, Koji Uehara and Junichi Tazawa. David Price was scheduled to arrive Saturday after his induction into the Vanderbilt Hall of Fame Friday night.

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Red Sox owner John Henry on acquiring another starter: ‘I do think there is trade potential’ 12.05.15 at 3:06 pm ET
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John Henry

John Henry

It looks like the Red Sox are done spending on free agent pitching. But according to owner John Henry, the trade market remains very much in play.

Asked on Friday after David Price‘s introduction if he could see the Red Sox spending again on a free-agent pitcher, Henry said no. But president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski remains on the hunt for a starting upgrade.

“I do think there is trade potential,” Henry said. “We have a lot of pitching and we have a lot of talent. We’re not going to trade away our core young players, but we might be able to get a core young pitcher. Dave is exploring a lot of other things. He’s well known as someone who’s not afraid to pull the trigger. Because of these young players we’re in good shape, not just for this year, but going forward.”

Acquiring a core young pitcher without sacrificing a core young prospect won’t be easy, and presumably takes the Red Sox out of the market for a big name like Oakland’s Sonny Gray, Chicago’s Chris Sale, or Miami’s Jose Fernandez. Henry said that the Red Sox engaged teams on trade talks early in the offseason and found the costs prohibitive.

“We talked to a team about going after a No. 2 (starter), and the price was two everyday position players,” Henry said. “So it was clear to us that going the trade route was going to be expensive. We are committed to staying younger.”

With the winter meetings opening on Sunday in Nashville, one possible trade partner to watch is Cleveland. If Henry wants to add a core young pitcher who could be reasonably obtainable, 25-year-old right-hander Danny Salazar would be one possibility. The hard thrower has struck out nearly 10 batters nine innings over his career, and isn’t eligible for free agency until after the 2020 season.

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Curt Schilling on D&C: Red Sox might pursue Zack Greinke for 1-2 punch with David Price 12.02.15 at 10:26 am ET
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ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling checked in with Dennis, Callahan & Minihane on Wednesday morning to explain why he supports the Red Sox‘ decision to spend a record amount of money for David Price. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Schilling said it shouldn’t matter that owner John Henry decided to open his wallet and shell out a reported $217 million over seven years for a 30-year-old left-hander.

“This is what makes it different here in the sense that when John Henry wants someone on the team, John Henry gets what he wants. … That’s one of the beauties of being a fan here now. Money is no object when it comes to putting a roster together,” Schilling said.

That said, Schilling echoed the thoughts of many in saying that the Red Sox have to expect that the last couple of years of this deal won’t be a good value.

“I don’t know how good he’s going to be or how serviceable he’s going to be [in the final years of the deal], but you don’t put $30 million onto a guy who’s 11-11 with a [4.20 ERA],” Schilling said. “And that is best-case [scenario]. Because are you fully expecting him to make 33 starts, 34 starts a year for seven consecutive years? I always look at things like this as, OK, one of these years he will not pitch. Right? So, it’s a six-year performance deal for seven years worth of money. Where does the other side of the hill, where does the downside begin — does it begin at 33, does it begin at 36?

“But here’s the thing: That doesn’t matter. Because if they go to the World Series and win, then the amount of money this organization makes off that World Series win pays for this a couple of times over.”

There also has been widespread speculation that Price will opt out of the deal after three years — reportedly an option in his contract — but Schilling doesn’t see that as likely.

Said Schilling: “I don’t think opting out is even remotely possible from the standpoint of, what are you going to do, opt out of a $30.1 million deal to get [$]32 million from somebody else? I think that after the first year he’s going to love it here. I think after the first month he’s going to love it here. Because this is baseball heaven. … There’s very few places like this. And he’s in the family now.”

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Woman sues John Henry for negligence over 2014 foul ball injury at Fenway 08.28.15 at 1:55 pm ET
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Injuries caused by foul balls and bats have become a major issue in baseball this year, especially after the Red Sox had two scary incidents earlier this season that led to fans being hospitalized.

Now a woman who was stuck by a ball last year at Fenway is suing owner John Henry for negligence.

Stephanie Taubin, a 46-year-old from Brookline, filed the lawsuit Wednesday in Suffolk Superior Court, The Boston Globe reported in Friday’s editions.

Citing court records, the Globe reports that Taubin said she was in the EMC Club in the area above home plate on June 17, 2014, and protective glass had been removed for renovations, leaving fans at greater risk. She was struck by a foul ball and suffered facial fractures and neurological damage, the complaint states.

She claims to have incurred medical expenses, lost wages and diminished earning capacity.

The Red Sox said in a statement to the Globe that the team “is unaware of the specifics [of the lawsuit] and generally does not comment on pending legal matters. But the safety of Red Sox fans and providing a quality ballpark experience are essential to the Red Sox, and to Mr. Henry, and are goals for which we strive as an organization to deliver.”

In an incident on June 5 of this season, a woman from Paxton seated near the visitors dugout was hit in the face by a piece of a bat that broke during a swing. Tonya Carpenter, 44, suffered sever injuries that required a week-long stay at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and additional treatment at a rehabilitation facility.

On July 10, a Connecticut woman seated on the third-base side was struck in the forehead by a hard-hit foul ball. Stephanie Wapenski, 36, received more than 30 stitches and spent the night in the hospital for examination.

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Transcript of John Henry’s opening statement at Dave Dombrowski press conference 08.19.15 at 9:23 pm ET
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John Henry

John Henry

With Red Sox principal owner John Henry, chairman Tom Werner, newly-hired president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski and soon-to-be president Sam Kennedy lined up in front of the media for Dombrowski’s introductory press conference, Henry took it upon himself to kick things off Wednesday afternoon …

Here is a transcript of the owner’s opening statement:

‘€œThis is a great day for the future of the Red Sox. It is a tribute to our city and great fans that Dave has elected to join us as president of baseball operations. I thought a personal reflection was appropriate. In 1998, I made the decision to buy the Florida Marlins after their general manager had been forced to disperse the players of a world championship team. They lost 108 games that year, they were facing a daunting rebuilding process.

“I sat down with the general manager Dave Dombrowski because whether or not I was going to move forward was dependent on one decision: Would Dave remain the general manager? I was convinced that the man who had built great teams in Montreal and had taken an expansion franchise from creation to a world championship would support a rebuild of another championship team. A few days after that purchase, after it went through, Dave and I were walking along the street in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and he was asking me what I knew about Minor League third basemen for the Yankees, since I was a part owner of the Yankees. His trade under my ownership was acquiring Mike Lowell from the Yankees for three starting pitchers who ended up starting a total of six games in the Majors. Mike had made almost 1,500 starts. With that, Dave began an ambitious build for a championship. A few months later, he signed 16-year-old Miguel Cabrera and a high school pitcher named Josh Beckett. And then a high school first baseman named Adrian Gonzalez about a year later. When it became clear after three years that I was in for a very long political siege in trying to get a ballpark built in South Florida, I decided to sell the Marlins. I said to Dave, throughout your career, you’€™ve never had the resources to build and keep great teams except for one year. I don’€™t know who is going to own this club. If you can go somewhere where you’€™ll have a chance to have better resources, you should do so. Dave found a great home in Detroit as president and general manager.

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John Henry, Dave Dombrowski wanted Ben Cherington to stay, but knew ‘substantial risk’ he wouldn’t at 4:51 pm ET
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John Henry and Tom Werner were disappointed, but understood Ben Cherington's decision. (WEEI.com)

John Henry and Tom Werner were disappointed, but understood Ben Cherington’s decision. (WEEI.com)

On Aug. 4 when the Tigers and Dave Dombrowski parted ways, John Henry and Tom Werner had interest in him, but they knew there would be some risk involved.

After all, general manager Ben Cherington had been with the Red Sox for the last four years as general manager and 17 years as a full-time member of the organization after two as an intern.

But, that was a risk they were willing to take.

“Over the summer there’s been much discussion about strengthening baseball organization internally,” Henry said during the press conference introducing Dombrowski in a prepared statement. “On Aug. 4 when the Tigers announced a shakeup of Dave leaving, I spoke to Tom [Werner] and Ben [Cherington] about having a conversation of Dave. Tom and I wanted to see if there was a fit for Dave within the Red Sox organization. Ben did not object. Would our philosophies coincide in the present day?

“Tom, Mike Gordon and I subsequently met with Dave on Aug. 13 at the Chicago owners meeting and had a long discussion about the future, about baseball philosophy and whether or not there was a fit. We all left there thinking he would substantially strengthen the organization with Dave as president of baseball. We realized that our baseball views were in fact indeed the same, that Dave intends to balance scouting, data analytics, player makeup and all the tools in his toolbox. We hoped that Ben Cherington would remain as general manager, but we knew there was a substantial risk he would not. This was our decision to make.

“Tom and I have an obligation to do everything we possibly can to win for this city of Boston and Red Sox fans everywhere. As owners we’re ultimately responsible for the poor results we’ve had over the past two years and for results going forward.”

Cherington ultimately decided against staying with the organization, saying he couldn’t be “all in.” The former general manager said he didn’t hear about the organization speaking to Dombrowski until last Saturday, not Aug. 4 like Henry had stated.

“John [Henry] and I, we’re disappointed with his decision, but respect it,” Red Sox chairman Tom Werner said. “We think the world of Ben. As we’ve said, he was the chief architect of our success in 2013 and has built a strong nucleus going forward. He’s been in the organization for 18 years and we’re disappointed, but respectful of his decision.”

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